Silent Dating for people in their 30s and 40s - 07. Neubau - Aktuelles zu Kultur und Veranstaltungen - dating new york city

Silent Dating for people in their 30s and 40s – 07. Neubau – Aktuelles zu Kultur und Veranstaltungen

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Silent dating vienna

Silent Dating for people in their 30s and 40s

This event has already ended



Alterve emulation.

Ticket information.

  • Men’s ticket: 38, 00 euros
  • Women’s ticket: 38, 00 euros
  • Male and female combination ticket: 52, € €.

It is the homepage.

Silent Dating has returned to the basic approach to a date scenario. Although remarks are not important in such places, the moderator stimulates no n-verbal communication. Participants have the opportunity to meet in a playful, no n-molding way. The technique is very dynamic (don’t think you’re sitting silently with the protagonists for 20 minutes!), And basically works as an ice breaker. Even if you don’t catch the lines at the start, please talk a lot at the last

Certainly, an unusual environment may be difficult on Friday night, but it may suggest that you jump out of your comfort zone. However, being led by no n-verbal communication roads is surprisingly fruitful. You can expect to laugh with people who are noticed beyond the room without having to have an expected conversation. And even after the program is over, the story is endless.

Are you outward or introverted?

please do not worry. With a polite technology that matches the comfort of our customers, you will be thrilled until dawn. It provides events that can interact with natural “real life” instead of cheap dating like Tinder. In the curation program, we try to half the gender ratio.

Please note that tickets for this kind of event tend to sell out immediately.

You can expect to laugh with people who have suddenly caught your eyes over the room in an unexpected conversation. See the website for details: http: // www. EventKistl. At/slowdating/ silent -dating-english.html

Coordinator and program

This night, Helena Spindler (Austria) and KAREN SCHONS (Brazil), founder of Slow Dating Events Vienna, will be a moderator.

18:3 0-Reception 19:0 0-Silent Dating technique 21:0 0-Program ends, the venue is available as a place for exchange

Isn’t it always uncomfortable with a single event?

Singles have different lifestyles. And Slow Dating Vienna aims to create an opportunity to meet people with common hobbies. It is an expert that offers a unique event for Vienna’s single and welcomes customers in a wonderful energetic environment. We are making every effort so that everyone can have more comfortable and more fun time.

It’s for people in their Those who want to be relieved in their 30s and 40s.

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