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Sims 4 Sugar Baby CC, Mods, Traits & More: The Ultimate List – FandomSpot

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Sims 4 Sugar Baby CC, Mods, Traits & More: The Ultimate List

BY Katie Lymberopoulos This article may contain affiliate links. We may receive a small commission at no additional cost when you purchase something (more info here).

Screenshots of Sugar Baby Drinking Martini - Sims 4 CC

Sugar babies have made a name for themselves on the internet for their creative financial management, extravagant lifestyles, and great fashion sense.

When I see a lot of the sugar I can’t help but think of the kids culture out there, her favorite classic movies from the late 90’s and early 2000’s and their characters. Cher from Clueless comes to mind as the person who influenced me the most.

And although she may not be familiar with what she actually does a sugar Babies, perfect hair, perfect clothes and money have become part of what we are used to today.

Sims games can be difficult to get your Sims to live the life they deserve.

The detective’s job is to secure a living, but he can’t afford expensive furniture in his house. Also, sending junk mail to MotherCheat kills half the fun of the game.

Let’s dive into it all here. for sugar From custom content to extra mods, get Baby Sims and the lifestyle your Sims deserve.


Screenshots of Walk-in Closet Sims 4 CC

To truly accept the aesthetics of a sugar Baby, let’s start with the basics.

That’s right, a walk-in closet room.

Where do you put the cute clothes your Sims get? Whether they live in a big house or a single apartment, their space should be as luxurious as the rest of their lives. For that, you need some decoration, and a larger-than-life wardrobe is best.

These wardrobes come in many colors to suit whatever design you choose for yourself. sugar Baby Sim features an enveloping design to maximize what you can display and comes with clothes for display.

Can you ask the world how much other money they are raising?

14. Shoe Platform

Shoe Platform Sims 4CC

Need a little extra space to showcase your Sim’s vast shoe collection?

Maybe your Sim has more of a taste for shoes than clothes in general. Or maybe you can make money doing it sugar Dad (We’re not judging, your Sim has his or her own life.)

This her CC Her shoe platform is the best way to display all her favorite pairs of pumps, sneakers and more.

It’s sure to make any space look a little more luxurious. Hey, it’s a monochromatic color scheme, and it’s simple overall, but doesn’t it look expensive?

Not to mention, there are so many varieties that come with different shoe options, they can change their display as often as they change their entire wardrobe.

13. Master of Beauty Makeup Messy

Beauty Guru Makeup Clutter for Sims 4

Your sugar I want my baby to look as good as possible.

And the best way to show off your makeup skills is with a good old fashioned makeup kit.

Two Huda Beauty palettes, an all-night spray, and more are perfect for Sims who aren’t makeup experts.

If your Sim likes the idea of having a little extra makeup in their bedroom or bathroom, there are other options to choose from.

Like the Anastasia Beverly Hills collection of contour palettes, highlights and eyeshadows, you can find them here.

12. Shopping bag

Shopping Bag Screenshots Sims 4 CC

After enjoying shopping with you sugar Dad/ mother, your Sim should have a lot of bags from luxury stores they have made.

How about taking it to appeal to that expensive sense?

If you decorate this shopping bag in the wardrobe or bedroom, you can reconfirm that your shim really likes shopping.

And they are not afraid to admit it.

11. Portable suitcase

portable suitcase dresser sims 4 cc

Not all sugar The baby is all about material. Some people want money. to travel !

It can be a very expensive design just on a trip. Fortunately, they have a solution at hand.

Even if you want to go on a trip with your partner, you need luggage for moving … so this CC suitcase is active.

Of course, it is not a normal suitcase.

In addition, the function as a dresser is sufficient.

If you carry this as a shim hidden place, you can quickly and easily change the wardrobe, wherever you go on an adventure. And when you get home, this CC is so fashionable that you can use it as an interior at home.


Maserati Convertible Sims 4CC

If you want a hot body, if you want Maserati, go to work. sugar baby!

I’m sorry, I couldn’t control it.

But seriously, isn’t your baby want more than your own car?

Certainly, you may not be able to drive. But if you put it on the road, it will surely be beautiful. And it is the perfect way to enjoy all the gifts they get, but to cover the whole neighborhood.

Isn’t Maserati yours?

Check out various conversions and other car styles on the Lorisims blog and find the best one that suits your Sim’s luxurious lifestyle.

9. S-Club WM Nails

S-CLUB WM Nails for Sims 4

This nail is perfect for matching the sim. sugar Girlfriend aesthetics

It is a wel l-known fact that you can not only make a beautiful appearance, but also that you can directly convey that you are not playing if you are always nails.

It’s a bit too long, but it’s absolutely no problem. Rather, if not, it will not be available!

And that is our energy source. sugar Be careful not to catch it without your nails because there is a baby.

8. Shanti Lace Lingerie Set

Chantilly Lace Underwear Lingerie Set Sims 4CC

It is well known that there are many. of sugar Babies work that matches money.

The lingerie set is the easiest way to transform your shim from mediocre to supe r-sexy.

An elegant set like a lingerie set in the sinterie lace will not disappoint.

This CC set has five kinds of color variations, creating a good mood. It’s like an innocent and sweet white, or a bit bold and extraordinary light blue.

7. Buddy Sims Collection

Screenshots of Buddy Sims Collection Sims 4CC

There are many reasons why this CC set is excellent.

First of all, there are most things you need to make wonderful works. sugar From baby clothes, long hairstyles to designer bags. It realizes perfect fitting like a on e-stop shop.

Needless to say, they have the best work to lift your shim sugar daddy/momma.

It is an indispensable item for shims, dinner, clubs, and shopping.

6. Gucci costume dress

Gucci Costume Dress Sims 4 CC

No one can go against the Little Black Dress.

And that’s the condition when I try to find something perfect.

Not only does it have stats that show the state of your sim a sugar Baby, but with long sleeves and a plunging neckline, this dress is a great choice for when your Sims are accepting a fancy date.

Pair with black pumps and simple jewelry for a classic look.

5. Phone Watch & Bangle

Phone Watch & Bangle for Sims 4

Watches have been used as symbols of wealth for as long as we can remember.

Worn on the wrist, it is one of the best accessories that combines form and function.

What makes this CC watch stand out is the way it’s paired with a simple bangle to make it stand out on the wrist. Because anyone can resist a little sparkle.

A Fawn And Bangles watch is sure to enhance any look on your face. sugar Baby Sim And it can easily become a staple piece for a person’s entire rotation.

4. Accessory Big Faux Fur Coat

Big Faux Fur Coat Accessory Sims 4 CC

A fur coat is a little scary, isn’t it?

Sometimes it’s too big, too bad, or too long, and what’s supposed to be a bold, fun outfit accidentally turns into a Cruella Deville cosplay. I agree.

But with this fur coat accessory, you won’t be afraid anymore.

This coat is correct in length, coat, and everything.

Plus, these coats make sure your Sims are as warm and fashionable as champagne, whatever the weather.

This fur coat has been rolled out in his 10 different samples, so check out all the options.

3. Characteristics of sugar

Sugar Traits Sims 4CC

Anyone can wear it.

But do you want to be fully committed? a sugar baby Sim?

If your answer is yes, then this personality is trait is exactly what you are looking for

Finally, don’t just worry about money or what people think. Posture is important.

And the Sugar Trait will get your Sims in the right mindset for success. sugar baby dreams.

Don’t worry, we’ll also talk about Sugar Mommy and Sugar Daddy.

If you want to realize the delusion of throwing gifts or money at someone, traits For those types, with this mod.


Sugar Baby Career Mod for The Sims 4

The sugar baby career mod is very detailed. In my eyes, it really looks like a must-have.

With a clock, a set salary rate and a few days off, your Sim can feel like he’s climbing the corporate ladder… if he does this, he’ll be free from all the stress. Or had no surprise of having a conventional job.

1. Sugar life mod

Sugar Life Mod for The Sims 4 CC

This is what you need most to make your dreams come true a sugar baby relationship.

With the Sugar Life mod, your Sims can roam the city to make special deals with their favorite Sims.

Even sims without a reciprocator traits – Only good for high romantic relationships!?

Your Sims can ask for a per diem, propose to their partners, and the sugar Moms and dads can have multiple partners.

However, jealousy is still there, so you need to be careful about how you perform and maintain relationships. This site has a lot to keep you from getting bored.

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