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Tinder Without Borders: Dating Apps Around The World

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Tinder Without Borders: Dating Apps Around The World

What is the popular overseas dating app? Other areas? the world Also, are they inherited in life? Approaching the culture of dating apps the world .

February 10, 2019 (Thursday)

Tinder Without Borders: World Dating App

For better or worse, modern American romance is mainly apps. We look at the photos, read a simple background, swipe left and right and show interest. If both crawl correctly, there is no hardship! Then you may be able to talk. In rare cases, I sometimes meet on a date. It is so superficial, instant, addictive and fun. Isn’t the appearance of an app culture in the United States also rely on dating apps? The rest the world Transportation like us? Also, what are the popular overseas dating apps? Let’s speed up with the surrounding apps the world Let’s see how much you can learn.

Truly International Dating Apps

As you might think, they use Tinder everywhere. And it’s not that far. The popularity of Tinder, which has more than 50 million users worldwide, has spread almost all over the United States. the world In addition to the United States, Tinder is very popular in India, Israel, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and the northern and western part of Europe.

One of the most commonly used international dating apps is Badoo with more than 400 million users. As with Tinder, Badoo also adopted swiping matching, but recently abolished swipe matching and made a new live video function. Badu is used in most countries, but is particularly popular in Southern, East Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.

Dating In The Americas

It is Tinder Bumble Okuku Pitt Hinge. Chappy coffee and bagels, grind, jas wipe, the league. There is no time to list popular dating apps in the United States. But what about other countries in the United States?

The status of the application in Canada is very similar to us. Tinder, Hingage, and Bumble are reigning. In Mexico, Badoo, Tinder, Bumble, and Jaum o-German dating apps have interesting features (surprise). The u p-an d-coming apps in both the United States and Mexico are Latin Singles’ dating apps owned by Match (Tinder’s parent company) and Univision (“Spark” in Spanish).

In South America, Tinder also has a great presence, but Badoo is the most popular dating app. His Happn, based in Paris, is a slightly unusual app that shows users passing by in the real world, and is also popular in this area.

Dating In Europe

As mentioned above, in Europe, Tinder and Badoo are quite assigned as the main dating app, and other apps seem to be used so much that they are used. Tinder is very popular in the northern and western part of Europe, and Badoo tends to be dominant in the southern and eastern parts.

Not only major companies, but small and local apps are used in Europe. For example, Happy Pancake is one of the most popular dating apps in Sweden and Finland, and has recently entered the Netherlands. Happy Pancake boasts that it is completely free and has a search function that can search for people with the same hobbies, in addition to the wonderfulness of its naming. In addition, the Swedish app “Mazily” will match the city’s cultural events that will make a match on a common hobby and go one step further to date users.

AdopteUnmec (meaning “hiring a man”) is a popular French app that entrusts decisions to women’s hands and men to send text messages to women (women can use it for free).。

In Germa n-speaking countries, Lovoo, known for its live video distribution function, is the top dating app. He survived the 2016 scandal, but was later acquired by a larger dating company.

You’ve probably not heard of the most popular dating app “Furim” and “Mamba” in Russia. FRIM is a pretty simple app for chatting with friends and lovers, and MAMBA, similar to Tinder, has been talked about by encouraging voters to date on a polling place.

Interestingly, Russia is the most downloaded dating app, followed by Brazil and China.

Dating In Africa, Asia And Australia

Except for Russia, FRIM is the most popular dating app in Egypt. Badoo is the top in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria.

When you look at the Middle East, Badoo generally leads, but the exception is that the Whoshere application is widespread in Saudi Arabia. This app allows users to connect users at a close distance, submit chat, photos messages, and make voice calls by Internet connection.

In China, TANTAN, a sca n-based application similar to Tinder, is very popular, followed by a cha t-based app, MOMO, featuring a group of hobbies created by games and users.

India, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand mainly use Tinder, but other areas use Badoo or unique local apps.

There are various international dating apps we are using, but only one clear thing is that communicating love is a universal activity.

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