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Sapio – Discover Each Other

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Discover Each Other

There is no mechanism to filter people who are naturally and emotionally attracted to spiritual things. That’s where Sapio comes in.

Familiar features such as photos and filtering tools are still available. Unlike others, you can actually find people worth chatting with.

Think you’re smarter than a normal bear? A new dating app wants to help find intelligent buddies to love.

The only dating app that puts intelligence to the fore as an alternative to all other ‘superficial’ apps that only date for dating and hookups.

see people as they are.

It is because of the personalities that connect that we are able to build great relationships. Start by answering the questions and telling your story. Everyone has something they want to say. It’s an “About me” corner in the truest sense.

If a fortune teller could tell you exactly one thing about the future, what would you ask?

What activities help you forget about your problems and the world around you?

Back in kindergarten, it’s Show & Tell time. What are you going to bring?

If you were exempt from the law for just one day for her, what would you do? why?

A complete dating app.

Sapio takes a new approach to making dating fun, not pointless.

Simple operability

Sapio’s innovative design puts good looks and smarts on the same level, providing a quick, fun way to evaluate potential matches in both brains and looks.

explore personality

Question Explorer is a completely new way to evaluate potential matches. Select the questions that are important to you and rank user responses to those questions by quality, data criteria, and more.

photo search

The tap-to-like interface lets you quickly express interest and come back later to read her Q& A. A When you have time or when you are interested in each other.

keep in touch

Chat is only active when you and your match are liking each other. each Other No more spam messages.

like, see reply

Keep things organized. You can easily record that someone you like, or someone you like, has “liked” some of the answers to your questions.


Everyone is noisy. Don’t waste your time. Advanced filtering helps you quickly find people who match your needs.

Encounter of Great Minds.

Question Explorer departs you discover Other people through stories.

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