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SPEED DATING – eine Initiative von sprungbrett Bayern – Bildunginbayern

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Sprungbrett bayern speed dating


Attack on the Bavarian economy

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SPEED DATING – eine Initiative von sprungbrett Bayern

Bayme VBM member companies begin to acquire young people on speed date

Project period after 2011


Due to changes in demographics and lack of skilled workers, new concepts are required to ensure young human resources.

Innovative speed date allows companies and prospects to meet in a hig h-cost way.


SPEED DATING mit sprungbrett bayern Students and companies can know future “associates” and “partners” candidates. In the interval of 20-25 minutes, employers and two or three teenagers teams talk one after another.

Applicants will soon end their school life, and students from all schools in the district will receive an internship and training offer from Bamy VBM companies. You can compare the students’ wishes and qualifications to the offer of internships and the requests of the company, and introduce the applicants.


sprungbrett bayern Bayme VBM Preliminary examination of applicants. Companies can know students in a short period of time and have the opportunity to get personal impressions of future intern candidates. Compared to the conventional application method, it is a revolutionary acquisition method that saves costs and time.

Students accurately convey information such as corporate information, work content, internship and training. sprungbrett bayern Contact directly with corporate representatives and take appointments to talk to HR representatives. Speed date is functioning as a place for young people’s “performance” interview.


Bildungswerk der Bayerische Wirtschaft e. V. v.

We receive the support of the Bavarian economy, development and energy Ministry.

The main sponso r-Baym e-bavarian business association Metall un d-elektro e. V. vb m-Association of Bavarian Metal and Electrical Industry E. v..

Contact MARIA KORABER BAVARIAN WIRTSCHAFT E. V. Training. Economy in Dialogue (Wid) Infanteriestr. 8 80797 MUNICH Phone +49 89 44108-130 Email

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Attack on the Bavarian economy

Education is our future

For this reason, we offer commitment and expertise to the selected no n-profit projects and activities for this offensive.


Bayern Economy Education Infanterista 8 80797 Munich

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