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Singles in Winterthur 2020 |

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Der Single-Guide 2020 für alle Singles in Winterthur


Here you can find a variety of leisure for a single exchange, individual, blind date, speed date and WinterThur single.

The city of Vintarour, where many single people live, counts about 112. 00 people. Most of them are looking for a partner using the Internet.

There are many beautiful shopping streets in the old town of Vintarour. You will surely find the perfect clothes for the next date in Winthour.

Regular big events, such as Albani Fest in late June and Weeks in Late August, will attract tourists and give many opportunities.

In the evening, you can talk alone, meet new people, and flirt with many bars and pubs in the old town.


  • Speed date and blind date in Winter
  • Location hints for dating in Vintaru

Blind Dates & Speeddating in Winterthur

Screenshot of bars from the Winthur era

Badate in Win Tou r-These are speed dating at the Winter Tour bar with at least 12 participants. For those who go for the first time, the motto of “favorite numbers” can literally do whatever you want. Please check the website for details.

Screenshot Pechundschwefel. ch

Pechundschwefel. ch regularly holds speed day for various ages in Winthour.

Location hints for dating in Vintarour.

  • Let’s visit the technolama together. Here you can experiment and discover together. The distance to you is reduced and you can know yourself more.
  • Visit the bar “ROTER TOWER” on the top floor of Swisscom High-Vise jointly: Enthusiasm for the wonderful scenery. Let’s know more about each other and get along.

Advice to make a date success

365 Questions EBOOK*provides 365 questions to know the other person and avoid awkward silence. You can answer both questions and are already immersed in raw conversation. EBOOK’s sales are somewhat noisy, and we officially target men, but the content of the question is wonderful anyway, and it can be used by women.

Special single exchange

  • Single silver
  • Contacts with overseas
  • Casual encounter
  • Single ü50
  • A disadvantageous singles
  • Religious single
  • Age difference

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