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Steven Universe: 5 Relationships That Hurt The Show (& 5 That Saved It)

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Steven Universe: 5 Relationships That Hurt The Show (& 5 That Saved It)

There are a lot of relationships Here are 5 that made Stephen’s world better and 5 that made Stephen’s world worse. hurt it.

The strongest arm of the Steven Universe series the relationships is included in the characters. accounts for the majority of the relationships It feels incredibly realistic, well-tuned, and expertly crafted. However, there is little lack of height in appearance.

With the future of Steven Universe, fans can finally take a look back at the show and its characters as a whole. So what was good and what was bad? the relationships Here are the 5 best and the 5 worst.

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Saved It: Ruby And Sapphire

How dare you not put these lovers on your list. Ruby and Sapphire was not only well done, but revolutionary for the same sex. relationships is expressed in animation. The two are very similar to Romeo and Juliet in that they are of different ranks. They are two completely different people, but they were able to make each other happy.

Revealing them to be Garnets was the best performance of the entire series.

Hurt It: Steven And White Diamond

Many fans are either uncomfortable or outraged by Steven’s handling of diamonds. The way White Diamond changed her mind was very quick. Whereas Steven is his teenage years, White Diamond has been around for hundreds, even thousands of years. Conquering other planets and making others serve her is what she is now. Her quick change was unsuitable for a show that usually develops characters in a more docile way.

Saved It: Steven And Connie

By the time the future of Steven Universe came to an end, fans had grown attached to Connie. relationship More than ever, Stephen’s friendship and further growth is real and not intrusive like many great movies and shows.

At the end of the series, Connie and Stephen make an adult choice to discover themselves before getting married. symbol of a healthy person relationship It’s a big topic on TV.

Hurt It: Lapis And Peridot

Fans wanted it to be Lapis and Peridot a relationship That said, it didn’t work. At least they wanted fusion, and it never happened. I was just a roommate.

there is nothing wrong. What is the weak point? relationship Despite living together, I haven’t done much research.

Saved It: Pearl And Rose

Pearl and Rose added complexity to the show. Pearl loved Rose, but her feelings were very one-sided. Rose ends up with Greg, and she feels awkward between Pearl and Greg for a while without Rose.

The relationship She was more of a mystery until it was revealed that Rose was the Pink Diamond and the Pearl was hers.

Hurt It: Andy And Steven

Andy seems like an important character, but she was a weird character who only appeared in one episode. excerpt

Ronaldo is famous for being the character Steven Universe fans hate the most. He seemed irritable, unaware of the realities around him, and incapable of reading the room.

Saved It: Steven And Greg

The father and son relationship The reason he was so hated is because he had very little contact with other characters besides Lars (and this was only his one episode). Even the main character, Steven, is pulled back into Ronaldo’s madness, and none of the Steven Universe charm you usually find between the two characters.

People who didn’t like Lars at the beginning may like him at the end. Through Steven, the character of Lars has grown tremendously. He gained trust and eventually came to love and respect Steven, who revolved around him for a long time. relationship The two characters worked together in extraordinary ways. Whereas Lars is afraid to step out of his comfort zone, Steven always pulls him out of his comfort zone, for better or worse.

Hurt It: Ronaldo And Steven

With the conclusion of one episode, the fans’ feelings for Amethyst were destroyed considerably. Transforms into a rose after arguing with Greg

He quickly forgave her, but the situation really left a bad taste in the mouth for fans.

Saved It: Lars And Steven

white diamond

Steven and Lars

Hurt It: Amethyst And Greg

This relationship to hurt

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