Shailene Woodley’s Dating History: Aaron Rodgers, More - dating new york city

Shailene Woodley’s Dating History: Aaron Rodgers, More

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Shailene woodley dating

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Shailene Woodley's Full Relationship History


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her private world. Shailene Woodley has kept her love life relatively out of the limelight over the years, but her relationship with ex-boyfriend Aaron Rodgers quickly made headlines.

She broke from her usual silence when it came to her personal life when she admitted to her romance with Ben Volavola in January 2018. She did so through her Instagram, posting a photo of the couple. She and the rugby player first bonded in 2017. However, she revealed that they had broken up in April 2020.

US Weekly reported that she met Rogers in February 2021 after Woodley broke up with Danica Patrick, adding, “Aaron and Shailene are dating!”, things are getting romantic,” he said. Even though they live far apart, they keep in touch. It’s a long-distance relationship so far, but it seems to be going well.”

The Green Bay Packers general manager then surprised fans by announcing they were “engaged” in 2020 and sending a shout out to “fiancée.”However, she hasn’t mentioned her name (in the US she confirmed the couple’s breakup in February 2022).

Woodley cares about the details about the specifics of her love life, so she hasn’t stopped talking about her views on love.”I fall in love with people for who they are, not for what they do or what gender they are,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in March 2014.

The Big Little Lies alum told Elle magazine in March 2015 that she “loves everything” and “loves the heart”, adding, “When I’m really in love, it’s the best thing for me. That is… you are my beacon!” “You are my supporter, my protector, my supporter…”Also, you love me whole, wild, and free. You let me do me and I let you do you!And I will be your home.”

In April 2020, Woodley opened up about learning about love slowly, saying, “Sometimes it’s enough to understand what’s going on inside your own mind and how your brain works before you look for someone to fill those voids.””It’s become very clear to me that it’s important to slow down,” she told Parade. com, adding, “I don’t really want people coming into my life to fill the void., I want you to add value to what I have already created.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see Ms. Woodley’s dating history. history !

Shailene Woodley

Credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock;Riccardo Giordano/IPA/Instar;KCS presse/mega

Shailene Woodley’s Complete Dating History: Aaron Rodgers, Ben Volavola and More

Her private world. Shilen Woodley has been relatively in the spotlight of her romance for many years, but her e x-girlfriend, Aaron Rogers, has become a hot topic. The recognition of romance with Ben Volavora in January 2018 has escaped from the usual silence in private life. She posted a photo of a couple through Instagram. She and rugby were first connected in 2017. However, he revealed that it broke in April 2020. US Weekly reported in February 2021 that Woodley had met Danika Patrick with Rogers who had broken down, and “Aaron and Shaleen are dating!”Is romantic. “The two are in contact while living away. At the moment it is a relationship of lon g-distance love, but it seems to be working. The General Manager of “Green Bay Packers” later announced in 2020 that he had been engaged and sent an ale to Fianse to surprise his fans. However, she did not mention her name (in the United States, she confirmed her parting in February 2022).[JWPLAYER ZPQ1MHB5-ZHNYYSV2] Woodley did not stop speaking about his romance, even if he was concerned about the details of his dating.”I will fall in love with humans depending on who is, not what sex I do or what sex,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in March 2014. The Globe of Big Little Rise expanded this topic in March 2015, and said to Elle, “I love everything” and “I emphasize my heart.”When I am, for me, that’s … you are my beacon! “” You support me, who protects me, who supports me … “I did it. Also, you love the whole, wild, and freely. You make me me and I make you!And I will be your home.”In April 2020, we opened his mouth about what he learned about love.” I understand my own mind and internal structure of the brain before looking for someone to fill those blanks. Therefore, it was clear that it was sometimes important to relax.”I don’t want someone to come into my life to fill the blank blanks. I want you to appear in my life and give the added value to what I have already created.” Woodley. “To check the complete date gallery of “Scrolling the following gallery: history ! [podcast_block]

Nako Bear Shailene Woodley

Credit: Jennifer Graylock/Instar; Michele Eve Sandberg/Shutterstock

Nahko Bear

Woodley was dating a musician from 2014 to 2016. Even now, two good friends “developed film. Circa ’16 or ’[email protected]” I emphasized the Instagram photo of the bear in February 2020.”(This new single, just dropped is [Fire]). He also participated in an Instagram live that was a social distance in April 2020 in the cloth of” Korokoro “.

Theo James Shailene Woodley

CREDIT: Evan agotini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Theo James

In April 2016, the secret Mrs. Life in the United States led to an unusual cosplayer. However, no romance rumors were confirmed. At that time, he had been dating his wife Ruth Carny since 2009.

“The difficult part of a romantic game is to avoid artificial feeling,” James told Fresno Bee in March 2016 about romance on the screen with Woodley.”I wish I could do this movie.”

Ben Woravora Shailene Woodley

Ben Volavola

The Fault in Our Stars actress sparked dating rumors with the athlete in 2017, confirming the romance via Instagram in January 2018. The two made their red carpet debut in May of the same year. She revealed in her April 2020 breakup, telling Bustle, “They were very much on their way to marriage and kids.”However, she said, “I can’t do it at this age,” and she didn’t move on to the next step. She couldn’t be by his side the way she wanted. she couldn’t love herself

Aaron Rodgers Shailene Woodley

Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock;AFF-USA/Shutterstock

Aaron Rodgers

Rogers and Woodley’s relationship was discovered in July 2020. Confirming their relationship in February 2021, a source said, “The two started off as friends.”The source added that the two were in a “long-distance relationship” at the time.

Later that month, the NFL star made headlines when he thanked his “fiancée” in his acceptance speech at the NFL Honors Awards. Looking back on 2020, he said:”engaged”

The couple confirmed in February 2022 that they had broken up after more than a year of dating, but “Shailene was too busy with work,” a source said at the time, with Rodgers always “focused” on football.”Everything was different during the lockdown, they were living in their own bubble,” he said. Shailene’s friends didn’t think Aaron was the best.”

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