Speed dating conservation experts | Frankfurt Spring School - dating new york city

Speed dating conservation experts | Frankfurt Spring School

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Speed dating conservation experts

Frankfurt Spring School

How to create an intense network situation that is unimaginable? Create a team consisting of 30, 000 students and drive into an unimaginable intense network situation. of conservation Veterans should release 30 students to them and limit their time for small discussions. Then we will have an event we call “conservation speed date”. The mechanism is actually very similar to a romantic approach.

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Collect more than 10 groups of 2-3 students one expert Please stay in about 5 minutes to protect your privacy. Then, relentlessly rings the bell (gong is better) so that the students go next. conservation expert on the next table.

I am surprised at the first gong, but everyone starts moving immediately after that. Everything is decided in a few minutes starting the game to speed Speak. Click here for proof and cast of the concept of this date.

Speed Days

For students, such questions were a unique opportunity. the experts about their conservation Introducing careers, work worthwhile, and remote work.

“For me, it was a wonderful experience that I could learn from []. experts ] I will graduate my master’s program and start job hunting, so I have an experience.””

SASKIA DREGE, while studying at the University of Hildesheim

“I was very interested in getting my career idea while being inspired by their personal career.

Munich’s young preservation restoration, Catalina Cunato

“I taught me the characteristics necessary as a young preservation and restoration, that is, the recovery, determination, and the ability to continue. I learned that it was difficult when I joined the company.

Georgina Kate Hoare, while studying at the University of Edinburgh University

“I don’t have the opportunity to talk to staff or learn from their experience at universities. One of the advice I learned is to carefully plan on how much you want to use. to conservation And what do you want to do five years later?””

VERA PFANNERSTILL (Gettingen University Doctoral Course

Do not wear the concept. Leave it for about an hour. the speed Then, change the gong and the clock into a buffet, and spend as much time as possible with your “Perfect”. conservation match”.

The following is a short video of the event.

Introducing the author

twenty two.

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Frankfurt Spring School is a fou r-week German course to acquire important knowledge and skills necessary for professional project managers.

Developed with partnerships of seven organizations related to practice. conservation Or science, research or management in general.

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