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Tantra Speed Date® – Enhance your Love Life | The Tantra Institute

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Tantric speed dating perth

Rather than dating, “Yoga for love!”


25 cities or more

5 participating and countdown!

Matching rate 95 %.

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What is Tantra Speed date®?

Download a new Tantra Speed date® on speed A dating that combines love skill course and Pujastile ” speed Dating “We will support both in fac e-t o-face and virtual, so that we can acquire a role that can be useful for human relationships, and we are in a variety of practices (tantra, meditation, partner yoga, and actors. Through the fun connection exercises of optimization, gaze, dance, etc., you will have the opportunity to practice to know the other person more meaningfully. Many exercises are surprisingly translated online.

As a result, people will return not only in matching, but also with new skills and new views on human relationships. It is said that our date is definitely better than other encounters options, and the 95 % matching rate is convinced.

The image is from the date event

A review of Tantra Speed date® was published in San Francisco Chronicle.

Tantra Speed date® was introduced in the UK Sunday Times.

Our facilitator has been trained to create a safe and fun atmosphere and support the best, the best, the best, the most real self. So I don’t think the attendant doesn’t have to get angry.

Let’s start the next romance with your best steps. If you select a city, the details and schedule of the future events will be displayed.

Tantra Speed date® in your city.

If your city is not displayed

Please contact us by e-mail for transportation. our speed We will guide you to the matchmaking event by e-mail.

If you are looking for a date at a marriage agency, please contact us.


An article about Tantra Speed date® has been published on a new dating site. Articles about dating advice Tantra Speed date® is introduced on TV in Colorado An article about Tantra Speed date® inventor Gaisha Kaal is answering interviews in Voyage La.

San Francisco Chronicle: “This ceremony is a bold and valuable risk in search of love and connection in the infamous and harsh encounter world of San Francisco.”

NY Magazine “THE CUT”: “I saw a lot of connections. Men and women look, laugh, and thank each other.”

METRO UK: “It’s a chance to meet someone in a sincere environment without endless emails, games, false confidence. Dating without alcohol and joke.”


First of all, it’s not like I saw it in the movie “American Pie”!The tantra has been a quote that has been a misleading definition for thousands of years (Hindu and Buddhism). Translated into Sanskrit, it means “weaving”, and we have come to understand this as a unified thing. Give yourself a sense of unity and be conscious of what you do. Exercise with breathing and meditation is part of the tantra and is designed to be more presence. And in human relationships, no one wants to show more presence.

Puja is an intentional ritual. Translated from Sanskrit means respect and memorial service. This is a ceremony to open our hearts and see the inner beauty in ourselves and all creatures. This song invites us to an elegant dance that men and women dance in a warm space with a sense of unity.

Participants make two circles facing each other. Men make the outer circle, the woman creates the inside circle, and the woman faces men. After that, each couple shares a meaningful exchange through a few seconds to a few seconds with guided guides (Puja “Station”). Then, we put hands together, thank each other, thank each other, and like “Namaste”. a speed Dat e-Please change to the next person. It ends when everyone has turned one rotation.

Language practice, light partner yoga, dance, breathing and meditation, eyes, conscious touch (holding hands, putting hands on the heart), obligatory “your profession/ hometown”, etc. Practice based on connections with people, not romance.

What is unique is that each exercise has the nucleus of positive correlation. You are having fun and practicing skills that are useful for human relationships.

Thank you for your question!Exercise is simple and fun, but always decide how to participate by yourself. If you have an exercise that doesn’t suit you, you have the option of modifying or completely stopping in the same way as yoga. Also, because the facilitator performs a demonstration, everyone can understand it before starting.

The feature of this “date” is that you can choose a partner who enjoys the exchange and get in touch after the event. We want women to choose. Women feel the individuality and presence of each man and judge those who want to be more friendly. Men will tell you how to focus on the ground and how they will open to attract attention. If you believe in the wisdom of a woman, it works for some reason.

  • It will open at the announced start time. After that, we will check in and give the date of the material (everyone needs to chec k-in to participate). We will also give a game card for ice breaking games. Start the game before the ceremony.
  • 20 minutes later: We accept customers waiting for cancellation (determine the balance between capacity and men and women).
  • 30 minutes passed: The ice break game ends, closing and starting the ceremony. Those who have not been checked in by this time cannot participate (see the following late cancellation policy).

You will need enough comfort not only to look, but also to stand, move, or sit with your legs. There are not so many traffic. Some people come in a suit on the way home from work, but it’s better to move. Don’t worry about shoes, take off before you start.

And don’t forget to go on a date. Some people are sensitive to perfume, so please refrain from strong perfume.

There is no food and drink at the event (excluding special cases). You should bring a water bottle. You may want to bring a snack to eat back and forth (be careful as food may be prohibited in some venues). Oste

Open age events are the most popular. His unmarried age 30-45 tends to be the most common. People over 45 years old, followed by 20 years old. The youngest, he was 19, and the oldest, he was 76, and received a standing ovation.

But here’s the thing. Not just the date. And that’s what makes ‘Tantra Speed Dating’ unique. Singles get excited that the experience itself is so varied, regardless of the match. That’s because conscious, active and systematic engagement with other singles promotes healthier relationships. And I’m happy to be able to connect with real people. You’ve never experienced such a fun and comfortable date. You’ll gain confidence, develop new skills, and be able to attract more qualified people. Participants have said so many times.

Up to 20 days. Each event has a capacity of about 40 people for her, so assuming a perfect balance of men and women, everyone will go on a maximum of 20 dates.

We know the facts, as many of our attendees say, “I don’t mind matching anyone, that was great!”According to statistics, he has a 94, 05% chance of matching at least one person. But if something goes wrong, we’ve got you covered. next ticket will be free

So far, most events have sold out and are on a waiting list. We are excellent at disseminating information, so the state of the event is posted in various places. Also, some forums get more traffic than others, so it doesn’t matter if there are fewer people responding to one place than another. If we don’t have enough people to spend meaningful time together, we won’t hold the event.

Recently, I have realized that there are various classifications of love status. So, if you are interested in meeting a romantic partner, please join us. If your situation is not open to dating (e. g. monogamous relationships), it may not be appropriate for you to participate.

There is actually!This Tantra Speed Dating is aimed at men seeking women and women seeking men, but there is also a queer version of the event, which is held from time to time in select cities. You can check the upcoming schedule on the homepage.

We want you to have a great time at our event. However, there are many things in life, and sometimes things just don’t make it. If canceled more than 24 hours before the event, you will receive a full refund through EventBrite. If you cancel within 24 hours of the event start time (or if you are late and miss the ceremony), please email us and we will arrange a transfer to a later event. If you miss a second time, unfortunately your ticket will expire. In any case, refunds or transfers will not be accepted after the event starts, so please be sure to notify us by email before the event starts.

Tickets are non-transferable. Please do not sell your tickets to others. It confuses the system and you can’t get the correct match. However, in either case, please be sure to contact us so that we can give your seat to another person. No notice, no refunds/transfers.

of course!And thank you for sharing with your friends!However, be sure

Fill in your name and email address

Is described in the participant list. Otherwise, you will not be able to check properly and will not be able to receive wonderful matching at the event. If your friend gave us emails to where the race was, 5 cents. Well, please understand. Then please. Hard your friends and fill in the appropriate content.The mission of the Tantra Research Institute is to use (mainly) tools and teachings of tantra so that people can connect more consciously. We hold multiple events to help you enhance the intimacy, reliability and joy of singles and couples. All events are published on our website (https: // www. Tantrany. Com/). If you register, we will deliver the latest event information!(If you select the city name, we will only deliver events related to the area.)Most people are!If you are in New York, please come to our other events.

In addition to the speed date of the tantra, both singles and couples provide a workshop to enhance intimacy and connection. For other products, please visit our website (www. Tantrany. com).

This event is just

The date is displayed. It’s a “” “” male and women in us more connected, and perhaps healing. This “juicy part that makes human relationships fun”. Men are learning how to hold a male space on the ground. In that case, women will not have to relax and do a lot of things. This creates a fun and connected, new way of involvement that you can never experience in bars and dating apps. I believe this is the reason why the participants say that they will regain their wishes.

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