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Der Single-Guide 2020 für alle Singles in Salzburg

A detailed guide about Salzburg’s contact information. Singles looking for a partner in Salzburg can be found here. Employee swaps, personal ads, blind dates, speed dating and Salzburg’s singl e-ups, events, recreational activities such as cooking classes and dance classes.

About 150, 000 people live in Salzburg, of which more than 300, 000 are looking for a partner.

If you want to enjoy shopping at Salzburg, it is recommended to stroll around Getridest Street and Linz Gasse in the old town. If it is too much for sightseeing spots, the large shopping center in Taksam, the shopping center “Alpine Sturase”, “Zenremimberg”, “Forum” and “Forum 2” near Chuo Station are connected by bridge. It’s a good idea to use it. If you are looking for new clothes for the next reservation, you will surely find what you are looking for.

Singles who are interested in culture can enjoy the rich selection of the Salzburg museums, galleries, and theaters. Here, you can easily contact people with the same aspirations from Salzburg.

Tips for a place for dating in Salzburg.

  • For example, how about climbing Capzinnerberg? On the way, you can enjoy the wonderful scenery of Salzburg. At the top, you can stop at the restaurant “France Key Schressle” after a long walk.
  • If you go to the Heraburun zoo, you will be surrounded by many animals and the topic is endless.

Die besten Singlebörsen für Salzburg

Austria’s very popular online date portal, LOVESCOUT24, was born in 2000 and was previously known as “Friendscout24”. In particular, there are a lot of Salzburg and the surrounding people in the suburbs, and we are looking for a partner here. The average age of Love Scout 24 members is 32 years old, but good opponents may be found to those over the age of 50.

Blind Dating & Speed Dating in Salzburg

On a fac e-t o-face date, six singles meet at Salzburg’s three bars. One and a half hours later, the bar changes, and a large rally will be held by all participants that night after three rounds. Salzburg’s fac e-t o-face date is much longer to know each other than classic speed dates.

Speed date for different ages in Salzburg and other places in Austria. Events are held at the designated place with 5 women and 5 men or more

Freizeitaktivitäten für Singles in Salzburg

Tanzkurse für Singles in Salzburg

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