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Song Ji-hyo Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend and Husband – Celeb Stat

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Song Ji-hyo Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend and Husband

Relationship of Song Ji Hyo

If you’re a fan of Was She Love?

Her debut in 2006 with her romantic comedy “Princess Hours”. Since then, she has appeared in 34 films and television. She has also been nominated for 41 major awards so far, winning a total of 18 of them. Awards include Best Actress of the Year, Best Couple, Best Kiss, and the Most Impressive Acting Award chosen by viewers.

Now, it’s clear that her singing of Jihyo is loved by the public for her amazing craftsmanship. But is there dating luck in her life?

“For me, the process of everyone doing their best to reach their goals is very meaningful.” -Song Ji Hyo.

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Song Ji-hyo boyfriend and dating rumors

Song Ji Hyosung Ji Hyo Date

Throughout her career, Song Ji Hyo has been hit with various dating rumors.

As an actress/actor, dating rumors can be considered normal, especially when it comes to her co-stars. This is because audiences love seeing their characters and often want the same chemistry to happen in real life. Of course, this is not always the case.

Contrary to such thoughts, Song Ji Hyo is currently single. But is it ancient?


 song ji hyo with Gary Kang

“Running Man” is a South Korean variety series. Korean rapper Gary Kang is loved by many fans around the world as a member of this program. Song Ji Hyo appeared as a special guest several times, and many viewers expected that there would be romance between the two due to the closeness of the two.

But unfortunately, her hopes were quickly dashed by the news that the rapper had recently gotten married.

Fans were not only disappointed that her mate was not Song Ji Hyo, but also disappointed that the rapper refused to keep her dating and marriage plans a secret from the performers. During a fan meeting held in Malaysia, a fan asked, “What do the cast think about Gary Kang’s marriage announcement on her personal Instagram account?”According to Song Ji Hyo, they were also disappointed.

2. Kim Jong Guk

Kim Yongkuku Dance

Also, among the performers of “Running Man”, Korean singer Kim Jong Kook was looking forward to co-starring with Song Ji Hyo. Fans believe that Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo share a special bond.

Fans described them as their biggest supporters, even though they sometimes seemed like each other’s worst enemies on the show. The audience knew that whenever the two were together, they would be filled with laughter and smiles.

The other day, Kim Jong-guk attended a Korean university and gave a lecture. During the lecture, he planned to surprise Kim Jong-un by calling him, but when he actually showed up, he surprised himself.”He just got home from snowboarding,” he said. Their phone call lasted several minutes, and the students couldn’t stop laughing.

Their friendship is incredibly clear and endearing.

3. Baek Chan-ju

Song Ji Hyo, Baek Chang Joo

In 2015, it was announced that Song Ji Hyo had decided to break up with the C-JES Entertainment following the expiration of the contract with his office. What was even more shocking was that Song Ji Hyo had decided to part with him shortly afterwards. boyfriend C-Jes Entertainment CEO, Baek Chang Ju.

The former couple started dating two years before the catastrophe. Detailed information about the relationship and catastrophe is still unknown.

4. Byung Johan

Byung Johan and Glass

“Former Kano Club” is a 2015 comedy TV series, starring both Byung Johan and Song Ji Hyo.

If you are these two fans and haven’t seen it yet, please consider it. It will surely make a smile. The fans were very pleased, knowing that the image behind the scenes was released, and that the bond between them was strongly connected outside the screen.

When he appeared on a radio program in 2016, Byung Johann said that they were still talking well and Song Ji Hyo was a very faithful friend. Aside from whether this word is still correct, I just hope for a fan.

Song Ji-hyo Husband

Song Ji Hyo White Dress

This actress is still single and is not married.

Whether or not he is engaged with him boyfriend Baek Chang Joo, unknown.

However, in the latest round of Running Man, Song Ji Hyo said about marriage. The actress said that he did not want to be married for marriage and did not like to meet men. She wants them to meet her boyfriend However, at his own pace, he is not aggressive in seeking dating or marriage.

Song Ji-hyo Ideal man

Beautiful Song Ji Hyo

When he appeared, Song Ji Hyo chose Gary Kang as an ideal man. The rapper is known for its fun personality, probably what Song J i-hyo wants from his partner. In addition, her ideal male image is still unknown. However, the actress says that anyone who knows how to be sorry when needed.

Love life Bio Summary

friend single
Home environment Love
Husband/ wife N/A
son N/A
Daughter N/A

Who do you think is the most compatible with Song Ji Hyo? her boyfriend or Future husband Please read the real appearance of Jihiyo’s boyfriend.

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