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Romance Scams & Online Dating Scams

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Online dating scams and how to avoid them

Millions of people around the world use online There are many successes of chronological sites, apps, and people who find love and companions. online However, there are not only successful cases, but also as follows. online dating scams -The these are on the rise.

Online dating scams – also known as romance scams or romance Sca m-This is done when someone believes that it has been connected or matched. an online Use dating on websites and apps. However, the opponent was actually a scammer using a fake profile. The scammer manipulates the other person, takes a lot of time, and gains trust over time. Ultimately, you will be able to demand money or get enough personal information to steal your opponent’s identity.

This kind of crime has continued to increase. In 2016, there were 11. 235 complaints about the date received by the US Federal Trade Commission. and romance scams In 2020, the number has increased to 52. 593. Amount of loss to online dating scams In the United States, it exceeded $ 300 million in 2020, equivalent to £ 68 million in the UK. Pandemic Crown hindered the fac e-t o-face meeting and spent more time. online – The condition was presented. romance There is a possibility that a scammer will be abused.

While everyone may be sacrificed to romance scams Elderly people often increase economic losses. Scammers are aiming for the elderly because they are likely to have assets that can be stolen, such as retirement allowances and houses. It is said to be about tw o-thirds. of romance The victim is a woman and the average age is 50 years old.

In particular, dating scams on the Internet are cruel that uses human emotions. In this outline, it is common online dating scams , the signs of a romance How to report scammers, dating scammers, and how to protect themselves from scammers. online dating fraudsters.

What are the most common online dating scams ?

Most dating scams Start casually. The scammers can create a fake profile to look as attractive as possible, and wait for the victim to reach out and start a conversation. Alternatively, they may contact the victim and claim common hobbies and distant relationships. Once in the hands of a scammer, the possibility is infinite, but here are some of the bes t-known variations.

Military romance scams

With military romance scams Scammers can use real soldiers’ names and portraits, or create a completely fake profile. They send a message with a legitimate appearance, introduce themselves that they are probably close to the end of their career, often have older children, and are usually widow in tragic situations. The message contains military terms, headlings, important places, etc., and has an impressive sound. They begin to build a strong emotional connection, but before building a physical connection

Here, the victim communicates with a “friend” on many social media living abroad. After a while, you will be asked to chat with a camera. The scammer’s camera is strangely broken, but they praise the victims, combine flattering and tenacity, and intend to do intimate acts, such as partners partners.。And the scammers reveal their identity. He says he did a video recording and threatened to share the video with a friend on a common social media or publish its recording. romance scams Unless the victim doesn’t send money. When the victim responds, the request will increase and the cycle will eventually be rejected.

Military romance scams Fake dating site romance Slightly unusual tactics proposal

Intimate activity scams

A fake dating site is a dating service that is seriously considered or deceived by cherry blossoms, saying that it provides a legitimate encounter. The Popular online In particular, it contains sites that require a profile to create your information. It is necessary to pay attention to the questionnaire that is light, focusing on economic questions, and questionnaires that ask for mothers’ maiden names and schools (general security questions).

Dating sites can be seen legally at first, but if you are a member for a while, you can see their identity. Instead of answering a questionnaire that includes the same questions used in banking operations, you may receive free premium members or other limited benefits. The information that can be used to access personal information and financial information should never be disclosed, regardless of the provided incentives.

Also, be careful of the high degree of attention immediately after creating a profile. Your profile is only a few lines, no photos, and if you don’t write your preferences, you may have encountered dating fraud if you start receiving messages one after another from a lover candidate. scam websites, scam This is one of the general tinders scam Emails and texts to check the Tinder account will be sent. This message may claim that Tinder has updated the record and request to check your account. In other itelation

Some free online Tinder Match may ask for confirmation before involved in future communication.

In these examples, the scammer urges you to click a third party link to check your account. Click to enter personal information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail, social security number, date of birth, and even bank accounts and credit card information.

Code verification scams

Tinder has a certified account, which is inside the Tinder. To attach a blue check mark next to the profile, the user instructs a series of sel f-portraits from the app to see if the photos match the photos compared to their profile photos. Therefore, if you do “verification” by other means, you need to be careful. scams Malware is a general threat the scam , an online For example, Tinder, including dating sites, may provide detailed information on personal sites, Facebook and Instagram fake profiles after a matching partner exchanges several times.

But these sites are not regular. Instead, scammers can be guided to websites, including malware and spam that can steal personal information, which can lead to theft of personal information and financial fraud. In general, someone

If a dating site wants to guide to another site, it should be considered a red light.

Malware scams

This encourages the scammers to send their contacts in exchange for the victims with the intimate photos of the scammer. In fact, scammers access the victim’s data with emotions and excitement (by providing hig h-exposure photos), and use it for financial fraud. There is even a possibility. online This happens if there is a scammer who claims to get married to inherit the million dollars worth the money left by his father, uncle, and grandfather. Marriage should be a condition that requires the will of male relatives. Young women will not be able to pay tariffs or marriage taxes, so they will not be able to take out gold nuggets outside the country.

After building a sufficient relationship of trust with the victim, the scammers demand the funds to bring gold to the victim’s country. The scammer suggests going to the victim’s country by plane to prove that he is genuine, and the victim remits the plane. Needless to say, scammers don’t come. an online There are some stories that were unlikely, but don’t forget that those who are victims often have loneliness and weaknesses. The scammers are good at using emotions and spending time over the victims. Normal narration

Photo scams

The scammer says that it is necessary to send money for a flight ticket (in some cases passport) to visit the victim’s country.

Inheritance scams

The scammers are demanding payment of telephone charges and purchasing a new laptop to keep contacting the victim.

The scammers need the treatment costs of themselves or close relatives.

Online dating scam variations

The scammers say they have to pay valuables by customs and pay taxes before they regain their goods and return to their country. in online dating scams include:

  • The scammer says he has been paid by his boss at a postal exchange, and asks the victim to cash the fake postal exchange and make money to the scammers. In the end, the bank returned the cash exchange, but did not return the television.
  • The scammer needs money to complete training before visiting the victim.
  • I often hear the words catfish and catfish
  • Scam cat fishing refers to the act of creating fictitious people and status on social media and dating sites and aiming for specific victims. Cat fishing may be performed to achieve not only financial interests, but also discomfort and harm, or to realize the delusions and desires of the culprit. This word comes from the MTV documentary program “Catfish” broadcast in 2010.
  • Regardless of the platform or ap p-Facebook catfish
  • There are signs such as.

Try to move quickly on apps and dating sites. scams in relation to romance Dating apps often have a customer care team that monitors strange actions. If you notice a user who moves unusually, such as sending the same message to multiple users, you may be flagged as a suspicious person. To avoid this, the scammers try to move them to another platform such as WhatsApp. You may be making excuses such as the expiration date, “It is troublesome to log in here every day”, “It is easier to chat with WhatsApp from here”.

Online dating scams

Romance scam warnings signs: What to look out for

The story shifts. scams , Instagram dating scams , Plenty of Fish scams , Snapchat meetup scams Tendency that is common in catfish of online dating scams include:

Is because the scammers are very serious and serious. Sometimes you get too much compliment and claim that you are in love with you. Perhaps you may claim that you have a special bond with you, or you may have been a colleague and have never felt like this. Victims usually report that this shift occurs early.

This is because online The scammer asks many questions about you.

Because the more you know you, the easier it is to handle. The scammers may talk about themselves and invite them to start talking over the phone. This stage can last for several weeks to several months. romantic very quickly.

Their story is inconsistent. scams If someone is talking about your story, you can forget what you talked about before. In addition, scammers may act in a group, and other people may act in one ID and act. So if the other person looks inconsistent, you will be suspicious. If some of their stories do not match what they said in the past, it could indicate that they are lying.

The profile photo is like a model.

Use an attractive profile photo to ensure the victim. In many cases, it is a photo of actors and models or stock images. If your profile photo looks so delicious, you can easily see if the photo is genuine. In reverse image search, you can find out if the profile photo is used somewhere on the Internet.

There is no digital fingerprint.

Some people do not use social media and do not leave their personal information as much as possible on the Internet, but they may not be found to be traces.

I use the textbook of borrowed items.

Catfish scams Scammers often come from other websites or dating profiles without bother writing profiles and messages. To check, run a suspicious text

Search and see if the matching is displayed. If so, don’t make a message or reply.

I don’t call or meet directly. online .

They always find why they can’t do that. In general, the person who became a subject reported that the other party had made a solid excuse to avoid the camera. Obviously, it is not similar to the person in the profile photo. We also want to avoid being identified to prevent subsequent surveillance.

Their life is like a soap opera. an online Themes common to catfish

Some scammers make elaborate stories, buy sympathy, and postpone them directly, such as illness, family tragedy, and big accidents. If your date candidate has a story

Please talk without hesitation. Romance scams tend to be underestimated, and the victims may be embarrassed and cannot tell others.

In different judicial jurisdictions around the world, the organizations that can be reported are different.

In the United States, it can be reported as follows. scams Federal Trade Commission or FBI Internet Prototype Center a scam .

In the case of action fraud in the UK

In Australia, to the Australian Competition and Consumer Committee only Also, what should be noted

I do not date or apply. If you send as many relevant information as possible, such as the scammers’ user name and chat and transactions, you can deal with the moderator of the site so that other people are not targeted.

If you lose money, you need to contact the bank as soon as possible and explain what happened.

How to report a dating scammer

Here are 12 hints to avoid risks. an online dating scam When using social media, do not apply for friends from strangers.

Don’t disclose much personal information to someone you know on dating sites and chat. a romance scam – for example:

  • Online scammers may abuse information such as your surname or workplace to manipulate or be spoiled. online dating scams Use a reliable dating site to keep in touch with the message service. The scammers do not have any details about dating sites that are looking for money because you want to switch to text, social media or telephone calls immediately.
  • It’s okay to be slow. Ask your partner candidate and pay attention to the contradictions that reveal the scammers.
  • Pay attention to excessive free messages. Paste the text on the search engine to see if the same word is displayed on a report specialty site.

Don’t have the wrong sense of security because you were the first contact. The scammers will make a fake profile to dating apps and websites and wait for the victim to come. the scam to the relevant online Don’t send dangerous photos

Others who are likely to be used for threats later.

Online dating safety tips: How to stay safe from online dating fraudsters

If you start thinking that your opponent may be a scammer, you will immediately contact you. Notify dating sites and apps you met with a scammer. of online dating:

  1. Do not click the links, downloads in the user BIOS, or the message that seems to be unrelated to the conversation.
  2. If you agree to meet the other person directly, tell your family and friends where to go and meet in public. Going abroad is not appropriate to meet the firs t-time person. only I don’t send money or gift cards or teach bank accounts.
  3. In general, as an important way to ensure safety
  4. Use comprehensive virus solutions such as Kasperski Total Security, which protects you from hackers, viruses, and malware.
  5. Frequently affected users, but to understand common cats romance scams .
  6. Also, how to avoid scammers can be detoured.
  7. Instead, fraud and forge a real link. to online Related article
  8. Instagram frau d-How to ensure safety
  9. The safest messaging app
  10. Social engineerin g-Protection and prevention
  11. Social media frau d-social media fraud and its prevention measures only met online .

Protection, defense, security, and “protection and prevention of protection and privacy” are increasing. Learn the signature. online & amp? How to report dating cherry blossoms

Online dating scams scams romance

Online dating scams and how to avoid them

Romance scams a romance scammer, common online dating scams , catfish scams

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