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Speed Dating

In the Speed Dating ESL activity This is because students meet a wide variety of people in a short period of time.

Students in speed dating ESL activity.8+Time for Speed Dating ESL Activities15 to 30 minutes

A resource for speed dating ESL activities.

Chair? meeting people from different countries


He arranges the chairs in two or more rows so that the students sit facing each other. If possible, place a row of tables in between for a more realistic arrangement.

Depending on how well the students know each other (and know the target language), they can either use their real identities or create someone to play with. If you are creating a person, write the following on a small piece of paper or card.

– Name – Age – Nationality – Work – Hobbies – Personality – Likes and dislikes (optional, hobby or personality type, etc.)

Students can have their own cards, or to make it more interesting, put all the cards in the hat and draw a random person.

Activity content
  1. You can introduce yourself to the person facing you, talk for a few minutes, and get to know each other as best as you can.
  2. After the period ends, the student on one side moves her one space to the left. Students start conversations again with new people.
  3. Repeat as many times as desired or until the student reaches the original partner.
  4. After the activity Students talk in class or in small groups about the people they meet and what they discover. For example, Gloria, whom I met, is from Colombia and likes to swim and dance.

If the student has used a character they have created, they can state their impression of the character and see if the adjectives they used match what is written on the card. You can also say who you think would be the most compatible as a friend (taking into account your hobbies, personality, likes and dislikes).

If you prefer, you can run the above as-is activity As a message to a friend. the speed went on a date). This is a particularly good idea when mentioning the target language speech .

Target language

The ESL Dating Speed Activity is a fun way for students to get to know each other as an initial ice breaker or in a class or her two classes.

If the student has devised a character, it is appropriate to use personality adjectives to describe the person (eg talkative, shy). Students develop their knowledge of this vocabulary by acting out and identifying different personalities.

There is also a way to use it with the theme of love. However, as suggested, it would be nice to emphasize that this is a “boyfriend romance”. In this case, be sure to include your likes and dislikes so that you can find out who is compatible with you.

Finally, for more advanced users, you can focus on things like: speech Here are the basic parts of speed dating. ESL activity is when students talk or write about what their partner has said after the date. To get various direct speech Give students some freedom in their conversations, such as , and encourage them to make plans as well (e. g., he said he’ll call tomorrow).

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