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Robert Pattinson Once Called the Idea of Dating Kristen Stewart Ridiculous

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Robert Pattinson Once Called the Idea of Dating Kristen Stewart ‘Ridiculous’

The relationship between Robert Patinson and Kristen Stewart may have been the worst secret among all five works. However, fans and the media continued to dig up “evidence” indicating the relationship between them. In addition, they do not deny romance now, but when they were shooting and promoting the movie “Twilight”, they seemed to have refused to date many times.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had immediate chemistry

Patinson and Stewart can be said to have caused chemistry immediately. Catherine Hardwick, the first director of Twilight, reports many times that the actors had met immediately. In fact, Stewart believes that Patinson appeared in the movie. She asked her to choose a favorite from the final candidate who auditioned Edward Karen, and honestly replied, “I think Patinson is the best.”

The ‘Twilight’ cast members often denied that they were dating in real life

However, despite the sparks between Twilight c o-stars, they often denied dating. In particular, Patinson always tells the media that he was a man. According to Glamour UK, Batman actor called the dating rumors ridiculous back in 2009.

“The other day, there was a magazine that wrote about me and Kristen, but when I saw it and knew that I was decorating the cover of the magazine, I realized that people were actually reading it. how ridiculous “Patinson talked about stewart.”

Studio executives tried to keep Pattinson and Stewart from being in a relationship

But why did Patinson and Stewart try to hide the relationship between them? Behind this, there was a desire to protect their privacy. Another reason is that the Summit Entertainment (a studio that produced all five works) opposed the relationship between actors.

Ashley Green, who played the role of Alice Karen on the effect twilight, was warned that Patinson and Stewart would not date.”The studio opposed,” Green said, “They see how successful the twilight succeeded, and finally the couple met, hated each other, and the compatibility was poor. Was explained. So, take it. But at the same time, you are in a magnificent love stor y-like situation, so you have to catch your emotions.””

It is clear that Patinson and Stewart were actually catching their emotions in the film and promotion of the movie Twilight. And after the facts of dating were no longer hidden, the relationship between them was quite tight. Considering this

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