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SilverSingles Review ( 2022 ) – Read Before You Sign Up

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SilverSingles Reviews

Silversingles is the largest online dating site for singles over 50. The site also claims to help people with all different relationship goals, including new friends, casual encounters, serious encounters, and senior singles who want to find their soulmate later in life. target.

But are the Silversingles really as good as they say? Is it the way to meet seniors that suits you?

At first glance between our slang reviews Silversingles has been in the industry for over 17 years and has paved the way for online dating for people over 50 in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, France and Germany.

Whether you are single, divorced, separated or widowed, you can find out through our Silversingles of hers. reviews It could be the largest online dating community full of quality singles you’re looking for.

Want to know more about this dating site? Are Silversingles Worth It? review to find out!

The Bottom Line Up Front

There really aren’t many sites that can match Silversingles when it comes to senior dating. Other sites may have success, but this is one of the few dating sites dedicated to her 100% 50+ singles. People under the age of 49 are so enthusiastic that they cannot join!So, if you’re looking to meet singles in the same life stage as you, Silversingles is the place to go.

Silversingles scored 9. 7 out of 10 and was the highest rated for ease of use, quality matching and functionality.

  • The biggest advantage is that Silversingles is 100% her 50+ dating specialist, which means it’s a safe and rewarding environment for you.
  • Biggest downside – if you want to meet pretty young people, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

The best way to find out if it’s right for you is to run Silver yourself review But ultimately you should be the judge. Luckily, we’ve included a link to a free trial of Silversingles below, so you can check it out now for free.

Overall SilverSingles Review

Category Score
PARACOLU 9. 7/10. 0
Features 9. 7/10. 0
ease of use 10. 0/10. 0
support 9. 6/10. 0
cost 9. 6/10. 0
The entire 9. 7/10. 0

9. 7/10. 0

Pros and Cons of the SilverSingles Dating App

Strong Points

  • Your best matches are sent daily so you don’t have to search through 1, 000 profiles.
  • Easy user interface.
  • We’ll help you create a professional profile for just $99.
  • Quick match options with swipe timing


  • Long sign -Surveys help you better match with other users.
  • You can’t see user photos unless you become a paid member (that’s why it’s worth becoming a paid member)

SilverSingles Review Table of Contents

  • How does Silver Singles work?
  • Silversingles Registration Flow
  • Do Silversingles have good matches?
  • Are Silversingles easy to use?
  • Any cool features?
  • Please tell me about customer support.
  • Price | How much does this dating site cost?
  • Are Silversingles Worth It?
  • Best alternative to Silversingles
  • FAQ

Fast Facts About SilverSingles

  • Site name: Silversingles ( silversingles .com)
  • Sililsingles. com Name: Sililsingles. com: Both options available, limited possibilities with free membership
  • Average registration time: 20-30 minutes
  • Membership price: from $27, 95/month
  • Unique facts and figures about the Silver Singles website.
    • Rated #1 in apps for seniors
    • Community for over 50s only
    • Get 3-7 new matches every day
    • Reasonable membership options

    What is SilverSingles – Ownership, name change and more

    SilverSingles. com is an online dating service aimed at finding seniors and bringing them into serious and meaningful relationships. SilverSingles uses details such as age, location, and answers to user personality surveys to try to suggest the most compatible potential partners. But where did this brand come from? Well, it’s a bit long story.

    This project started in 2002 as “PrimeSingles. net”. It retained this name until 2009 when it was renamed the “Single Senior Meat”. It continued to grow under the brand name, albeit briefly, before being acquired by Spark Networks in 2011. The new owner chose to reinvent the brand once more and he ended up with SilverSingles.

    Over a decade later, SilverSingles is now one of the largest senior dating sites on the market, with over 800, 000 monthly users. Needless to say, SilverSingles is one of the top senior dating sites in the world. in 2022 !

    Screenshot of SilverSingles

    How Does SilverSingles Work?

    SilverSingles’ pairing process is what we call the traditional online dating process. In other words, it works through trial and error, much like dating sites have worked for decades.

    All users (computers, tablets, smartphones) come to your site. Once you’ve created your account by entering some basic information, you’ll be personally answering questions about yourself and what you want from others. Once this is done, you will be able to share photos and basic information for your dating profile.

    And while you’re doing this, other singles across the country are doing the same!After that, the dating app’s support computer receives your details and searches them to find the perfect match for you. Once they’ve found a few people they think are a good match for you, you’ll be able to see the profiles they’ve made (they can also see your profile).

    Either of you can message the other if you’re interested!From there, if you like each other, you can start talking over the phone, video chat, or even schedule a date to meet in person.

    The beauty of how SilverSingles works is that it doesn’t overcomplicate the process. Older singles may be a little younger, as many of them did not grow up with computers. So what the company is doing is really great.

    Second, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to answer all the questions at once. You can even save your personality test answers and log in later to see more, so don’t worry if you can’t sit still for that long. When you register, your profile will be created. Basically, your profile will be created by answering a questionnaire (personality test).

    The SilverSingles Sign-Up Process

    Expert Advice Personality tests can be time consuming, but taking the time to answer them honestly is very important. The more accurately you answer the questions, the better results you will get. Don’t answer by thinking only about what someone wants to hear. Please answer the questions based on what you know about yourself.

    In 1992 psychologists McCrae and Costa created his five-factor model theory of personality traits, and SilverSingles used their model to conduct personality tests. SilverSingles was informed by industry experts and psychologists who specialize in relationships and online dating, along with a five-factor model. The test consists of different sections that ask questions based on your likes and dislikes, how you feel and think about yourself, and what is most important to you.

    Personality test results are categorized and detailed for you

    I can’t do it all the time.

    requires a paid membership to see detailed reports, but you can see an overview of the test results. You can access your results by selecting the Personality tab on your profile page. SilverSingles includes nice visual summaries to easily categorize your results.

    Personality test results are categorized into five categories and provided to potential matches for you. The first area is ‘openness’. It’s about whether you’re habitual or occasional. The second domain, Conscientiousness, is whether you are easy or more disciplined. The third domain, Extraversion, is about whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. The fourth domain, Agreeableness, is whether you are more careful or considerate in how you relate to others. A fifth neurosis is whether you are emotionally stable or sensitive. Matched partners can only see compatibility with you, and cannot see all of your personality test results. to review If you strongly disagree with your test results, you can contact us via the SilverSingles customer service link and request that your profile be reset. Please note that in this case your account will be reset and you will have to start over. If you were actually on vacation when you first took the personality test and would like to retake it, feel free to contact customer support. to review Your profile picture will be uploaded immediately after completing the personality test. With a profile photo, your online dating profile will be viewed eight times more than a profile without a photo. Only matched profiles can see your profile picture, further enhancing your privacy and security. All profile pictures must be approved by the SilverSingles team. Once approved, other matched users will be able to see your photos.

    I think Silver Singles is a great choice for those over 50, packed with excellent quality races. If you are a mature, older or senior single and want quality over quantity in an online dating community, Silversingles is the best onlineDating for you. At Silversingles, we have well-rounded men and women who want to meet and create genuine relationships with genuinely great people.

    The profiles I saw in the Silversingles database were very diverse in terms of lifestyle, interests, personality, and hobbies. Profiles are easy to read and all users were recently active. Because Silversingles does a great job filtering out potential matches that haven’t been active recently.

    Based on the results of your personality test and the specific preferences you’ve listed, Algorithmic Matching Sites searches the subscriber base of online dating sites to find the perfect match for you. Silversingles does the work for you by sending you the best matches. You don’t have to worry about searching tons of online dating profiles. Daily Matches is a great feature that lets you dismiss matches you’re not interested in, send a smile to let them know you’re interested, or send them a message to chat.

    Do Silversingles have good matches?

    Our slang lowest result

    At Silversingles, we believe the best relationships are those between two people who aren’t 100% the same but have enough in common to keep things interesting… or spicy.

    Silversingles is an online dating destination if you are her 50+ and are seriously looking for friendship, love and companionship.

    The Silversingles site is very easy to use and the reviewers love it!We love that technology is streamlined and simple to use, regardless of your level of expertise or comfort level. If you are not good at computers, please invite your children, neighbors, grandchildren, and friends to help you. Because Silversingles is one of the largest network of online dating profiles for users over 50. reviews You can access everything you need from your homepage or profile page. You can easily navigate to any page by simply hovering over the round icon at the top of the site and selecting Home or Profile. These links play the top page and our profile page is reviewable, freelance

    Other online dating sites require you to search through endless pages of matches, your brain turns into a pile of mold after a while, and eventually the only thing you start to remember is that someone is attractive. Was or not… another reason a great profile picture is essential. With Silver Singles, you can keep your brain intact and your sphygmomanometer normal. With Silversingles doing the work for you, you can relax and enjoy new matches sent directly to you every day. New matches can be easily viewed on the home page.

    Are Silversingles easy to use?

    Another great feature is the coaching option. You can access this feature by hovering your mouse over the small round image in the upper right corner of this site and selecting ‘Workouts’. For a small fee of $99, you can get a professional online dating profile writer to help you write your profile in a way that will attract more people to you. It’s nice that the consultation is also a phone consultation, and the professional will examine every part of the profile together.

    How awesome it is to not only see who has visited your online dating profile, but how often they visited!Oh yeah, this cutie checks you out!They visited your profile page he 8 times and sent you a smiley face!It’s nice to know sometimes, this is one of those features worth knowing. As a premium member, you can see all visitors who have visited your profile page.

    The biggest feature is the reasonable top page. It’s nice to see updates and notifications in one place!Other dating sites all have separate pages and tend to squeeze out things that don’t need to be complicated. I think Silversingles hits the mark with the ease of use of their website and a great homepage.

    Any cool features?

    The Silversingles customer support team truly cares about your satisfaction and success with our online dating service. They take great pride in the work they do to help thousands of people find love every day.

    Contacting the Silversingles customer service team is very easy and you can email them with any questions.[email protected] The Silversingles team is in the office from 9am to 6pm (GMT+1) Monday to Friday. Our customer service is based in Berlin, Germany, so please be aware of the time difference when waiting for your inquiry or response. As customer service is not available on weekends, messages sent on weekends will be answered the next business day. Our customer support team will respond to each message as quickly as possible.

    If you have any problems, please make sure to include the email address you used when you created your online dating profile with Silversingles when sending us an inquiry email. You will also find your User Identification Number in the “Account” section of your User Account, also known as a Secure Code. If you have this number, please add it to your email so our customer service team can further track your account.

    Please include the most relevant topic related to your inquiry in the email subject line. Please record your question in as much detail as possible. If you have a technical issue, please take a screenshot of the page you’re having trouble with (and the error message) and attach the image to your email.

    You can also send the question to +1 (646) 760-2453 by fax, or send it to SilverSingles Customer Fore Spark Networks, 3300 N. ashton Blvd, Suite 240 Lehi, UT 84043.

    Please tell me about customer support.

    By members

    Design a nickname

    Membership period



    Price | How much does this dating site cost?

    “Premium Intro” Three months 57, 80 $ premium
    “Enjoyment love plan” 6 months 23, 62 $ premium
    “Enjoyment love plan” 12 months 18, 70 $ There are two types of members who can use through Ginji: free and paid (or premium). If you become a free member, you will be able to really understand whether this site is right for you, creating a profile, trying out functions, and answering personality questionnaires. However, there are restrictions such as not being able to see photos of other members and not being able to send messages.
    “Enjoyment love plan” What is a silver single reading receipt? By the way, this is important for the essential reading receipt. Indeed, you may not be worried about getting a receipt when you leave a supermarket shop, but that’s not the case. The opening certificate is an electronic signature of the sender who sent the message and read what he read. It will tell you what you have read and read. An important point for those who want to save is that the premium member’s price plan is cheaper if you choose a more month. The maximum usage and saving effects are always in the lon g-term contract plan. With that in mind, finding a really good partner is worth investing, which takes time. Some people find a wonderful partner in the first week of the online date, while others have to invest at least half a year to find a new lover (most of them are). Our reviewers seemed to be thoroughly impressed by the quality of the site layout, ease of use, and the high quality of the matching dating sites. Using a wonderful product made by Silver Singles, various people and backgrounds are unique. We believe that SilverSingles is worthwhile for those who are 50 and over and want to be seriously looking for partners and love.

    There are many dating sites on the Internet, and you may not know where to start, but in such a case, start with Silverslings. If you are not good at writing your profile, please use the coaching service to consult a professional. First, try a free account for about a day, and if you like the layout or matching, we recommend that you upgrade.

    The HealthyFramework team has reviewed many online dating services you have never heard before. If the SilverSingles app doesn’t fit you, we’ll introduce other wonderful dating sites.

    Eharmony Revie w-There are users of all ages. More than 2 million people fell in love with this app!(Evaluation: Very good 9. 8/10. 0)

    Christian Mingle Revie w-Looking for someone who shares religion? Find more than 15 million Christian singles here (Evaluation: 9.)

    Is SilverSingles worth it in 2022 ?

    Great Matching Reviews – Over 1. 6 million monthly chats. All members must be over 50 (Rating: 8. 5/10. 0)

    Ourtime Review – A simple online dating platform for seniors only. Compatible with Android and iOS (Rated 8. 25/10. 0)

    Best alternative to Silversingles

    What is the success rate of silver singles?

    • Silversingles is a hugely successful dating site for experienced singles over 50 looking for serious love. Over 2, 000 couples are matched on average every month. Silversingles has an educational, focused community that is active online.
    • How long does Silver Singles take?
    • The site works as long as you put in a search. People say, “You get what you put in.”Silversingles also ranks more active members higher in matching suggestions with other members.
    • Do Silvers Singles Have Fake Profiles?


    This site is great. Silversingles actively matches real-life singles every day. With a paid account, you get 20 wildcard matches of her with real people and real profiles, matched specifically for you.

    If I’m not happy with Silversingles, can I get my money back?

    No – Unfortunately, once you purchase a membership, there is no refund option if you are not satisfied with your account. The Silversingles purchase page clearly states this policy.

    Can I cancel Silversingles after 1 month?

    You can cancel after 1 month (at any time), but part of the amount you paid will not be refunded. You can easily cancel your Silversingles membership through your account settings page.

    Does Silversingles have a free trial?

    Yes, Silversingles has a very basic free trial account. You can only reply to premium members, you cannot start messages. You can see the member’s profile information, but you can’t see their photo. Learn more about the Silver Singles free trial feature here.

    How much is his monthly subscription to Silversingles?

    The site only offers 3-month, 6-month and 12-month memberships. A 3-month membership is just $17, 95 a month, which is billed at a flat rate of $53, 85. A breakdown of all Silversingles membership plans and the amazing features they offer to help you find love can be found on our pricing page here.

    Is Silversingles free dating?

    There is also a free trial account that allows you to read and reply to premium members only messages, but the site is not completely free. In that case, Silversingles is full of free dating.

    Silver Singles does the best it can with this. The site uses new personality and taste tests to match you with thousands of singles around the world. As a paying member, you get the great perk of having 20 wildcard matches specially selected for you delivered to your inbox every day. Success really depends on registration and regular interaction.

    Since when have Silversingles been around?

    Silversingles he started in 2002 under the name Primesingles. Over the course of 18 years, he has carefully refined the matching process to become the best site on the web for singles over 50. There’s also a mobile app so you can search on the go, and a blog full of useful dating tips for silver singles.

    I have written.

    Jason Lee is a data analyst with a passion for research in online dating, relationships, personal development, healthcare and finance. In 2008, he received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida. He studied business and finance and taught interpersonal communication.

    His work has been featured on USA Today, MSN, NBC, Fox, The Motley Fool, Net Health, and the Plain Dollar. As an executive, relationship strategist, dating coach, and US military officer, Jason enjoys sharing his unique knowledge base with the world.

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