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Speed-Dating für Lerntandems | Studentenwerk Leipzig

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Speed-Dating für Lerntandems

Especially in digital studies, it is easy to learn together. The study group’s first speed meeting will be held on April 22, 2021. At the online meeting, students can find their learning colleagues without a sense of duty.

Joint learning online using a laptop

Counseling & amplifier social situation / April 08, 2021

In particular, social isolation is stressful for many people, which can lead to emotional crisis, structural deficiency, and a decrease in performance. This is true for everyday digital learning.

For this reason, we decided to provide a new psychological counseling for all Leipzig students. We have a place for students to exchange opinions, such as daily learning life and learning projects. If you have a study colleague, you can decide on studying time together, maintain a common mechanism, and take a break in learning.

You can find a learning companion on the speed date of combined learning!

With online meetings (1-2 hours), students who are more interested in motivation with each other can know about each other. Learning needs can be exchanged in a group of two groups. Finally, the participants decide who will imagine the class with. Nothing is restrained. Please freely judge the good or bad compatibility.

Der erste Matching-Termin findet am Donnerstag, den 22.04.2021 zwischen 15.00 und 17.00 Uhr statt. Bei Interesse melden Sie sich bitte verbindlich bis zum 19.04.2021 unter orga-psb > studentenwerk – leipzig >En

Details will be notified by e-mail at a later date.

Providing further online benefits for students

  • Online workshop to succeed at home learning
  • Tips for daily student life and guidelines Corona

Weitere Meldungen aus diesem Bereich

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Return point for 2022/23: Information on opening and business hours.

During the Christmas and yea r-end and New Year holidays, the business hours of the cafeteria and cafeteria and the office hours of Leipzui School will change.

Counseling & Advisory Social Department/15/11/2022

Empowerment for those who experience racism in daily life (workshops)

Close up the appearance of several kinds of hands touching and forming a ring. Colorful sweater

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