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Speed dating bangalore

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At a certain age, UlfoldLove wants a true friend and partner to spend their life with. We want that special someone who listens and supports us in our decisions in life, who pats us on the back when we get things done, and who appreciates our achievements. At the same time, we want people who tell us the truth and who stand by us.

Land Rover understands your feelings and offers a unique experience to help you find that special someone. Our speed Our dating events allow you to connect with people who live or work near you.

We understand that meeting in person always unfolds better and more beautifully before weaving new threads into life. our matchless speed Dating & Matching is a smart way to match you with your significant other, taking into account your proposals, interests and future ambitions. Just sit back and relax until you find the right person for you.


Unleash your dating speed

Be a “Presentation Trendsetter” speed For many people, her speed dating event is a first-time experience for many people, so we have devised ways to make it easy for visitors to understand, such as registration, profile viewing, matching, and the flow of the event.

Starting from Bangalore (India) and in the world of speed dating, we are proud to introduce global ‘Speed Dating’. The #SpeedDatingChallenge is a local and global initiative.

Our events are held at prominent venues in your city and we do not record, photograph or live telecast events.

We encourage our viewers to share their experiences and feedback with us. If you find something interesting that caught our attention, please send us your feedback at [email protected] com or ping us on social media.”


We are pleased to introduce you to her two unparalleled speed dates.

This time, we will provide an exciting new service that will be the first experience.

A speed A date to meet, talk, and unfold at a prominent venue in your city.

first date salsa

A night to match the steps!Meet, talk, sing salsa together, have fun.

HOw it works?

Since speed dating is the first experience for many people, we have devised ways to make it easy for customers to understand, such as registration, profile viewing, matching, and event flow.

Unleash Speed Dating and Matching in 6 Easy Steps

1. Registration

Speed Dating Speed registration is free!Registration can be done either before or after booking.

2. Book TIcket

It is a darty glasses!The contents of the reservation of the datary glasses are handed over with the simple introduction of those who meet. At the venue, the team will check in the customer and ask for your opinion 8 to 10 minutes after the meeting starts.

3. Matchmaking

We will send you a matching notification within 24 hours. 8-10 minutes is just the right time to determine if you are good with the other person. Otherwise, the next night!

4. Venue

Replace communication between you and other participants in advance

5. Date Evening

All date events are held through us. We will not exchange detailed information before or after. Only if the matching is successful, exchange your mail ID with your partner.

6. Match notification

Date events are for legal individuals (men and women).

Yes, it must be over 23 years old. The age group is 23-35 years old, 36-45 years old, and 46-55 years old. the speed We do not take photos, recording, recording, or live broadcasts of events.

Frequently asked questions

FAQS about speed dating

Unfoldlove speed Yes, we have checked backgrounds to verify the registered occupations and social profiles of all new customers, excluding health and financial history.

No. All speed date dating events are set in advance. Purchase a ticket and register in advance.

Registration of a date event is free and easy. With some simple questions, we can connect with us matchmakers. Do not worry. We will safely keep your important information at our company. The Land Rover is exclusively for registrants.

You can meet an attractive gentleman lady in various positions.

If it is full, secure the right to participate in the next event. We are selling.

Unfoldlove speed The event ticket is a dating event on a major ticket portal site, so it is a quick event.

Before or after you meet, you will not exchange details. Only if the matching is successful, you will exchange your email identifier with the matching partner

Success of matching can be done by each other as you like the participants and the participants like you. The “dating table” is a feedback, and its feedback determines whether “matching” has been successful for you. We will inform you of the results by e-mail within 24 hours. If the matching is established, exchange the email ID with the other party and pray for the happiness of the two. our speed Tickets can be purchased on RepoldLove. com or ticket portal sites such as BookMyshow or Eventshigh.

If the event is postponed or canceled due to unavoidable circumstances, Lundrav will refund the ticket price in full. Please read the refund conditions before purchasing. The details of the refund are listed on the ticket gate. Scenario A: There is no refund even if you cancel the fixed event. Scenario B: If the profile is rejected at the time of registration, the refund will be 50 % of the ticket amount. Scenario C: If you purchase a ticket and cancel within 24 hours, the refund is 25 % of the ticket price (ticket processing fee). Scenario D: If you cancel your ticket 24 hours after purchase, there will be no refund. Scenario E: If the event is full, the ticket will secure the seats for the next event. If you still want a refund, the refund will be 50 % of the ticket amount. Scenario F: Refund with a ticket price excluding Internet management fees. Scenario G: All sold tickets are final and cannot be refunded. If it is not realized due to an emergency, it can be used to participate in the next event (if notified in advance). Scenario H: There is no refund if you purchase a specific date ticket and not register (before the event schedule).

We ask the participants to keep the commitment. In particular, it’s embarrassing if you don’t come to the scheduled and confirmed events in front of the participants who were supposed to meet or those who prepared an event for yourself.

Friends registered on our platform are always welcome. If you want to participate with your friends, please contact us for limited benefits and discounts.

The condition is to be salsa level 2 (or more).

The first salsa is only for skilled salsa artists/ dancers with more than 2 salsa level 2 or more.

The venue is a public place, such as famous pubs and bars in prime locations in your city. The event time will be held to the opening time of each company. For example, it looks like this. In the collamanga in Bangalor, we planned an event at a 1522 pub in a prime location in Colamangara, and chose the best elegant venue elsewhere.

The ticket in the date column is simple and easy to understand, and the expiration date is listed on the purchased event ticket and is a program.

I’m very frustrated.

A lot of interesting people gather in dating events, but as this is a life, no one is perfect. Participants are our products, and we strive to know the participants as much as possible. Unfortunately, if such a malicious participant is found, it will be immediately prohibited from entering and not refunding. For this reason, some people may get angry, but they cannot compromise.

Timing and matching quality.

If the details requested at the time of registration are not provided, they may be rejected when confirming your profile. The reason is – -it’s not a real business URL, or inappropriat e-not a real social URL, or inappropriat e-there is no ideal matching details, or inappropriate URL viewsThere is no image, or it is unclear. Our speed Starting with Bangalore (India), in the speed dating world, Uldlove is a proud presenter, introducing a global “speed date”,#SpeedDatingChallence is a local and global initiative. Speed Dating Challenge is a fun challenge for single friends (M/F) participating in the Speed Dating Event. our speed Events are being developed legally for single and straigh t-oriented people. It has nothing to do with married people. Other orientations are not eligible *TCA

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