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Sondernummer 3

Walk-space. at has tested a very large Vienna Walk21 program. A program where you can enjoy fireworks between knowledge and experience. As a service, among some of the programs, local governments, planners, and administrative staff have compiled the parts that should be understood as program advice in each business area or as content interest.

Public space and redesign

  • Public space: Design, user’s perception and performance. Borja Ruiz-APILánez, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain (Tue, 20 OCTOBER 2015, BREAKOUT SESSION) in London
  • Public Space Strategic Strategic Rena Slager (Austrian Vienna), Elisabeth Ilsik (Austrian Vienna) (Wednesday, October 21, 2015, round table
  • Sir Pedestorian Network Demonstration Program. Demonstration of the effectiveness of methodology for planning a strategic Walking Network Krisme Department of Economic Development, LABOUR, Transport, Resources Melbourne (Wed.
  • 20 years of Munich’s “temporary public space” for walking, conversations, and culture on the major radial roads of the cit y-What happens next? Benjamin David, The Urbanauten, Germany (Wed., 21 OCTOBER 2015, Breakout Session)
  • How Walkability Truth Creates Vibrant City for All AGES FRES FRED & SUSIE BONDI, Austria/USA (Wednesday, October 21, 2015 (Wednesday), breakout session.
  • Meeting Zone in Austria: Michael Szeiler, Rosinak & Amp; Partner, Austria (21 OCTOBER 2015, Breakout Session) to create an attractive public space
  • Walking to the problem. A shocking story that the United Kingdom forgot about the needs of the blind on a public space SARAH GAYTON, Sea of Change Film, UK (Wed., 21 October 2015, Breakout Session)
  • Cool Actions: The Participature Design Process of Vienna’s Sidewalk System Martin Fßleitner, Hi-Pe. At, Austria (Wed. 21, 2015, Pecha Kucha).
  • From Nowhere to Now here; Concepts and Projects for Improvement of Public Spaces in Munich Martin Klost
  • Aspern: Urban Lake in Vienna-Austria Vienna City Vera Layer (2015. 10. 22 Tuesday, round table)
  • Pedestrians and Transportation in Public Space-Lessons learned from research on systems throughout the UK, CHRIS OAKLEY, CROWD Dynamics International, UK (Thu. 22 Oct.)
  • Development of economic evaluation tools for city planning Peter Newman, Curtin University, Australia (Tue., 20 OCT. 2015, Workshop)
  • Insufficient reports of pedestrian accidents apply negative biases to safety walking policy; Gerald Fruran (Austrian Traffic Safety Council, Austria) (2015. 10. 21 Wed. Speed Dating
  • Design for pedestrians Austrian new guideline Beron Hildbrandt (Austrian Traffic Safety Council, Austria) (Thursday, 2015 (Thu), round table

A method of measuring walking routes, public space quality and pedestrian experiences, and quantifying the benefits of walking. Bret Little (PTV Group, Germany) (Thursday, 2015, 2015. 10. 22 (Thursday), breakout session

  • Effect of road measures to reduce pedestrian injury in Hungary (Hungary, 2015. 10. 22 (Thu), subcommittee
  • Bologna pedestrian detection: Cognitive orientation system Fred Gangemi, Steer Davies Gleave, UK (THU., 22. 2015, Workshop)
  • Health / walking
  • Happy City-Charles Montgomeri (Writer / Journalist, Canada) (2015. 10. 20. Tuesday, Prenary
  • Efforts for Aging Society-Approach to Safe City Mobility Sabine Baumgart, Tu Dortmund University, Germany (Wed. 21. 2015, Breakout Session)
  • Workability for healthy aging evaluation tools and pilots Jonna Monaghan, Belfast Healthy Cityes, UK (Wed. 21. 2015, Breakout Session)
  • The world’s first support: Active Travel (Wales) Law 2013 Kevin Golding-Williams, Living Streets, UK (Thu. 22. 10. 2015, Breakout Session)

Pep-Transport Health and ENVIRONMENT: A Pan-European Program Matthias RinderkNecht, Federal Office of Transport, Switzerland (Thu., 22. 10. 2015, Workshop)

  • THIS CITY GOES ON A DIET Mick Connet (Mayor of Oklahoma City) (Friday, 2015. 23 (Friday), Overall Conference
  • Strategic
  • Eindhoven on the Road Herman KerkdiJK, Department of Urban Planning Eindhoven, The Netherlands (Wed. 21. 2015, Breakout Session).
  • Campaign / enlightenment
  • Develop a comprehensive culture of design and experiment. Encouragement of urban intervention and promenade control Minh-Chau Tran, UNIVERSITY OF DUISBURG-SSEN, GERMANY (Wed. 21. 10. 2015, Pecha Kucha)
  • How to walk to the future: Are children doing the best transactions with nearby plans? Canada, Calgary University, Beverly Sandalak (Wednesday, 2015, Round Table Conference

How to adjust the profits of pedestrians and public transport in cities? Barbara Auer (Switzerland Baselstadt) (Wed. 21. 10. 2015, Speed Dating)

lottery!How to make walking into “sexy” Rauno Andreas Hukt (Germany, GREEN CITY PROJEKT) (Wednesday, 2015, Speed Dating)

Tag des Guten Lebens-Returned to people Ralph Harbers (Kölnagenda E. v. / VCD, Germany) (Wed. 21, 10. 2015, Speed Dating)

  • Walking is fun: Enlightenment of walking Dieter Schwab, Walk- Space. at, Austria (Wed. 21. 10. 2015, Speed Dating)
  • Viva La Pedestorian Revolution!Superhero and pedestrian activist peatónito (Mexico) (2015. 10. 22. PLENARY
  • How Does this NeighborHood Count? Using Pedestrian Controls to Measure, Engage and Support Pault Young, Public Space Lab, Canada (CANADA (THU. 22. 2015
  • Botto m-up, small, interdisciplinary. Proposal for improving pedestrian mobility in Adis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia (ETH ZURICH, Switzerland) (Thursday, 2015, 2015. 10. 22 (Thursday), subcommittee
  • Pedestrians and other public space users. Create a conflict GEert Van Waeg (International Pedestrian Federation, Belgium) (2015. 10. 22. Thursday, Workshop
  • Austria Factum Karin Auserer (2015. 10. 22. Thursday, round table)
  • To guarantee equal and fair movement to everyone for the inclusion, Erwin Bauer, Buero Bauer, Austria (Thu. 22. 2015, Pecha Kucha).
  • Walk with the need-Special form of poverty mobility in post socialist cities (Metropolitan Institute, Hungary) (2015. 10. 22 (Thu), Pecha Kuchaa
  • Urban Evaluation of Cities in China Judy Lee (China) (China) (Friday)
  • Riot
  • Walk Workshop “-Den Workshops in Form Gehende r-EMPFEHLEN WIR InSondere:
  • Thomas Blimlinger (7 mayor), Jutta Kleedorfer (Vienna City City Development Planning Bureau)
  • Photo provision: Walk-space. at
  • Andreas Trisco (Urban Development Planning Bureau, Vienna), Uta Shaller (Urban Planning / Development / Construction Managing Director)
  • Photo provision: Vienna City, MA18

Elizabeth Alexander (Vienna City Road Management / Construction Bureau), Kurt Smetana (Urban Redevelopment Bureau)

Photo provision: Walk-space. at

Hans Christian Heinshell (Vienna City Planning / Development / Construction Bureau), Andreas Schwab (Vienna City), Christophe Gorne (GebietSbetreuung-Urban Renewal Office)

Photo provision: Walk-space. at

Alexandra Madritar (Vienna City Regional Plan / Land Usage Bureau), Andrea Man (Urban Revitalization Bureau)

Photo MA21 Vienna City CHRISTIAN Fürthner

Photo provision: Wien3420

Photo provision: Walk-space. at

Thank you for introducing this site.

Photo provision: Walk-space. at

Thank you very much.

Dieter Schwab, Chairman, Martina Strasser & Amp; The Walk- Space. at Team

At WALK-Space. | Austrian Women’s Pedestrian Association | ZVR 078105059 | Bennogasse 10/22, 1080 Vienna

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