Teen Dating Violence Statistics – Domestic Violence Services, Inc - dating new york city

Teen Dating Violence Statistics – Domestic Violence Services, Inc

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Teen Dating Violence Statistics

Teen dating violence It is common. You can see this from the data of CDC Youth Risk Action Survey and the National Youth Risk Action and Sex Violence Study Group.

  • Approximately one in 11 high school girls and about 14 high school boys have said that they have a physical relationship. violence in the last year.
  • Approximately one in eight high school girls and about 26 high school boys have a sexual relationship experience violence in the last year.
  • 26 % of women and 15 % of men have been damaged by sexual crimes violence , physical violence I first experienced stalking from a close partner or both. of violence By this partner before 18 years old

There are children who are more risky than other children. The sexual minority group is unreasonably affected by all forms. of violence In addition, some races and ethnic minority groups are impressed by many types. of violence .

Looking to Donate?

DVS accepts donations in various ways.

Donate directly

Do you want to donate directly to the domestic violence service (DVSS)? Donations are used as direct funds. DVS services .

Donate to Amazonsmile

If you purchase at AmazonSmile, you will be donated to Homestic Violence Services, Inc. from Amazon.

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