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Speed Gathering

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Speed Gathering

Discover strangers and shared experiences with speed gathering templates!Participants are paired up, respond to a simple conversation starter, and then switch seats to chat with a new partner every few minutes.


  • set up gather It is also possible to add it as a room in the town / creation and the space. To invite players, just send them the room URL!
  • Difficulty in participating.🟢 (easy).
  • Number of players: 5 to 25 people (Up to 25 people can enter the space for free.)
  • Moderator: Required
  • Average time required: 30-60 minutes
  • Medium: slide collection speed (included), timer

Gather ‘Round

Once inside the Speed Collection Room, you are directed to sit at one of the 12 pairs of chairs.

Tip If you have an odd number of participants, add a chair to one of his tables!Just add the chairs to a private area so that the three of you can see and hear each other (read about private areas if you need that!).

Once everyone’s there, tap the Spotligh tile to read the conversation prompt (just press the ‘X’ on the pedestal if you want a pre-made slipdeck!). Start the timer for this round. We are aiming for 2 minutes so that each person can answer in 1 minute.

After 2 minutes have passed, have the inner or outer circle follow the arrows to the next chair.

Screenshot of the Speed Collection template, which is a large rectangular room with dark wood floors

A moderator is at the center of the circle to facilitate social. You can share your screen while it is projected so everyone can see the question.

Tip The Speed Collection template has questions set in Google Slides. Use AsS or open this version and copy

Bonus Tips

  • Open a pre-made slide (or a slide you made yourself) in a separate browser window. And by sharing your browser window, you can see the room while the room is showing slides.
  • If less than 24 people are leaving, select Build on the toolbar. Then select “Delete” and select the table and chairs you want to delete.
  • If you have more than 24 people, we recommend that you make a larger room and follow this plan. Remember that each chair and table is a separate private space.
  • If you search for online “chat”, you will find a lot of questions you want to ask.

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