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SimDA Dating App Mods Apk for Sims 4. | AxeeTech

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SimDA Dating App Mods Apk for Sims 4. [unlimited features enabled]

Download and Install Simda Dating App Mod APK for Android. If you’ve played his APK of the famous Sims 4 game, then you’ve used this in-game dating app, Simda.

The best feature of this app is that the functions such as night stand, Wicked whin add-on, holiday delivery, single people only, matchmaking same generation only have been modified. Also, you can join various new mods to make the app more useful.

Here, following the main functions of the SIMDA Modded app, we will explain how to log in, install and download.

SimDa Mod App File Info:

table of contents

application name App. apk simda
file size 24MB
Latest edition 11. 23. 1. 36
operating system Android 5. 0 or higher
developer game sims 4
update May 2021
game storage page Distribute the application “Simda” on the PlayStore.

SimDA Dating App Features:

Simda dating app helps you find true love, adventurous blind dates and hot one-night stands in The Sims 4 on PC.

How the app works

A new “Simda” dating app menu will appear under the social menu on your smartphone

  • Special Occasion If you are looking for someone special, this may be your right choice.
  • Blind dates (extra options for men or women) Adventurous; open-minded? be on one’s mind? If you want a surprise, go for it!
  • One night only love is something you want to hook up as soon as possible.

special day/matchmaking

Once you have selected your options and dates (specific dates), select a meeting place for your date.

Depending on the outcome of the date, your Sim can have a bad date, a good date, or a great date.

If you and your date were great, a special relationship will be a constant reminder of that fact (if you aren’t near your date even for a moment after the event is over, the relationship will be added). It will not be).

One night

Do you just want to have fun?

Choose the SIM you want to enjoy and it will come right away (home only)

Say hello and DO!All Woohoo options in the game are selectable. Bed, closet, tent, bush, rocket, telescope, lighthouse, coffin (vampire), bathtub, steamer.

You can also “woohoo” wicked whims by installing the WickedWhims Addon (see below) (the sexual seduction feature will be temporarily added to his SIM if you haven’t requested it yet; “woohoo” succeeds).

It can only be used unconditionally for one night (except babies) so no romance/friendship is created and the nightstand disappears shortly afterwards (until the visible One Night Love disappears or after 4 hours the prevention buff itself disappears. Until then, romance/friendship prevention buffs are still active).

Connect call from NPC

You can enable or disable linked calls from the Simda Dating app menu on your phone.

With this enabled, you have the chance to receive call connections from NPCs. Then you can choose to go or not. Once invited, your SIM will be able to go down his “rabbit hole” for 2-2, 5 hours and have fun.

Via computer/tablet

Simda chat room on your computer or tablet

This SIMDA chat room can be used for flirting with SIM


In the main MOD, not only single people but also matchmaking is possible regardless of age. If you want your NPC to be single-only and your matchmaker to be single-only with your age group, you will need to use the addon used in the Sims Mobile Mod APK.

Changed the way Sims get pregnant and impregnated via One Night Love and Link Call. The base chance is set to 5%, but can be increased by add-ons or disabled entirely (see below).

Added pregnancy probability.

  • A 0% chance disables pregnancy for all age groups. This can also happen if your Sim is on their period (a bad whim) or is already physically pregnant.
  • 15% chance to increase pregnancy chance from 5% to 15%
  • 25% chance of getting pregnant increased from 5% to 25%
  • 50% chance of getting pregnant increased from 5% to 50%
  • 100% chance… Really?
  • It doesn’t stop teenage pregnancies, but it does affect young people + fertility!

15-100% probabilities are mutually exclusive if multiples are ignored. If you use 0% with anything else, 0% will peak the other and no pregnancy will occur

If SIMS uses protection (from Wicked Whims or MCC), the chance drops to 0, 5%

An optional add-on for the SIMDA app.

  • Only his NPCs who are not dating and single are used in his mod.
  • Only Sims who are the same age as the actor can be matched.
  • Simda Date has been added to the attraction target, and “Serial Love” can earn gold on her two dates, and “Soul Mate” can earn gold on her two dates.
  • Holiday Delivery Goals Simda Dates (Special, Blind, One Night) meet holiday delivery goals (seasons).
  • No F* word Change the string table to not use F* words in link calls (put the addon in the same folder as the main mod, don’t remove it!). Introduction!)

Corresponding add-on

  • Wicked Whims Addon Sims have a much higher chance of not saying hello to a one-night stand. They are (temporarily) added with WW functionality via an add-on (from the WW site: “This feature greatly improves the WW demand effect on SIMS, allowing almost all SIMs to do WW”) (WickedOnly available if you have Whims installed!).

Simda App video Review:

Introducing App Simda on his SNS.

So, when I downloaded Simda Dating MOD, the first person I matched was my dad 😭😂 #thesims4 pic. twitter. com/takmjc8cnh

– 🌱 𝕸𝖊 (@TheOnlyMissMel) June 18, 2018

Download and Install SimDA Dating App for Android :

To install SIM DA Dating APK MOD +OBB/Data, follow the steps given below.

  • Now on your Android device, go to settings > security >

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