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Single Community – ICF Reutlingen

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ICF Reutlingen

ICF Royalingen is a luxurious free church based on the Bible, born from a dream of dynamic, lively and modern.

Unser Highlight an jedem Sonntag

It is our celebration and service. And it can be a little different. Loud, fun and unusual.

  • Podcast
  • Sunday holiday
  • Kids Celebration
  • Youth Celebration


Our events are new encounters and places to deepen friendship. We are all happy, both ICF Zurich for the first time and many people enjoy life in ICF Zurich.


I would like to strengthen my personal confidence and love by various provisions and support them in my life.

Single Community


In individual events, you can meet other single people in a relaxed atmosphere and experience the community. Every single person from the age of 25: Single, divorce, widow, or not. Please!

We regularly gather, exchange opinions, report life reports, share experience, and conduct activities such as billiards, bowling, darts, and beer gardens.

Current individual incident

Private community Christmas market

We will meet at 6:00 pm, take a small intake, and then move to the Roitlyinger Christmas market!Please come anyway. Meeting location Celebration Hall of ICF REUTLINGEN.<SPAN> ICF Roit Ringen ICF ICF Royalingen is a luxurious free church based on the Bible born of a dream, and dynamically and lively churches for people.

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