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Simon Cowell s love life: A timeline | Daily Mail Online

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Simon Cowell’s love life: A timeline

In 2011, the face of the 1980s, model Paula, 60, revealed that Simon had taken her virginity. She was 16 when she starred in a Volkswagen Golf TV ad that marked her decade. She told her Daily Mail Weekend magazine that it was “a boy named Simon” who lost her virginity. Paula and Simon were childhood sweethearts growing up in Hertfordshire in the 1970s. She also said that unlike her TV image of a horny teacher, her teacher was “very, very protective” and stopped being insulted by her teacher. Then she continued:”I couldn’t read or write until I was 11, so my teachers called me stupid and bullied me. Simon was very important to me because he made sure I wasn’t bullied.” Jackie Saint・Claire (1970s)

Ex: Former model Jackie dated Simon in his 1970s and maintained a strong friendship with Simon after their breakup (pictured 2002).

Former model Jackie dated Simon in the 1970s and remained close to him even after they broke up. Over the years she has traveled with him on vacation. She said she had an ongoing feud with Sinitta. In 2012, Sinitta was reported to have returned home from Barbados early after her high-profile 2010 brawl, to avoid a confrontation with Jackie. During her first fight, Sinitta got into a fight over gossip over Simon’s engagement status with her then-girlfriend, Mezgan Husaini, and she accused Jackie of telling a “bad lie” to her. doing. She thought Sinitta was blaming Jackie for leaking Simon and Meggan’s story.

Sinitta (on-off 20 year romance)

In 2020, Sinitta suggested that her on-off romance with Simon didn’t end until she had her son Eric with her girlfriend Lauren Silverman in 2014.).

In 2020, Sinitta suggested that her on-off romance with Simon didn’t end until she welcomed her son Eric in 2014 with her boyfriend Lauren. The two had an on-and-off romance for her 20 years after first meeting in the 1980s. Asked when she “finally broke up” with Simon, the 58-year-old singer said, “New!magazine,” he said. Well, it’s never ending,’ there was always that element.”But once Eric was born, that was it. I wouldn’t have intervened in his family.

Full story: After first meeting in the 1980s, the couple remained romantically linked for 20 years

Regarding the turmoil with Simon, she added:” [Lauren]

Previously, Kawuel has been reportedly engaged with Page Three’s lover Louise Pain after divorce with her husband’s Right Said Fred star, Fred Fairbras. However, a blonde woman said, “I want to build a family with Kowell, but he’s too busy,” and ended a thre e-year dating. Daily Star reported that Kawell seemed to ask a 4 3-yea r-old girl in an elevator during a business trip to New York. The two ended in a London event in 1995 after Louise ended his marriage with guitarist Fred (now 68 years old). The two are said to have exchanged phone numbers for the first time at a party where Kwell and his brother Nicholas attended. However, at the first date, he thought he had lost his chance because of the flu. A year later, they met and started romance. The stakeholders added:”The relationship had an ups and downs. I broke up twice, but he loved her, so he continued to work well. After the third try, he broke up forever. Just before he appeared in a pop idol. That was. Louise wanted a child, but I knew it was still impossible. But he did not stop loving her. He was depressed. “Simon & Georgina.”・ Row (2000)
FLING: X Factor judges sometimes collided with former model and dancer Georgina, but later talked about the whirlwind romance.

The X-factor judge occasionally clashed with a former model and dancer Georgina, but later talked about its whirlwind romance. She said, “I met Simon at the spear mint Rino club where I sometimes worked. It was not famous because it was before pop idols. He is a nice man and a casual relationship for about six months. It was. “I wasn’t my boyfriend and girlfriend, but I met regularly.” Terry Seymour (2002-2008)

The most friendly former them. He had been a close friendship with his former Terry, who had been dating from 2002 to 2008 (photo was 2004)

Simon had a friendship with former Terry since he was dating from 2002 to 2008, and last year he had a birthday party for his daughter’s here. Terry and Simon were reported to have parted with his hope that he did not want to have a blue, but in 2017 he acknowledged that children often shared play dates, and his situation was very different from now. ing. Terry has a 6-yea r-old daughter Coco with the model boyfriend, Clark Maron (29). Terry and Simon have been dating for eight years until they break up, and it is rumored that the big music world has given her a 6 million pound “farewell”. Simon and Danny Minorg (2007)

Chemistry in 2012, Simon found that Danny Minogu (50), a fight in 2007, felt “pure love” (the photo was in 2010).

In 2012, Simon found that Simon had a “pure love” in Danny Minogu (50), which collided in 2007. The master in the music world confesses that he felt like a student while serving as a judge of the X factor. The details of this romance are revealed in the book “The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell” written by a former BBC journalist Tom Bower. The book quotes some of Kowell’s words about romance, despite Danny and Simon denied in 2008. It is said that he said. I was excited. Dani’s hairstyle, sexy clothes, and T ***. It was like an elementary school student. She was a fox. She was really a man. Very feminine “Mezghan Hussainy (2009-2012)

engaged. Simon continued to engage with Afghanistan’s makeup artist MEZHGAN HUSSAINY in 2010, but in February 2012 (photo was as of 2020).

Simon then engaged in 2010 with Afghanistan’s makeup artist MEZHGAN HUSSAINY, but divorced in February 2012. Notice of dissolution

Is the public in the biography “Sweet Revenge: The InTimate Life of Simon Cowell” published by Tom Bower. The judge confessed in the book that she had applied for her marriage. He came to the conclusion that he was a “desperate friend.”It was reported that he had given Fusainy a £ 5 million mansion of Beverly Hills as a price of shame that had been canceled. Carmen Electra (2012)

LOVESTRUCK: In 2012, Simon acknowledged that he was dating a former Baywatch star, Carmen (49) (photos of 2012).

In 2012, Simon acknowledged the dating of former Baywatch star, Carmen (49), but was loved by his former lovers, so the star was held in January 2013 on a Caribbean travel. He did not receive an invitation. Carmen, who met Kwell when he was a BGT judge, said he was “worshiping” the highest responsibility of the X factor, but he acknowledged that they were dating, but he was two. He showed a very clear attitude about the relationship. The big music world said on a radio program on Ryan Squest, an American idol. We are not “her”, we are people on a date “Simon & Lauren Silverman (201 3-present) only congratulations!Simon proposed to a partner for eight years in front of his son Eric (7 years old) and Lauren’s partner’s son Adam (16 years old) (photographed in November).

Simon proposed in front of his partner’s son Eric (7 years old) and his partner’s son Adam (16 years old). The officials say:”I didn’t think Simon was a type of marriage, but I realized that I met a dreamy woman and felt more happy.” Simon met Lauren in 2013. She was still married to the millionaire real estate developer Andrew Silverman, and the news of affair was decorating the headlines around the world. Despite the fact that marriage was “I don’t believe”, one child’s father reviewed his opinion after falling in love with Lauren. One stakeholder said, “Lauren was really stunned and I never thought that Simon would ask a question for a million years. Lauren has been supporting Simon in recent years. He is his back. When I hurt, he supported him at all times. Simon didn’t think he was a type of marriage, but he noticed that he met a dreamy woman and felt more happy. It is. If you borrow Beyonce’s words, it is “when you put a ring.”


Be careful of bicycles, Simon!A newly engaged Kowell (62) appears.

Newlywed Lauren Silverman, 44, approached Simon Kowell (62), “I want my family to commit it,” and showed off a huge diamond ring of $ 3. 4 million.

She, 44 years old, is always chic with her mom jeans and her simple white T shirt.

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What was noticed

Simon Kowell and his fiance Lauren Silverman were witnessed to be riding a bicycle together for the first time after engagement (no helmet).

This witness has been declared by a confident subordinate that Simon has spent the last two years to help “learn valuable things.”

A newly engaged Lauren Silverman showed off a 3. 4 million yen diamond ring when he left his fiance Simon and the Britains Talent audition. simply At the age of 44, she wore a stunning engagement ring of $ 3. 4 million (about 2. 5 million yen) when she left the talent audition in London.

“Simon Kawuel (62) and his fiance Lauren Silverman, 44, will plan their wedding in three months.

He is 62 years old, and is reported to fly to a £ 25 million man mansion with his fiance Lauren Silverman, where he spends three days.

Simon Kwell has been wiping his tears by handing the key of Las Vegas, but now he is engaged with Lauren, saying that the timing is bad.

He was very active in the actual show, and was honored for contributing to the Sin City’s entertainment scene. the only “Heidi Kurum is not surprised by Simon Kowell’s proposal to Lauren Silverman.

A 4 8-yea r-old she was not surprised when Simon Kwell proposed to her lover Lauren Silverman for the first time in eight years.

Exclusive Simon Kowell (62 years old), a new talent management YM U-Six months after almost all psychic staff “concentrate”.

Simon Kowell has signed a new talent management office YMU.

I don’t want to feel stressed by the management of a global large company. “: Simon Kowell (62 years old) will be fired 18 years later, reducing sycoo and” concentration “.

A big thing in the music world, who has repeatedly talked about reluctance to marriage, was shocked that the 6 2-yea r-old was married earlier this week.

It is exclusive.”Simon Kwell breaks the secret agreement and starts dating a close friend.

The singer (58) revealed in the 1980s that he had signed a contract with a label in the music world (62), Fanfare Records, but confessed.

In 2011, Paula (60), a model of the 1980s, revealed that Simon was deprived of a virgin. Dating in the 1970s and had a lover relationship

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