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Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse s Relationship Timeline

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Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse’s Relationship Timeline

The Batman actor and the model first started dating in 2018 and have kept their relationship low-key ever since. Here’s a breakdown of their romance

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Robert Patinson and Suki Water House

Robert Patinson and Suki Water House are appealing their existence, despite being a big game in the entertainment world. relationship pretty low-key.

Twilight graduates and models began dating in 2018, but in the last few years they only showed a romance.

Not only will you go to night play and birthday party, but Patinson has confided about Water House several times in the interview.

When she appeared in Jimmy Kimmel Live, Patinson, who promoted the movie “Batman”, talked about watching a superhero movie for the first time while she was next to her. I pointed out.

See the details of the unknown romance.

July 2018: Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse spark relationship rumors

Robert Patinson and Suki Water House

The first thing they challenged relationship July 2018 E!Rumors when the image obtained by NEWS was witnessed to show a PDA in London. Later, the stakeholders confirmed that the two were really leading to PEOPLE.

Jan. 11, 2019: Suki Waterhouse celebrates her birthday with Robert Pattinson

Waterhouse was put Patinson on his 27th birthday on Casa Cruise, London. The two spent a special day with Rib Tyler, Carla Delvinge and Ashley Benson.

A few weeks later, the two were running together and witnessed holding hands while taking a walk in London.

April 28, 2019: Robert Pattinson publicly talks about Suki Waterhouse for the first time

Robert Patinson and Suki Water House

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Patinson opened his mouth for the first time in Water House and said, including his previous romance. relationships Kristen Stewart, FKA branches.

He said good things about his e x-lovers, but the former Harry Potter star was more reluctant to say about his current romance with Waterhouse. When asked to talk about her, he answered “Do I have to?”

“If you are disappointed, it will underestimate what love is,” he added later. relationship … you’ll think it’s very rude. If you make a wall, the end will improve.””

And I continued like this.”I’m not sure, but

May 13, 2019: Robert Pattinson celebrates his birthday with Suki Waterhouse

In early 2019, Patinson and Water House were witnessed to have a wedding ring on their wedding fingers when the model enjoyed Dior dinner in Paris and Paris, causing rumors of engagement. However, the couple did not confirm that.

May 31, 2019: Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse reportedly double date with Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

After the production of “Batman” was suspended in COVID-19’s pandemic in March 2020, Patinson and Waterhouse lived together in London, and “GQ” was a cover story in June 2020. I’m reporting.

Jan. 17, 2020: Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse spark engagement rumors

Robert Patinson and Suki Water House

On September 16, 2020, on September 3, 2020, after the production of Batman was suspended, two people performed PDA were witnessed after the production of Batman was suspended. Later, Vanity Fair reported that Patinson was determined to be positive. According to VARIETY, Patinson was eventually allowed to return to the shooting site, and the shooting was resumed on September 17.

May 2020: Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse live together in London while he films The Batman

Waterhouse was somewhat officially officially posted on Patinson and Instagram when he posted a cute snapshot in an apartment in April 2021. In the background of the photo, a sharp ey e-light fans found that Water House is a picture that seems to be kissing Patinson’s cheeks.

Sept. 16, 2022: Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse show PDA in London

In July 2021, Water House abused HBO Max’s reboot version of “Gossip Girl” is a fool.

April 15, 2021: Suki Waterhouse posts a photo with Robert Pattinson in the background

 suki waterhouse

In the third episode, Luna (Zion Moreno), one of the new queen of Constance Villad, dating his old sister Obie (Erai Brown), a newcomer Zoya (Whitney Peak). Since I started, I try to renew the world’s image.”When do you understand? As a press, he is R-Patz and you are Suki Nobody,” Luna tells Zoya on stage.

July 29, 2021: Suki Waterhouse calls out Gossip Girl reboot for joke about her relationship with Robert Pattinson

“Another day reminds you that women can also be a famil y-i n-family system,” said Waterhouse, then wrote on the tweet that was deleted, tagged the program and the writer Lilla Fine Burg, and then added it. rice field.”Looking at the criticism of the famil y-i n-house and gender discrimination, checking your name as someone’s” no one “. Sign!”” her relationship with Pattinson.

In March 2022, a cover interview with “GQ” revealed that Patinson was a super fan of DC comics (coating Batman), and recalls that Water House was playing with playfulness. There is.

I started talking randomly about being a “DC fan”. And I’m sitting on the other side of the street, and my girlfriend is talking to him, “Patinson said.

Feb. 8, 2022: Robert Pattinson says Suki Waterhouse teased him over his Batman role

“I’m looking at it. Shut up!” “Why do you do this!”I was talking to a particular fan “

Patinson, who appeared at Jimmy Kimmel Live, talked about watching Batman for the first time when Water House was nearby, and pointed out that her reaction was like “changed everything.”

“She shouldn’t usually like watching a superhero movie,” he explained to the moderator and said, “I just looked at her warning, and she held me my hand (He touched his face and said a little tears. “And he said, “It’s ridiculous!”

Feb. 17, 2022: Robert Pattinson says his role in The Batman made Suki Waterhouse cry

Patinson, his birthday on May 13, attended a birthday party with a star, such as Donald Glover, Zoe Clavitz, and Tessa Thompson, with a lover Waterhouse. A snapshot released by photographer Miles Hendrick shows that Patinson leans on the watershouse’s cheeks and hugs them.

In July, he witnessed his hand in N. Y. C., and showed a valuable tw o-shot.

May 2022: Robert Pattinson celebrates his birthday with Suki Waterhouse

Two people who attended the Dior Men Fall 2023 show held in Egypt Giza and walked the red carpet together for the first time in four years

July 12, 2022: Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse step out in N.Y.C. together

Robert Patinson and Suki Water House

Waterhouse is a purple dress with the floor, Patinson is a turtleneck and silver suit, giving a more sharp impression.

December 3, 2022: Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse make red carpet debut at Dior fashion show in Egypt

“This performance, which was performed in front of Giza’s pyramid, one of the seven mysteries in the world, will never be forgotten,” Water House wrote on Instagram. relationship .

Robert Patinson and Suki Water House

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