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Secretly A Library Dragon — silkoodles : So I played the Grunkle dating sim….

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Secretly A Library Dragon


2. GRAVITY FALLS ended four years ago, but I still like my top 10. I’m sure I’m an enthusiastic fan (laughs).

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My Top Posts in 2021

I have been participating in this site since 2011. To be honest, it’s fun. Actually it is. However, I do not want to make money closer to a site like the hell of the blue ceiling.

It may be bad to declare that it is the only acceptable SNS. Our bad place. I will never do it again.

Let me talk a little about this screenshot.


1. Enter the joke on the foot day here.

2. This is my favorite visual gag in this program.”Oh, he’s just reading a mystery book.”Except for not, it’s actually a scenario. Anyway, about half. I love those who thought about this gag.

3. The canon that I like to read for Stan is here. You may have had a hard time reading when you were a student, but like many adults, if you could read what you wanted to read, you would have learned the fun of the book. The library is one of them. few places Homeless people can’t pay for a few hours.

I don’t think I’ll write, but I’m throwing it because it’s a fun idea. Stan probably has become a decent actor. If you were trying Hollywood before you commit a crime, you might have been like Harrison Ford.

So he is successful and happy. The bond with family and Ford may be a little back. It’s a distant person, but how will Ford come to Star Wars’ premiere?

Does this change in this gateway case? Can you do it? It seems that the dar k-colored “eccentric comedy” is waiting for both becoming a Hollywood star and helping his brother fighting the devil.

Or maybe the Portal affair is still going on and Stan has to figure out what to do from there. He’s too big to disappear, so he fakes Ford’s death and opens a small movie studio in Gravity Falls. He retired from acting to become a film director, making his living making his B-movies of horror and his sci-fi, like the ones he watched with Ford when he was a kid. Sometimes they throw real codes!(She has won awards for her costume and makeup.)

Ford returns and hears the angry people who are still angry that Stan “makes fun of his job” but that Stan’s movie inspired him to study the anomaly. soften with time. attached dipper

I’ll take this idea if anyone wants it.

In my expert opinion*, Dipper and Marvel turned 22 today, while Stan and Ford found the Fountain of Youth on their travels and stopped aging at 59. Children caught it about three years ago. I’m happy, but I think I’ll keep it a secret. grunkles is as long as possible.

There’s a Problem in Animation

So putting aside the theory and hype for a moment, it’s a shame that Owl House season 3 was cut from his 10-20 episodes to his 3 episodes.



Not only Disney, but also HBO, TV animation these days is an anomaly. What happened with DuckTales, and the amphibian problem as we know it, is no shock. Alex Hirsch finished his 2nd season of “Gravity Falls” because it told the story. it was his choice. Apparently Disney saw, “Hey, this show could be super popular! And he doesn’t need more than two seasons!”

Thankfully, I’ve been able to meet more people than ever before. We can express our feelings through Twitter (even if there are bugs, we respond immediately) and other social media. And we are also grateful to be involved with creators. In the past, I don’t think anyone outside the “industry” knew what was going on with their favorite programs. Now you can get the information.

One of the examples of the “industry” stupid is “CRITICAL ROLE”. He said he wanted to make an anime episode, so he was screened. Everyone said “no”. So they updated all records in Kickstarter. We value creators. Producers who are afraid of new content and do not take risks, or producers who take the risk of gas out to fit their standards. I wish I could start everything good, but that doesn’t work, and it costs money to make things. If Dana did this in the next project, I would throw out all property.

What I want to say is that I need to let Disney and other creators be careful. Dana said she would write a letter, so she swore to God and wrote a letter. Basically, I ask “WTF IS Your Problem”, but it feels carefully … If you want to write the best letter place I found it here: https: // Disneynow. Com/feedback

Select “TV program related” or “Overall comment”. There seems to be no character limit, so please tell me how much you like “Owl House” and other programs. It may be time to break away from the great mogul soon.

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