The two celebrity athletes rumoured to be dating Vanessa Bryant - dating new york city

The two celebrity athletes rumoured to be dating Vanessa Bryant

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Who is Vanessa Bryant dating 2022?

Vanessa Bryant date

Who has Vanessa Bryant dating in 2022 since Kobe Bryant died two years ago? This is an interesting theme that many people want to know deeply.

On January 26, 2020, seven people, including Bryant and daughter, Jianna, died in a helicopter crash. The accident occurred in Carabasus, California.

Jianna, who was 13 at the time, was on his way to the Mamba Academy, a basketball guidance facility in Orange County.

According to a survey by the National Transport Safety Commission (NTSB) announced in 2021, Kobe should not have been on an airplane that day. On this day, he was hit by a thunderstorm from the morning, but the NBA superstar still chose a helicopter and headed to the late Academy.

There was an option to go by car, but that would be late. So he probably chose to move with a helicopter.

Two years after his death, you are wondering who Vanessa Bryant was dating in 2022, right?

Vanessa Bryant date

Vanessa Bryant Photo Provision: ESPN


I’m worried about who is a new lover of Vanessa Bryant, but there is only a relationship with her rumours The 3 9-yea r-old four mother claims that they are not dating, so let’s call them half the truth.

However, it does not hurt famous celebrities rumoured Why do you go out with her?

Derek Fisher

There was a connection between the charity and Derek Fisher. The proposal stated that Fisher, a former member of the band Black Mamba, was already married to Gloria Govan. Therefore, it is not possible to identify the age of this unique decoration model and his friend’s widow.

Victor Ortis

Otherwise are rumours It seems that Vanessa Bryant and Victor Ortiz, a boxer, reconfirmed the relationship. When the Brianz and his wife decided to divorce in 2011, they were once Vicas. rumours .

At that time, Lance Pagmia, a Los Angeles Times, pointed out that there was no problem. This is especially true, especially considering that Ortis himself likes to eat the Midwest blonde.

When the suspicion spread, Ortis stated its features as follows. rumours I ended up being uneasy. He has never become the same room as Vanessa Bryant. “

After Kobe and Jana’s death, despite the condolences to the Bryant family. It is professional life to concentrate.

His explanation is like disassembling who Vanessa Bryant dating in 2022.


Cobbie Bryant < SPAN> Vanessa Bryant Cobbie Bryant Photo / Entertainment Tonight

Vanessa Bryant Cobbie Bryant Photo / Entertainment Tonight

The late Kobe met Vanessa when she was 20 years old. The latter was 17 years old at the time. In 1999, he appeared in Tha EastSidaz’s musical “G’d Up”.

The two are still typical of a onc e-i n-a -glance love. Despite the argument of who is Vanessa Bryant’s boyfriend, La Lakers’ legend will always be her unique true love.

When Kobe and Vanessa met for the first time, she worked as a back dancer in the studio where Kobe was recording. He started dating in May 2000 and married on April 18, 2001. However, many Kobe relatives opposed the marriage.

Kobe’s parents, friends, and teammates were also invited, but they all chose to be absent. However, the marriage continued, and eventually became a family. Kobe loved her.

Vanessa still protects her privacy and never reveals her life in any public. He participated in Kobe events, but did not show his personal life.

In 2011, in 2022, there was an event that could steal an interesting problem about who Vanessa Bryant was dating. He discovered that he was secretly dating with another woman and offered a divorce.

However, in 2013, they reconciled, announced that they were together, and brought a great surprise. They agree to think first. This continued until he died tragic.

Vanessa was supported by Kobe’s career. After seeing 60 points in the last match, I wiped the tears I was crying a while ago. But she was excited about what was waiting for.

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