SpeedDating XXL – bis zu 20 Dates an einem Abend - dating new york city

SpeedDating XXL – bis zu 20 Dates an einem Abend

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SpeedDating XXL – bis zu 20 Dates an einem Abend

Speed date XXL

SpeedDating XXL – das größtes Speed Dating Event

All information about SpeedDating events is released!

Event content

Bis zu 20 Dates an einem Evenin g-hold the biggest speed date event in your city.

Our events are held in the following cities.

Berlin, Bon, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen, Hamburt, Hanburg, Hannold, Heidelberg, Colslue, Cologne, Leipzig, Manheim, Munich, Nurunberg, Stuttgart, Vienna

Location: Central bar/ restaurant will inform you of the accurate location by email in time.

Appointment: Up to 3 cases/ month

Target age: The following age groups are targeted.

  • 20-35 years old
  • 25-39 years old
  • 30-45 years old
  • 35-39 years old
  • 40-55 years old
  • 50-65 years old

Price: 25, 00 € per person

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Do you want to meet as many single people of the same age as possible?

SPEEDDATING XXL has up to 20 unique dates. an einem Abend .

Up to 20 men and women of the same age know on a short date. Men are sitting on each date und eine After the dating time (4-7 minutes), which is set on the other side, the coordinator will be announced from the coordinator. The man moves to the next woman and begins the next date.

Interesting questions are prepared for each appointment to avoid repetition of formal questions and make it easier to start conversation. für einen We provide a simple conversation.

During the event, you can mark those who want to meet again and those who want to obtain after the event. einen Personal web link that all participants will be posted and can enter evaluations.

If you match, SpeedDating XXL will exchange your contact (email address) so that you can contact the person you choose. If you haven’t yet done it right after the event.

A coordinator is resident at the event venue, welcoming participants, and guiding customers and other participants. The time required is about 90 minutes.

SPEEDDATING XXL tickets will be up to 20 for each gender and age.

Service contents

  • Participation in speed dating events
  • Organization by SpeedDating XXL
  • Betreuung durch einen Professional presenter


We recommend that you eat it before the event. During the event, there is usually no enough time. Of course, drinks and food can be purchased on the spot and can be paid separately.


Because the personal venue is in the city center, it is easy to access by public transportation.

Date & amp; price

It is a day. Up to 3 times/ month

Price: 25, 00 € per person

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