Shinee Minho Dating: Choi Sulli and Choi Minho Married in We Got Married Series | Channel-K - dating new york city

Shinee Minho Dating: Choi Sulli and Choi Minho Married in We Got Married Series | Channel-K

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Shinee Minho Dating: Choi Sulli and Choi Minho Married in “We Got Married” Series

Minhoang Zuri

Minho is rumored to have a girlfriend. surprisingly unknown. With her beauty and multi-talented talent, any woman will fall in love in an instant. Former f(x) Choi Su-ri and Girs Generations’ Kim Yoo-ri are rumored to be dating, but nothing has been confirmed about her girlfriend so far.

Who is Choi Minho?


Choi Min Ho is one of the members of SHINee who has a lot of girl fans. His beauty would make any woman fall in love instantly. Besides his handsome face, he also has acting ability. ChMinho is the main rapper of a group called “Shinee”. Besides being the main rapper, he is also good at writing rap lyrics. Minho studied as an intern for his two years at his entertainment company SM, and debuted with SHINee in 2008. While he is active as a member of SHINee, he is also expanding his activities as an actor, model, and host.

Who is Choi Sulli?


Choi Seulri, also known as Choi Jinri, is a former member of the group f(x)girls. Her Sulli as a visual artist for f(x) has a role as a singer and rapper. She debuted as an actress from a young age, and in 2009 she joined f(x) as Sururi. She’s Sururi is seen as f(x)’s Mcnai, but she really isn’t. Her cute style that makes her look like the youngest is attractive.

Choi Sulli and Choi Minho are siblings?

suli and minho

There are rumors among K-pop fans that Sururi and Minho are siblings. To be honest, I don’t believe such rumors. People with the same surname do not become siblings or family members. As you can see in the photo above, some people might think that the two of them look a bit alike. Well, it must be because Sulie cut her hair while performing “To the Beautiful You.” series So, her appearance is a bit like Choi Min Ho.

Minho and Choi Sulli in the We Got Married series

In 2012, she announced the slinmin fu & lt; pan & gt; titled

As you know, “We Got Married” is a South Korean reality show that is a big hit in South Korea. This show is meant to show “after”. marriage The lives of Korean celebrities. About this topic series no matter what you pretend a married couple. while acting like this series must act naturally in order to createMany Korean celebrities become couples in real life after appearing on this variety show. There are many fans who like Choi Choi’s appearance as a couple, so he did a wonderful production of the fictitious couple “We Got Married”.

For her WGM this time, I decided to choose couples who belong to the same agency. And finally, the combination with Choi Choi was decided. The two of them go out of their way to meet with their superiors to coordinate what is about to happen. And it was announced that she will appear as a married couple in this WGM version. In one of the famous scenes in We Got Married, Choi Min-hoo played the show and said she had no intention of doing it as a show. However, as time passed, the distance between the two became closer, and the shooting began naturally. very!That’s right, I was expecting it lol 😀.

Below is a video of my two favorite girlfriends lovingly made by fans. Please enjoy 🙂🙂.

Choi Sulli and Choi Minho wedding?

Some of you may be a little confused when you see this title. married in We Got Married series So it’s not real 🙂 But there are rumors that they are dating.

Minho is rumored to be dating former f(x) member Sulli. The origin of the rumor is that the two played the lead roles. TV series The title “To beautiful you” in 2012. Minho denied the rumor, “She looks at Suri like her sister.”He added that the trainees of SM Entertainment were together.

However, as he played the love scene with Sururi, he would definitely have a romantic feeling in his heart. on the series So I decided to appear with the couple. So, if you don’t have “intimacy”, you won’t be able to get the true intention of a couple. Minho is undoubtedly began to embrace Sururi. However, such rumors were quickly canceled by them. The rumored dating was denied through the office. They said they were just friends.


Currently, Minho’s office has not confirmed her about Minho. So Miho’s duty as a fan is to support him no matter what. Our little support may make his life more happy.

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