The last two years have been a real baptism of fire , says Jenna Coleman | The Sun - dating new york city

The last two years have been a real baptism of fire , says Jenna Coleman | The Sun

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The last two years have been a real baptism of fire , says Jenna Coleman

In July 2020, she was revealed by the Sun on Sunday newspaper that she broke up with actor boyfriend Tom Hughes, whom she had fallen in love with and dated for four years in the 2016 drama series Victoria. was done.

British actress Jenna Coleman revealed what he learned from love and trapped. After two years of heart shaking, the dramaster of

However, Jenna said she was “terribly sad” after her breakup, “after which she is now moving on.” baptism of fire When she was asked what she had learned in these two years, she replied, ‘Rolling’.

“We have all learned how unpredictable life can be.

You need “adaptation”. the last few years really baptism of fire This she shouldn’t hold up in SEVASMO. Be prepared to accept change.”

Jenna, 35, who dated Prince Harry before dating her wife Meghan, said she met Tom on the set of BBC drama Dancing on the Edge in 2013. At the time, she was dating bodyguard Richard Madden, and Tom was dating Guardians of the Galaxy actress Ophelia Lovibond.

She was cast as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the historical drama and started dating three years later. However, after four years of dating, the two called it quits and Jenna moved out of Tom’s London mansion to see her luggage.

She has decided that her main resolution for 2022 will be to focus on what’s important, because she feels that Jenna has a tendency to overspread herself.

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‘I love icing my face in the morning’

In an interview with Sheerluxe, Jenna said:”I’m like a round-up bag lady who carries too many things at once and writes too much in her diary. I’m a person who shuts everything off and loses things all the time. Lately, I read a wonderful book called “Ikigai – The Secret to a Long Life”.

“Multitasking” is actually a message that it’s not good for your health or your body. Better to focus on one thing at a time. I’m trying to embrace that philosophy a little more this year.”

How to continue to deal with “stress”? Honestly, it’s so easy and free, but lately I’ve started taking hot fake showers in the morning.

“Take a normal shower and finish with cold water”. It makes me feel so fresh and healthy. This is how you can refresh your head and welcome the day. I tend to feel sluggish and depressed during this season, but this is a very good remedy.”

Jenna is also a big fan of ice balls (glass or metal sticks filled with gel that you chill in the fridge or freezer and apply to your face). Called “facial cryotherapy,” the procedure is one of the latest skincare trends and is endorsed by celebrities like Kate Moss and Irina Shayk.

said Jenna. I like “morning face”. I really like the ubiquitous ice spheres now. He also says that his fitness secret weapon for 2022 is “The Class,” an online workout by Taryn Toomey.

Better to focus on one thing at a time. I’m trying to embrace that philosophy a little more this year.

Jenna Coleman

“She attended The Class during the pandemic and she loves it,” she said. It is a combination of meditation, cardio and conditioning. I feel great after finishing.

“And I don’t think there’s any other training that strives so hard to bring mental health and physical health together.”

Jenna, who first He rose to fame in the 2000s for his role as Jasmine Thomas in Emmadale, then from 2012 to 2017 he amassed millions of fans as Clara Oswald’s monster-fighting sidekick in Doctor Who. Since then, her Jenna career has been constantly evolving.

Most recently, she made an impression, playing the role of criminal lover Marie-Andree Leclerc in the 2021 BBC/Netflix horror The Serpent. She also starred in the Netflix production of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman and the British comedy Klokkenluider (Flemish for whistleblower), both due for release early next year. increase.

Jenna is also set to hit TV screens later this year in the BBC series The War Rooms, where she played Joan Bright, the woman who managed Winston Churchill’s secret hideout..

Her character is believed to have been the inspiration for James Bond’s Miss Moneypenny. In a separate interview to promote the drama, Jenna said:”Joan never lived a conventional life. She was a young woman who spent her wartime chambers secretly, underground, under the Public Security Secrets Act.

She said, “She lived in this small space day and night.”

This story is not just about her unique free-thinking, angry spirit, and curiosity about living, but also as an opportunity to look at this infinitely fascinating era through an intimate, human lens. It’s a charming one.

“Living in this small space, the close and closeness of the day and night, the true bearers in the oblivion of the upper propaganda. Is it?

“Aside from her work, Jenna talked about what kind of work to see for the next year.

She is looking forward to the last episode of “Succession” yet. There are also scenery with Olivia Colman and David Schris.

I hear “great”. It is a very British scandal and Belfast is not recommended.

“Oh, the spencer … I haven’t seen it yet, but Wes Anderson’s French Mission.

The beauty of the connection between people, living in an era when nobody knows tomorrow.

Jenna Coleman

I want to regain what I couldn’t do with the “National Theater”.

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