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Singles aufgepasst : Speeddating-Events in Hamburg – PRINZ

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Singles aufgepasst : Speeddating-Events in Hamburg

Valentine’s Day, Spring, a couple in love …………………………………………….. If you don’t want to wait for luck, you have to help your luck yourself. Certainly, dating platforms are one and another for meeting someone “real”. For example, speed date. Here you can meet many candidates quickly and innocently.

I will explain the principle immediately. It can be divided into a tw o-person table with the same number of men and women and can speak for about 8 minutes. At the signal, let the opponent know when to move-until you are nearby. In order not to lose sight of each other, the participants will write them on a small card to see if they want to meet them again. The organizer changes the beauty of the night and exchange contacts that night. However, it is limited to those who want to meet again.

PRINZ introduces the speed date held in Hamburg.

Nice date

At the nice day event, a couple of 6 to 10 pairs will be born. The venue is “HARMS & SCHACHT”, a lounge facing the Osterbeck Canal. Employees are welcoming participants on the spot, explaining the procedure and how to use the personal “Gourge Card”, and aiming for the stay time. All participants will send a race contact information the day after the fast track reservation. Encouraged. Participants can now choose a kana that is anonymous and can be clearly assigned later.

It is the future schedule February 23 (Sun) and March 30 (Sun). Until February 28, 2014 17 €, 25 €, 25 €, student discount place: HARMS & SCHACHT, Mühlenkamp 2, 22303 Hamburg

Others: The age group is different

Speedy date

The organizer, SpeedDating, enhances live events on a small online platform. Before the actual performance, the participants will create their profile on the website, and will appear only in pseudonyms. Then, you can use “profile search” to search for local participants and “invite” to speed date events. Depending on the date, the actual appointment is performed in a gecko bar or Gloria. Seven women, seven men, you can get to know each other in 7 minutes. This will be guided by employees in the evening, and the assessment will be performed at a later date in front of a computer at home. Everyone brings the condolence card and enter “Yes” and “No” online.

Future schedule February 23 (Sun), 26 (Wed), 30 (Sun), 30th (Sun) Fee: 17. 40 euros: GECKO BAR, VON-Sauer-strasse 22, 22761 Hamburg and Gloria, BellealityanceStrasse. 31-34, 20259 Hamburg

Others: An ol d-age group, welcome protoseco


Hosts share dates and locations with contributors. But when you book here, not all are the same and you really get along. This means that if an agreement is not reached at the first event, the participant will receive another speed dating voucher 72 hours after her. And here the evaluation takes place through the personal login area of the site. Plus point: Clean up the site with tips and advice for first speed dating.

Further Dates Sunday 23rd, Wednesday 26th and Sunday 30th February 2014 Cost: €19 Location: Gecko Bar, Von Sauer-Straße 22, 22761 Hamburg and Gloria, Belealliancestr. 31-34, 20259 Hamburg Other: Getting to know each other at different ages

fast data

Please be careful of confusion. The Speeddating organizer partnered with Speed several years ago. Therefore, not only the name, but also the basic composition of the events are similar. What’s different from previous partners: Albrecht’s conversations here at Jofu Distillery are his eight minutes, and the cards are evaluated by local staff.

Upcoming dates Sunday, March 9, 2014 Cost: €15 Location: Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht, Adolphsbrücke 7, 20457 Hamburg and others. different age groups


Here, we provide a package of online and live support for all participants. This includes providing information and advice in advance for the first event, as well as support from on-site employees. Cafe Rendezvous seems to follow the theme down to the name of the place. A certain degree of anonymity will be secured using pseudonyms, and the chat time will be about 5 to 7 minutes. DateYork also conducts judging through a personal area of the site.”Do you really want to know?” Category: The “How do I get” test on the page gives you the option to keep and share anonymous feedback from other participants. Evaluate others on a variety of criteria, including likability, speech, body language, and appearance, and get feedback on your performance as a result.

It will be held on the following schedule. February 16, 2014 (Sunday), February 23 (Sunday), February 3, 2014 (Sunday), September 3, 2014 (Sunday) Cost: 19 euros Location: Tokyo. Various Age Groups , Anonymous “What Should I Do” Tests

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