Singles50 Review ( 2022 ): A Dating Hub for Mature Singles - dating new york city

Singles50 Review ( 2022 ): A Dating Hub for Mature Singles

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Singles50 Dating Review ( 2022 )

Singles50 is a dating site for mature singles It’s more expensive than its competitors, but it offers personality tests, icebreakers, videos and instant messaging for paid members, and an iOS app. Paid members have a stock of personalities and ice breakers are effective in finding compatible partners, but free members who cannot access photos and messages are unlikely to develop into romance.


  • iOS app
  • Personality test for matching
  • Numerous icebreaker options


  • Most activities require a premium subscription
  • No photo with free membership registration
  • No Android app



Favorite feature

  • Personality test for matching
  • Presence or absence of video calls

Video chat

How Much Does Singles50 Cost?

Singles50 offers a free version, but most of the site’s features require an upgrade to a premium membership. Options include Committed, Basic, and Classic, with different prices and durations.

see who saw you

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Singles50 is higher than industry average and competitor prices. The best-selling is the 6-month “Classic” plan with the lowest monthly cost.

What can Singles50 do for free?

In the free version of Singles50, when you upload an approved photo, you’ll receive 3 algorithmically generated matches every day that you can choose to accept or decline. You can like other profiles suggested by the algorithm and answer her three ice-breaking questions that were picked. You can also send smileys, big smiles, winks, kisses, waves, and billow emojis. These actions automatically send messages to potential matches, but you can’t message them if you’re both premium members. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be able to date with a free account.

Singles50 premium features and upgrades

Upgrading to a premium account allows you to make unlimited video calls and send messages with other premium members. Once you become a paid member, you will be able to view profile pictures and see who has viewed your profile.

How Singles50 Works

Singles50 aims to: mature singles You can meet your ideal partner by recruiting members based on the personality chart you filled in at the time of registration.

How to register for Singles50

First, choose if you are a man or a woman and if you are interested in meeting men or women. There are no options for bisexuals or other sexual orientations.

To delete your profile and discontinue subscription, proceed from Settings to Premium Subscription or Delete Profile. Please note that even if you delete the app, you will not be able to delete your profile or release your subscription. You can also email your customer service and request cancellation of subscription or delete your profile.

Next, enter your name and date of birth in order, and fill out a personality check sheet such as “When choosing a partner, do you ask your friends and family for advice?”

To delete your profile and discontinue subscription, proceed from Settings to Premium Subscription or Delete Profile. Please note that even if you delete the app, you will not be able to delete your profile or release your subscription. You can also email your customer service and request cancellation of subscription or delete your profile.

Set up your profile on Singles50

Setting up your Singles50 profile is easy. First, select one or more approved JPG or PNG photos of her up to 10MB. Obscene content, violence, contact information, children, cartoons, celebrities, animals, landscapes, etc. cannot be filmed. You have the option to upload 4 more photos from your computer, but not from social media.

Next, choose her hair color, eye color, height, body type, and choose up to three ice-breaking questions for her from a list.

You can also fill in your educational background, religion, occupation, income, smoking and drinking habits, and whether you have children or pets. You can also customize your profile with your favorite foods, holidays, sports, recreation, music, movies, TV shows, books, and more.

is finally completed

You can grasp your preferences and interests more deeply. Please answer various questions, such as living, relationships with friends and family, and future goals. The algorithm matches according to the preference of sel f-reported lifestyle.

Once you set your profile, you can easily find a matching partner with Singles50.

How to find matching with Singles50 to review The matching process of Singles50 is simple and use r-friendly. Will be selected.

Perform a daily match or a unique search for dating profile.

The input information is performed three times a day selected by the algorithm. These are “is Love at first? On the left side of the top page, other matching candidates based on your personality profile check are displayed. Up to 100%matching score and similar degree of profile are displayed. increase.

Age, height, educational background, income, residence, drinking and smoking habits, children and religions can be narrowed down. To select an opponent, click on your profile, make ice breaks, send emoticons, and like your profile. When the matching is established, you will be notified not only in e-mail but also in the website mailbox.

To contact the matching partner, you can send an instant message or set a video call. However, these options can only be used if both are paid members.


Singles50 App

Singles50 guarantees that your data is protected and will never be sold. The FAQ document clearly states that your personal information is not shared without your clear permission, and that includes your payment information. This is explained in detail in the company’s privacy policy. For example, payment information is transferred to an external payment company using a safe server. However, it has not dealt with additional security and safety issues in the site or offline encounters, and there is no evidence that profile photos have been verified.

Singles50 offers eas y-t o-use iOS apps for iOS 14. 0 or later. The Android app is not currently offered.

Singles50 Dating Review Registration

Singles50 Customer Service

The app can be easily operated. However, as with the website, you will not be able to access your profile photo unless you pay a monthly fee. You can continue reading profile information, “like”, transmission of emoticons, and answering ice breaks. However, to aim further, you need to commit to a paid plan. singles50 In Singles50, only one customer service is displayed. For inquiries by e-mail, please contact [email protected]

Dot com immediately displays the ticket number immediately by automatic reply. This message tells you that the email is answered in the order you received and that it moves to the back of the queue when it is transmitted multiple times. There is no answer deadline.

How to Cancel or Pause a Singles50 Subscription

See frequently asked questions and privacy policy pages for Singles50 policies and procedures.

You can cancel the service and stop paying in the future, but you cannot refund. Singles50 may not be able to cancel the plan immediately during the processing time after registration, and must wait several days until the registration is updated. The terms are stipulated to cancel at the next 14 calendar day of the next billing date.

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