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Secrets About the Making of “She’s Dating the Gangster” That You Probably Didn’t Know About – When In Manila

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Secrets About the Making of “She’s Dating the Gangster” That You Probably Didn’t Know About

Want to know why “She’s Dating a Gang” is Daniel Padilla’s beloved Katniel?, one of the country’s hottest love teams and director Cathy Garcia-Molina, leaks behind-the-scenes trivia fans need to know about .

Star Cinema has released three episodes of her so far, and plans to release four more episodes on August 22nd and 29th. Cinematographer Dan Villegas, partner Leo Garcia, and production designer Shari Montiag also showcase photography, food and plates. secrets about Kasneal’s first work with Direk Kathy.

Exclusively for YouTube, ‘Secret Movie Archive’ and ‘A Date with a Gangster’ are free to stream, ABS-CBN’s ‘Kapamilya Youniverse’ promises to bring you the best in entertainment, music, movies and news YouTube.” is being done as part of

Here are some of the secrets This was revealed in an episode of Katniel’s “Treasured Film Archives”.

1. Daniel had many firsts in this movie, including dancing on screen and driving a manual transmission car.

In the scene where Kenji (Daniel) and Athena (Katherine) travel to Bicol, Daniel has to learn to drive his 1990s manual transmission car “on the fly” and is taught by the film’s production manager. It’s decided.

His fans also know that Daniel rarely dances on stage or on screen. In fact, in Gangster, there was a lot of persuasiveness that allowed Daniel to get over his fears in two of his scenes where even Direccashy and the rest of the cast had to dance.

“Gangster” is also the first film in which Daniel wears shorts and goes topless. We’ll cover this in a future episode.

2. Catherine and Daniel’s wigs were set by Direk Kathy himself during the shoot

“Gangster” is known as the work that used the most wigs among Katniel’s works. His co-star, IGI Boy Flores, also had to wear something to match the overall ’90s aesthetic.

Direk Cathy was a very down-to-earth person when it came to Katherine and Daniel’s hair, putting the wigs on their own heads and not letting anyone intrude on how they were designed.

“Nababansagan Akong ‘Yan Daw Ang Trademark Ko, Ang Wigs. Hindi Ko Sinasadyang Magka-Trademark, Sadyang Hindi Ko Lang Kinakayang Tingnan Ang Artista Na Parang Sila Pa Rin ‘Yun Sa Totoong Buhay.”I always like to see characters more than artists,” said Direk Kathy.

3. Due to her lack of dating experience, Katherine found it difficult to bring her character to the main stage.

Direc Kathy said that while Katherine is usually good at crying on screen, she struggled to express the anguish and despair of someone who is in love but unable to live a normal life because of an illness. said.

That scene is the scene where Athena asks Kenji, “I’ve already changed her mind, so please end the relationship.”

“Why Hirap na hirap ako sa sace na ‘Yan.’Yan ang pinaka-challenging sa like. kung hindi mo pa napagdaanan parang hindi mo pa alam ang emotion na totoo. ilang taon lang ako niyan. AnongAlam Ko Sa Love, SA Pain, that moment?” says Catherine.

4. The production design team struggled to find a really effective beep sound

Calm literally plays a key role in sparking Kenji and Athena’s romance.

Gangster’s design team had to search literally everywhere, from online shopping to stores in Laon, Quiapo, to wield functional violence. Ultimately, Direk Kathy chose a bright yellow mobile phone for Athena to build a colorful outfit for the film and Direk Kathy’s vision of “a world full of love.”

5. Several stars volunteered for camera work even before filming began.

Many of the stars who made cameos in the film asked Direk Kathy and the production team to give them screen time.

Before I started making films, I had heard the term “pa-cameo naman diyan”. Barkada ng Kathniel,” reveals his partner Leo Garcia.

Stars who have performed include Khalil Ramos, Elisse Joson, Ian Veneracion, Jojit Lorenzo, Janus del Prado, Rayver Cruz, Ginger Conejero, Pooh, Joem Bascon, Ketchup Eusebio, Joross Gamboa, Jm de Guzman. In fact, “Tadana” was realized when Dan Villegas, who is also the lover of JM and Antoinette Jadaone, met on the set.

“Doon Ko Sinabi Sa Kanya” Uy May Sinusulat Si Tonet. Ikaw ang iniisip niya habang inussulat niya. Isasali Sana Namin SA Cinema One, Indie. “Yun finally ang naging” This thing called Tadhana. “Dahil Sa raised ‘Gangster’ ‘Yun,’ Direk Dan.

Only he’s three episodes worth of trivia and secrets !”secret movie archives” Season 1’s remaining 4 episodes, “Fave Book Moments that made into big screen” on August 22nd and “Kathniel and Chardawn’s most moving scenes filmed” on August 29th, “FastLook out for Talk Fashion 90s: Japorms vs. no japorms and Did you know? (Untold Secrets).

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