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Speed Dating – Das Single Drive-In

Can you meet in a short time at the same time as many single people?-Welcome to dating speed date. The concept, founded in the United States in the 1990s, is becoming more and more popular, and Franconia has been working hard. What’s amazing about speed dating? And what about Franconia?

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Speed Dating in der Nähe

Speed date is attractive because you can get to know each other. Groups of 5 to 10 people gather. Many organizers have advertised in the date guarantee. After a speed date, it will be determined whether the second date is possible. It should succeed with a probability of 80%or more.

Speed Dating Nürnberg

The speed dating event is held around the Nuremberg cinema “Cinecitta”. It consists of three ages, 20-32 years old, 26-39 years old, and 40-56. On the premise of 19 euros, the organizer advertises in a discrete equipment and a cozy atmosphere.

When the participants arrive at the venue, the employees will be greeted, recorded the previous alias, and assign the location of the participants. Be sure to replace it after 5-7 minutes. Therefore, it is important to ask as many questions as possible and give frank opinions. Here, the story is NG!It is also important to learn nickname or write down. This increased the evaluation, and the second date was no longer a speed marriage race.

Please check here for more information.

Auto Speed Dating

You can do something completely different on a car speed date. The latest form of speed date is car speed date. Here, a single person meets on a car course and opens the window for a few minutes. This new idea is particularly very popular in the Ranzhoot district. Online rating of pseudonyms creates matching to take each other online online.

However, please delete your dream date through driving!Here, the word towing has a completely new meaning and makes you want to create a new date.

Fazit – Kann klappen, muss aber nicht!

Speed date is an idea that is very open and sociable. To hear the most important thing in 5-7 minutes, you need the size and courage of your heart. If you think of speed date as an adventure or exciting new experience, this will definitely be very fun. However, it is certain that it is not everyone. Especially introverted and shy people can open their hearts and take them out of themselves, so the success rate is low.

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