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The amazing new Swiss mountain train that can jump rail tracks | CNN Travel

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The amazing new Swiss mountain train that can jump rail tracks

(CNN) -The newest panoramic train journey in Switzerland is three years later than planned, in the first proposal, 150 years later, in the first proposal, combining elegance and comfort, excellent technology of the 21st century. Finally begins.

The new Golden Pass Express (GPX), which directly connects the three sightseeing spots, Montreo, Gustard, and Interlaken, is a special route realized by a groundbreaking new vehicle that can change the height of the wheel and body.

With the unique design of the new vehicle, passengers can immerse themselves in a large panoramic window while sitting in a comfortable seat for three and a half hours.

You can experience a magnificent journey, such as one of the most beautiful lakes of European, the unexplored valley, and the rising mountains. mountain Follow the trade route that has continued from the Middle Ages, and cross the pass to cut through the wheat field in Central Switzerland.

As a result, we were able to realize a truly memorable journey for travelers, but it was always difficult for engineers and railway operators.

Until now, the concept of Golden Pass Express is a tourist destination of Montoru, Intercen, and Lucerne, but mainly in the marketing activities of the related railway companies, which require two transfers.

As a result, GPX did not stir the imagination of tourists like the legendary glacier limited express.

The Montreou Overland Bernois Railway (MOB) is convinced that the new GPX panoramic train will increase the popularity of the route, especially for foreign tourists seeking seamless experiences.

The train switches in an instant from the counter type. track Changed from Mob gauge to 1. 435mm, the standard Gauge in Switzerland, eliminating the need for passengers on the route. Trains operate between Zwaiidinmen and Interlaken. the tracks Bern Rotchberg Sinpron (BLS), the largest private railway in Switzerland.

The Spanish Targo was able to switch between the standard track (1. 435mm) and the wide Iberian Peninsula (1. 5mm). tracks However, GPX has the world’s first complex mechanism.

Enchanted experience

The new vehicle will start operating in December 2022.

In addition to the gauge change, the sophisticated wagon under each vehicle raise The height of the body has been changed according to the high BLS station platform.

This gauge change has become easier by designing the two half frames so that they can slide to the side of 435mm relatively. For this reason, an independent pair of no n-axial wheels are attached to both sides of the stretcher.

This sophisticated vehicle is created by Swiss railway manufacturer Stadler, global transport giant Alstum, which is in charge of design and manufacturing gauge change, and a collaboration of Pinin Farina, a legendary design studio in Italy. Thing that it was.

Pininfarina is mainly known for ca r-related works, such as Ferrari and Peugeot, but its history is still shallow. the rail Industry Responsible for the appearance of the Italian high-speed train ETR500, the exterior color scheme for the Eurostar, and in 1993 Pininfarina and MOB collaborated on an early generation train called the Crystal Panoramic Express.

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“The challenge of new safety standards was more of a creative stimulus than a constraint,” says Alfredo Palma, Pininfarina’s design director.

“Our goal is to overcome technical and regulatory barriers to create beautiful things in any project, whether it is automotive, transportation, or architecture. With MOB, we have created an immersive train. travel Experience symbiosis with the surrounding beautiful nature.

He only has 23 and he costs $93. 5 million (CHF89 million). The problem has been an expensive solution since 150 years ago, when direct trains between Montreux and Interlaken were first proposed.

However, this cost will be balanced by the obvious benefit of offering more convenient direct flights and the increase in passenger numbers that will result. Many of them are foreign tourists from North America and Asia, accustomed to paying premium fares to experience what Switzerland has to offer. amazing The scenery of the Alps woven by countless tourist railways.

technical challenges

The train is expected to boost tourism in Switzerland.

Despite delays due to construction problems and his Covid-19 epidemic, MOB and his partners BLS, the cantons of Bern, Freiburg, Vaud and the Swiss Federal Transport Office believe the investment will benefit the local economy. I would like to contribute directly.

“The Golden Pass Express faces a huge technical challenge in moving from narrow gauge to standard gauge,” said MOB Executive Director Georges Oberson.

I also thought, “I want this tourist train to be beautiful and elegant.”That’s why we asked Pininfarina, one of the world’s most prestigious design firms, for the project.”

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Passengers can choose from her three classes of second class, first class, and luxurious reclining leather seats are available for his 28 lucky passengers on one trip. First and Prestige Class passengers can also book locally sourced food and beverage service at their seat to enhance their journey.

Initially, GPX will only have one round trip per day, departing Montreux at 9:35 and Interlaken at 9:08.

From 11 June 2023, departure from Montreux at 07:35, 09:35, 12:35, 14:35, return at 09:08, 11:08, 14:08, 16:08up to 4 round trips per day.

great view

The train departs from Montreux on Lake Geneva.
What do travelers expect from his GPX trip and how does it compare to other tourist trains?

Head east to Montreux, a picturesque town on the shores of Lake Geneva. A tourist destination for more than 150 years, it is still very popular with international visitors and is an ideal base for exploring western and central Switzerland.

His MOB train, which departed from the city center station, rises rapidly the mountain As you turn 180 degrees through the vineyards and gain altitude, the scenery of the lake changes from side to side.

Finally, at the end of the climb, the 2. 5km Jamin Tunnel descends into the glorious Honlang Valley in the Bucolic-Gruyères region, famous for cheese and chocolate made from dairy cows and their milk.

High mountains Mobs run through manicured fields and orderly alpine villages overlooking lush valleys.

Leaving the Mombobon Junction station, the road climbs uphill again, and after passing Chateau Docks, you arrive at Gustad, a world-famous resort town known as the winter playground of the millionaires.

You can take the train that climbs the Eiger North Face to the Jungfraujoch station, the highest in Europe.

Nicholas Ratzenboeck/AFP via Getty Images

Crossing the language barrier between the French-speaking canton of Vaud and the Swiss-German-speaking canton of Bern, the railroad leads through a sparsely populated highland area and descends to Zweisimmen via a number of loops.

In the past, GPX passengers had switched from the panorama train to the larger conventional BLS trains to continue their journey, but as they passed over a complex exchange system on the next leg, they were able to relax in their seats. Became.

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Zweissimmen, as the name suggests, is located at the confluence of two of his rivers, the Grosszymme and Kleinszymme rivers of the Schimme. The route continues north along the Union River and east through the beautiful Simmental for 35km before reaching the shores of Lake Thun at Spiez.

Spiez is an important railroad junction, with the Lötschberg Tunnel and Simple Tunnel crossing the international trunk line from Basel and Bern to Italy.

Day-trippers can change here for a spectacular ride over the original Lecceberg. mountain A route that goes to Brig in the Rhône Valley and goes straight back to Montreux.

unforgettable trip

GSTAAD towns are on the GPX route.

However, the GPX continues along Lake Thun, gradually descending to the water’s edge for its memorable final leg to its destination, Interlaken, Switzerland’s original tourist destination.

Interlaken, like its German name, is a town on a small strip of land between two of Switzerland’s largest lakes, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.

In particular, his three-step course over the Eiger North Face to the Jungfraujoch, Europe’s highest point at 3, 454m, is also the starting point for some of Switzerland’s most impressive rides.

is also possible.

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