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Speed dating game

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Speed dating game

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The phone number is 415. 776. 7455.

Urban diversity

Baysian social club & AMP?
Single Speed Date Game Night Single Speed Date Game Game

Battle game for men and women’s board speed dating.

Let’s break the ice together for a perfect night. Come be single, mix and mingle!

This is your chance to prove who really is the Queen/King of the crop! Its time to get down and dirty and really show whose boss! This is the perfect event for all Singles to mix and mingle! Come on down to your Clubhouse for an evening of gender rivalry and silly (yet challenging) games! It will be a battle of the chromosomes, X vs. Y , so we are guaranteed a night of laughter!

  • We have three team game stations and two “on e-o n-one” stations.
  • Throughout the night, the group’s “station” is rotated, so everyone can meet other participants and challenge all games.
  • If you want to know more about the other person. Why don’t you invite to a “on e-o n-one game” in a quiet place away from the group and deepen your relationship?
  • Finally, give prizes to gender that claims the most victory and declare the winning species.

This month, our station is as follows.

When your turn comes, draw a card and read out the question. Everyone writes the answer to the question and arranges the answers in the mountains. And the question reader guesss who said each answer. You can get points as many answers that the turntaker guessed correctly. Compete with 10 points!

A classic tower block game. Women try to draw red blocks, and men try to draw black blocks. Each block has a rather challenging challenge, and men and women have to answer!The team who defeated the tower will lose and take a team sel f-free with Napoleon Dynamite Shutout.

Card dedicated to mankind!?

It is a game that you definitely want to do on your first date. A game divided into a person with a twisted humor sense and a person who does not have at all. Basically, everyone gets seven cards, create the most “creative” phrases, and decide the winner based on their laughter. The first gender wins with 15 sheets!

Expectation …

I plan to enjoy playing various fun games all night. From the evening, with ice sweets

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