Taylor Schilling comes out confirms she s dating a woman - dating new york city

Taylor Schilling comes out confirms she s dating a woman

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Taylor Schilling confirms she’s dating artist Emily Ritz

Taylor Singing, Emily Ritz <SPAN> Taylor Singing is coming out, and Emily Ritz dating is a visual artist

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Photos released by Taylor Singing to commemorate the pride month the woman in her life.

Orange Is the New Black “Star. 35, confirmed We announced on Sunday that we are dating visual artist Emily Ritz.

In his Instagram story, Ritz released the two snaps hugging during hiking, adding the caption “I am so proud to be with you.”HappyPlide! “

Later, Singing posted this photo in his Instagram story and added six red heart emoji.

In addition, I also posted photos of the late black transgender activist, Marsha P. Johnson, and wrote this. Here is the reason. of women Friends with good pride like you.””

Until now, he was nominated for the Emmy Award, and was cautious about his personal life and dating partners.

“I have been very serious with many people and are a very expanded person,” he said in an interview with the May 2017 Ibbing Standard Magazine. There is no part that can be done with “label”. It doesn’t fit into the frame, or it’s very returned.””

Continued, “I was blessed with great relationships. I received a lot of affection, and there is no doubt about where it came from.”

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