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Speed Dating 101 in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Speed dating is one of the exciting things about dating. Why not try it in St. Petersburg, Russia? This guide will navigate you speed Introducing date spots in Tokyo. on speed dates and how to have an unforgettable experience.

But first, what is speed dating?

 speed dating saint petersburg russia

By definition, speed Dating is an organized social activity in which single people get together and go on dates for a very limited amount of time.

Speed dating is basically the same as any other dating. But instead of bringing participants closer to someone they’re interested in, organizers are designing interactions that allow participants to chat with everyone. A structured dialogue allows attendees to access the entire pool, skip the awkward introductions, and jump right into the booking.

This unique concept of meet-and-greet has become popular in St. Petersburg because it allows you to pool appointments between busy schedules. After a few minutes, you can meet people of your age who have similar tastes and intentions and find a romantic partner.

In turn, speed Dating can increase your chances of finding the ideal partner for a serious relationship or even marriage.

Speed dating events in St. Petersburg, Russia are usually organized by professional organizers and matchmakers and advertised. Decide when, where and who can participate. In addition, the necessary specifications such as the gender and age of the participants are also presented. To apply, you must first register.

A speed Date events are usually held with 40 people, 20 men and 20 women. We also have larger gatherings. The organizer plans the appropriate number of men and women to ensure that participants are paired correctly. During the event she has a table for two. Then, every few minutes (usually five minutes for her), take turns sitting down so that everyone has a face-to-face “date.”

Can you imagine how promising it is? speed This is the only date he can guarantee 20 dates within 2 hours!?

Fast dating in St. Petersburg, Russia is time efficient and promising. It is the choice of those who are confident, safe and ready to change their lives.

Where to Go on Speed Dates in Saint Petersburg, Russia

 speed dating saint petersburg russia

Saint Petersburg is a beautiful city. Surrounded by pristine waters and magnificent architecture, it is affectionately called the “Venice of Russia.”It is full of romantic scenery that attracts young people and tourists. But there are no overwhelming crowds like Moscow.

Life in St. Petersburg is comfortable and well supported for a rich social life.

If you are not in the city yet, find Russians online to make friends, so more people can invite you to social gatherings and get to know each other. and speed will hold a date event. It is also a good idea to register in advance with popular dating apps in Russia. well advertised by the organizers speed Host dating events on these platforms to gather participants.

Arrange for practically located accommodation once you arrive in St. Petersburg. Nevsky Street, Dumskaya Street and Rubinstein Street are recommended. for speed St. Petersburg, Russia

Get to know these places to meet Russian singles.

1. Nevsky Prospect

Nevsky Prospekt has many historical sights, including cafes, bars and a hotel where gatherings are held. and speed dating events.

2. Dumskaya

Dumskaya, like Nevsky Prospekt, is also a popular destination for foreign tourists and local young people looking to meet people from all walks of life. The nightlife here is great!Wild parties are the norm in Dumskaya, so if you like crowds, alcoholic drinks and loud music, you’ll really enjoy it here.

Lively Damskaya is the go-to spot for any date. Poison, Soul Kitchen, Cube Bar, Lomonosov Club and Apotheke Bar are some of the area’s best date spots.

3 Rubinsteinstrasse

Rubinsteinstrasse is famous for its chic atmosphere. There are 50 romantic theaters, restaurants and cafes such as Vinostudia, Ghirryanda Steak & Wine, 48 Chairs, Geographia, Rubinstein Café, etc., and events are always held there.

Rubinstein Street has a naturally warm and sexy atmosphere, perfect for a date organized by you or the organizer.

Bonus Odessa

Odessa is close to St. Petersburg, so it might be a good idea to go a little further and experience various date events.

Odessa is a great destination to visit, especially around Valentine’s Day. Cinema City and Planeta Kino IMAX Cinemas each year present romantic films to celebrate the day of love. Last year, the National Museum of Nature and Science (yes, it’s a library!) hosted the following date event. speed have a date withThe Odessa Zoo was also holding a romantic event.

Tips to Have a Good Speed Dating Experience in Saint Petersburg

 speed dating saint petersburg russia

For a speed For a book-themed date, preparation is key. Please refer to it so that you and your partner can have a fun date.

1. Take care of yourself

Speed dating only takes a few minutes, so it’s important to be natural. Beauty is subjective, but healthy people are loved by everyone.

You can make a good first impression by dressing neatly and neatly. Russians dress up and go on dates. Women wear high heels and men wear nice jackets.

At the same time, let your clothes show your personality!You should become an unforgettable person who is different from others.

2. Be authentic

The goal is to be unique. The ultimate dream is to find the ideal partner!?

But while looking for what works best for you, it doesn’t hurt to collect more to maximize your chances. Five minutes is just a preview of the love story about to begin.

3. Get to know the culture that goes back to St. Petersburg

Russians are generally serious when it comes to dating and marriage. They go out not just for fun and experience, but to find a potential life partner.

Russians are loyal, but wise when it comes to choosing whom to mate. If you can’t get that sense of security, you will change jobs.

When speed Dating in St. Petersburg, Russia is all about avoiding questions like “why are you single” and “what happened in your previous relationships?”It’s natural to be interested in what people are saying, but a five-minute first date certainly isn’t the time for this attraction. It will sound intrusive and awkward.

Instead, direct the conversation to interesting topics such as what you love about St. Petersburg, your most memorable experiences as a child, what you like to do in your free time, and so on. Questions like these help keep the date light. There is also fun.

4. Remember Russia’s Core Values

Many singles in St. Petersburg follow traditional gender roles as their lives revolve around their homes. Therefore, there is a tendency to entrust functions to the home. In Russia, there is still a strong image of femininity as caring and masculinity as protection and leadership.

That doesn’t mean Russians aren’t progressive. You can adapt as much as you need, when you need it. They are never about gender or anti-discrimination. So be careful not to mistake their loyalty for inside out. Their conservatism is a core value inherent in Russians.

If you hold onto a long-standing philosophy, don’t hesitate to express it on a date in St. Petersburg. You are more likely to share the same values as those people.

If you have another virtue, don’t worry – St. Petersburg singles pay due to other cultures. In fact, young people in this city, especially women, are known to be attracted to foreigners.

5. Practical Chivalry

Russians are the best when it comes to flaming and dating. The most important quality of a Russian man is chivalry. So a woman expects a man to open the door for her, pull out a chair, bring her presents, serve her a drink, pay her bill, help her with her coat, etc. I expect that.

Instead, women are expected to behave. St. Petersburg women speak Carefully, carefully, carefully.

Let’s try to get along like this as a matter of course. Unless the other person specifically asks you to, don’t feel miserable when: speed St. Petersburg, Russia

Bonus tip Giving a lady a long red rose isn’t just for special occasions. It is said that Russian men give it on every date. Just avoid blooming in even numbers or yellow.

6. Take advantage of online dating

In addition to on-site support speed Dating/matching events, videos speed Dating is also popular in Russia.

These are great options to try given his ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Online dating site and match and speed Online dating events offer busy singles a great opportunity to make the most of the time available to nurture love and romance.

Online dating services can set up several dates and users can give each date a few minutes. In addition, participants will be asked to answer several questionnaires, and the ones that are compatible with each other will be selected and matched.

With the services of a relationship expert, you’ll have double, or even triple, her chances to explore St. Petersburg’s dating sites.

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Excited to try out speed dating in Saint Petersburg, Russia?

Speed dating in St. Petersburg, Russia is a world unto itself. Immerse yourself in adventure. Because not all special moments happen in slow motion. Sometimes it hits like lightning.

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