SNSD’s Taeyeon and VIXX’s Ravi: Are They Dating? | Channel-K - dating new york city

SNSD’s Taeyeon and VIXX’s Ravi: Are They Dating? | Channel-K

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SNSD’s Taeyeon and VIXX’s Ravi: Are They Dating?


Details about SNSD’s Taeyeon and VIXX’s Ravi’s Dating News!

How do you feel when you hear that your favorite idol is dating another idol? It will be a very exciting announcement, or a very sad announcement. This time, the world has been shocked by the news that Taeyeon and Ravi are dating!Through this article, Channel Korea will bring you more news about her SNSD’s Taeyeon and her VIXX’s Ravi, so stay tuned.

What’s the Relationship between Taeyeon and Ravi?


SNSD’s Taeyeon, Kim Taeyeon, is a singer under SM Entertainment and joined the group Kanojo no SNSD. Meanwhile, Ravi is a member of the boy group VIXX and the founder of the hip-hop label GROOVL1N. Both have found success in their own ways and are recognized by fans for their achievements in the music industry.

Suddenly, the shocking news of SNSD’s Taeyeon and her girlfriend VIXX’s Ravi spread on the Internet. It has been announced that they are dating!Local media in South Korea reported that they have been dating since 2019, and they often spend time together.


Taeyeon and Ravi reportedly started dating after being introduced by a mutual friend. Following this report, Taeyeon and Ravi’s respective agencies released official statements regarding the news. However, the dating reports were completely untrue. Please check here for more information.

Correspondence and official statements of each institution


Taeyeon’s agency, SM Entertainment, released an official statement shortly after the rumors of their relationship spread. They said, “Since collaborating on Ravi’s song, only Sunbae and Hube have been close, and the dating rumors are not true.”

After that, Ravi’s agency GROOVL1N released a statement different from Taeyeon’s agency. After confirming reports of their relationship, he called on them to refrain from writing false speculation articles so that they can go out comfortably.


Fans were puzzled by the big difference between the two statements. Furthermore, it was reported that Ravi’s close acquaintance revealed that Ravi is really dating Taeyeon.

False Rumors Explained


Here’s why the dating rumors are just rumors!First, Ravi’s agency GROOVL1N released an official statement acknowledging the dating reports.“It is true that the two are dating,” the agency said. Don’t assume it’s a good relationship.”

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment promptly denied the rumors. People were puzzled by this statement until GROOVL1N released another statement refuting the rumor. Taeyeon and Ravi explained that they only shared a good friendship after collaborating on music.

Regarding Taeyeon’s response to dating rumors


Taeyeon spoke about her VIXX dating rumors with Ravi. Although she has not made an official statement, she did post through her official Instagram account, @taeyeon_ss!


On Instagram, Taeyeon took snapshots of the Doremi market and created a story with the phrase, “Useful meme for keeping everything in order.”Many fans indirectly felt that it was a sign of her frustration with her dating rumors.

Check Out Taeyeon and Ravi’s Moments Here!


Although there were dating rumors between VIXX’s Ravi and her SNSD’s Taeyeon, fans cherished the friendship and moments. Here are the moments of Ravi and Taeyeon that have been witnessed!


She who is appearing on Amazing Saturday is SNSD’s Taeyeon and her VIXX’s Ravi.


After Taeyeon appeared in a questionnaire sponsored by Ravi, Ravi and Taeyeon took pictures together!


I was witnessed to be together at Christmas!Since then, rumors about their dates have grown. There is also information that Ravi went to Taeyeon’s house in Songdon!?

That’s it for the relationship between Taeyeon and Ravi!Although he has not been dating, he has been joyful in his good friends. Do you want Taeyeon and Ravi to associate with reality?<SPAN> After Taeyeon appeared in a questionnaire sponsored by Lavi, Lavi and Taeyeon took a picture together!

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