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Speed Dating – You are the limiting factor – DOWNTOWN Magazine

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Speed Dating – You are the limiting factor

Ever tried speed Dating; Have You Felt That Familiar Jolt of Excitement That Comes from NO IDEA What to Expects? It is tied to a chair. With a noise that makes your ears, you can’t keep up with the conversation. Speed date, what do you do to me?

Two hours ago: Thankfully, this date is not alone. It’s not a traditional date. For those who are looking for a date on the Internet, not only the option of looking for a man and woman overnight or a partner who has a lifetime, but also those who have similar hobbies. Thus, I met a member of Stutttgart’s HEIZR Club at the Downtown headquarters. speed Group Debu of classic cars. So what happens if you exchange DMs several times on Instagram and meet someone you don’t know at all?

The first participant was a Porsche 911 G model, which plays a si x-cylinder si x-cylinder symphony, and started procedures with a sense of tension. Stuttgart’s HEIZR Club has been formed through Instagram in the past few months, and has a lot of classic car fans, from tuned onboro cars to prototypes without technically unattended. They are interested in sharing classic car hype, meeting new people, talking, and releasing stress. Outside of the office, 911 G models, pure white Audi Kwatro, Mercedes R129 SL (not so adorable), 1989 sophisticated BMW E30 open cars, Mustard Yellow British MGB GTs. It has been. Porsche 550 Spider: 120 horsepower at 550kg, the rules are already known. of speed You may have to rewrite your date.

Life is a series of promises, such as new and old faces, new places, and new conversations. It is hardly predictable what will happen and what will happen the next day. The more you open for the experience, the more you can enjoy the feeling of a butterfly wings and the more you have the expectation. The basics of accepting now and creating a new place for a new encounter is to accept the brilliance and diversity of life. The reason for going on a date is not just to find a “fate person” and put on a ring. In a short encounter, you can get memorable learning. And that’s what we wanted to get. speed Dating with CLUB HEIZR.

Blind date, speed date, or just life?

Bicycles, classic cars, running shoes … Leave it to us. my speed I stopped by a small industrial area northwest of Stuttgart. I can’t hear the engine sound, but I can hear the legendary whistle. There are days when stars line up in a row and something special happens. Today is such a day. I met the second Porsche 550 Spider and Yens, the owner of the venue, so I can’t express anything else. It is his Porsche studio, no, Porsche treasure trove. Among them, there were cars that many car lovers longed for, such as Porsche 996GT2 and their own 964RS 3. 8 replicas, and elaborate organized parts shelves, indicating that it is a source of hisss. Some people collect Rolex watches, while others collect engines. He is an embodiment of a person who lives his passion. the magazine We wake up every day to meet new people and analyze new themes. To grow, you need some curiosity and motivation. Good things are born from throwing souls in your work. In other words, if you do something with passion, you will increase the risk of not succeeding. If you are not passionate, you are forced and the most likely is overwhelming strength. After all, isn’t emotions the essence of humans?

Outside the Internet or in the real world

Is there anything that can’t be found on the Internet, such as Tinder, GRindr, Facebook Market Place, Gumtree, etc. limited , Virtual. There should be many discoveries by taking the next step offline. The HEIZR club, which was offline from the Internet, had no choice but to enroll. I happened to find CLUB HEIZR on Instagram, the first contact, the decision of the meeting place, and the sudden horde of the best car standing in front of our headquarters. I met a new person and heard their stories, and realized that bicycles, classic cars, chess boxing, and dog yoga could connect people by sharing hobbies. If you are as enthusiastic in the same way, people who will never meet others will become friends. And through the new colleagues, the friendship of the analog has gained some kind of exponential growth, and no one knows where to go or who will meet. There are many unknown parts, which is very exciting. If you don’t try it, you don’t know.

Speed record or experience?

These are considered to be the most important in the development of modern cars and motorcycles in faster, harder, more accurate, higher, higher, more than modern cars and motorcycles. limits Some of today’s bikes are very exciting, fast, yet still playful. Do you prefer a bike with character that gets some mining and TLC? This is where a relationship with your bike really comes into being that goes deeper than pedals and shredders. Until you pay to win Le Mans or the Tour de France, having fun is more important than shaving a tenth of a second. It’s a question of attitude, and our thinking has always been that it’s better to have the best time than the best clock time. At that time the limit Create something – Life is what you create spent riding is time spent living, right?

We can wait a lifetime for things to happen, or we can act. Find a club, start a business, gather people, try new things. Anything goes, so let’s do it. It may be right in front of you. Instead of relying on an old timer to service you, see what tools you might need and raise the hood. Place yourself in a community of like-minded people and a new hobby may bring a lot of richness to your life. Don’t complain that there is nothing in your area. It may be up to you to start figuring out what’s missing and what you can do to make it more fun. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing something come to life and the people who see it are moved. let’s create something

think positive

Thinking positive is much easier than doing it. Even when things are going well, negative thoughts prevail and positive events are often dismissed, mentioned, or barely noticed. Classic cars help with that. If you’re driving from A to B and you’re frustrated by traffic or bad drivers, Metal Puppy will give you a reason to slow down. If you break the rules and it rains, just think of it as an experience, and who knows what the day will be like or who you’ll meet. As cliché as it sounds, a journey is a destination and every drive is an adventure. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a classic car to get the same effect. A high-end sound system in your car with top-notch music is enough to escape the monotony of life. another example? Your commute Rather than being stuck in a packed train or stuck in traffic, bike to get around. MTB, gravel, road, whatever. Moves, fresh air, new routes. It’s not that you have a particular passion, it’s that you have a positive attitude. Release pressure.

Dating isn’t the only way to make new discoveries. But only someone who leaves his comfort zone and has an adventure or two along the way or gets involved in something he’s never done can have a different outlook on life. Whatever it is, do it. Just do it legally. Let’s support diverse lives!Enjoy and don’t forget.

Of course, speed For more information on the Heizr Club, please visit Heizr. com. one limiting factor in life… you!

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