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Team: FAU Erlangen/Collaborations.

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Collaboration with other groups is one of the key elements of Igem. Already at the beginning of the IGEM year, we organized a so-called collaboration meeting from 17th to 19th May 2019 to promote collaboration and exchange in general. On Friday, the teams from Marburg, Strasbourg, Tübingen and Bok Wien Wien arrived and were welcomed with a pub quiz of various categories, including events about Erlangen and general biological topics. Then we divided them into groups in order to deepen their fellowship in the next Scouting.

Saturday started with breakfast and three interesting talks on immunology, epigenetics and bilateral antibodies. After lunch, our group organized some great workshops, including typical Bavarian beer brewing, deep learning techniques, and a fun workshop that showed just how proficient IGEM participants really are in the lab.. I also thought about holding workshops on HTML, CSS, and Wiki Freeze to help other groups create websites. It was a really meaningful time for everyone who participated, and we received a lot of favorable comments. I also kept in touch with the team and responded to questions about wiki issues. In order to get to know other projects better and get new inspiration, we held a poster session. Since the meeting was at the beginning of the project, we were able to exchange valuable opinions with each other.

On Sunday morning, we had a collaboration speed date. The two teams would always give each other a brief description of their work, and then spend a set amount of time discussing possible collaborations. Then each team rotated another point and all the teams started talking. Overall, I would say it was quite successful as the emphasis was on how groups help each other rather than the usual poster sessions.

Day of Immunology, freshman greeting and Long Night of Sciences

In a fast-paced collaboration, the idea arose to extend the basic principles of other Ijem projects to our human practice in order to demonstrate the diversity of synthetic biology. Therefore, at Immunology Days and Long Nights of Practical Human Sciences, I would like to invite interested passers-by and other scientists, and in greetings for the first time to young students, to Marburg, Strasbourg, Tübingen and the Bok Wien Group. I explained the project of

iGEM Kaiserslautern and Crowdfunding

Ijem Kaiserslautern’s team had a successful crowdfunding campaign, so we asked them to help. The team in Kaiserslautern proposed a Skype interview to explain how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. So Kaiserslautern created a crowdfunding guide to help future teams. For more information on their guide and project, check out the Kaiserslautern Crowdfunding Guide here. So far our campaign is going very well. Three days into the campaign, he has already applied for his first fundraising goal of 1000ä.

iGEM Marburg – Golden Gate webinar

The Marulburg team held a golden gate webinar to explain the advantage in comparison with the principle and other clone methods. Finally, we had the opportunity to make a Golden Gate building. This year’s \ S IGEM project did not use the GOLDEN GATE system, but we all look forward to learning a lot for future projects and trying this useful cloning method.

iGEM Düsseldorf and Postcards

Since 2016, I Gem Dusseldorf has been conducting a postcard campaign to make synthetic biology familiar. In this year’s Dusseldorf Postcard Collaboration, I am glad to be able to design a unique postcard that explains the theme. It is great that many teams participated in this campaign. 48 postcards have arrived from teams around the world!Every team was overwhelmed, explaining their projects well and creative.

Vienna – sixpics challenge

About our project I saw the SixPics challenge of “I Vienna Vienna”, which draws comics with six pictures. I collected comics from all IGEM participation in IGEM and wrote it in one comic with a short explanation. Manga supports communication with the people as a message that children can understand.

Participating at the Spring festival and the Alpen MeetUp

After the meeting, he participated in the Alpine Meet Up in Munich (Germany), a spring festival in Bon (Germany), and met other groups and projects. In Bonn, I met a group from all over Europe and heard interesting stories. Participated in a wonderful workshop like Mimology workshops sponsored by Igem Stockholm for Opt Genetics and Aptamer.

In addition, we visited Alpen Meetup in Munich, gave poster sessions in a small group, participated in antibody workshops, very helpful about our work, and introduced projects to other groups.

Tübingen, Costa_Rica and TAS_Taipei – #igemxsdgs

Tubingen, Costa Rica, and TAS_TAIPEI Igem teams have started challenging the Igem team to explain which sustainable development goals (SDGs) supported #IGEMXSDGs. This is to promote prosperity, fairness, peace, and environmental consideration and to enhance the recognition of SDGs of the United Nations (UN) aimed at improving the global condition.

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