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Toni Braxton s Dating History: From Keri Lewis to Birdman

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Toni Braxton’s Dating History: From Keri Lewis to Birdman

Toni Michel Braxston is a legendary R & AMP; B singer who sold more than 70 million records worldwide. Braxston first started performing in the late 1980s’s family, The Braxons, which had contracted with Alista Records.

Toni Brakston, who began solo activities in the 1990s, quickly became one of the most gorgeous artists. in history Won the Grammy Awards 7 times, the American Music Awards 7 times, and 9 Billboard Music Awards. Regardless of the talent, Blakston had no luck. Dating with Toni Brakston history She is not longer than others, but she has a relationship with and tied with various men in the entertainment world. from Many people want to know who Eddie Murphy and Toni Brakston of Birdman are now.

Who Is Toni Braxton Dating Now?

Toni Brakston has recently been dating a rapper Birdman Baby for several years, but they seem to have been on a separate path. TONI BRAXTON seems to be single.

In recent years, Brakston has been quietly quiet his private life and love, but has been able to get Toni Brakston’s past romantic chronology.

Toni Braxton’s Dating Timeline

Before the engagement with Birdman, Brakston was dating several men, including Shamer Moore, Eddie Murphy, Frankie Beverly, Bryant Reed, and Curtis Martin.

Let’s deepen the relationship between Toni Brakston, such as the marriage of Keri Lewis and the alleged triangular relationship between Jason Kid and Jim Jackson.

Toni Braxton and Birdman (2016 — January 2019) (November 2019 — 2020)

Birdman, a crisis that loses a music studio

Brakston and Birdman met in 2002 that the record producer was appointed in Birdman’s single “Baby Can You de It”, but “Baby Can You de It” is in a romantic relationship. Nevertheless, he just suffered a platonic relationship.

In the early 2016, TMZ reported that the “Bugatti” rapper was accompanied by a Ramy Park show in Brooklyn, New York in 2016, and rumors of Braxston and Birdman began to fly. rice field.

In February 2018, the news reported that Birdman proposed to Toni on a $ 5 million engagement ring, but Braxston was later stolen in November 2018.

Did Toni Braxton and Birdman Break up?

He was initially planned to get married in 2018, but stopped marriage in 2019.

In January 2019, Birdman posted a tweet called “Mutoru”, but was immediately deleted. Blakston deletes all photos from In her account, “starting a new chapter is not always a simple choice … but you always choose to choose.”Energize in the new year.””

In November 2019, Birdman tweeted Brakston as “love,” “soldiers,” and “life”, which began to spread the reconciliation news.

Where Do They Stand Now?

There is a reunion theory, but Birdman and Braxton are not officially called “I do”, and there are no traces in each other’s social media accounts. The fans finally saw the two in 2020, but Toni’s sister, Tamar Brakston, said in an interview with the Morning Hustle in 2021 that they were still love love.

Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis (1999 – July 2013)

Toni Brakston married Keri Lewis in front of Birdman. Braxston and Lewis met while touring together. Lewis and the “Mint Condition” team decorated Braxston’s opening.

On April 21, 2001, Brakston married Keri Lewis and lived a 1 2-year marriage. Among the current former couples, there were two handsome boys, a 2 1-yea r-old denim call and 1 9-yea r-old Deuler KY.

Trouble In Paradise

In 2007, Toni announced that he would separate from Lewis for economic problems. The divorce was established in 2013. In 2018, Braxston revealed that the reason for divorce was not only money. He pointed out that wolf diagnosis was one of the failures of marriage.

He told Jada Pinket and Pinket mother, “I couldn’t make money because I was a swallow.”That is the cause of my personal who has broken my marriage. Who wants to take care of those who are sick?””

Toni Braxton and Eddie Murphy (2012)

Yes, that’s right. Despite his still dating Keri Lewis, speculation over romance with comedian Eddie Murphy began to fly.

Murphy immediately canceled the rumor of the relationship with Braxston and told Access Hollywood that he was just a friend.

Toni Braxton and Curtis Martin (September 1996 — May 1998)

Toni Brakston and NFL star Martin met with Braxston’s introduction and asserted dating.

It is said that Brakston was absorbed in love with Martin, but unfortunately Martin went bankrupt in 1998, and the situation ended.

In an interview with NewSweek in 2000, “I was abandoned by my boyfriend while I was bankrupt. I guess there was a lot of things.”

Toni Braxton and Jim Jackson and Jason Kidd (1996)

In early 1996, Toni Brakston fell into a triangular relationship and was reported to have broken the team Dallas Marvelix.

Apparently, Braxston and NBA star Jason Kid are planning to rest, which changed their interaction with Jackson and caused a crack between the two players.

Shortly afterwards, Kid was traded to Phoenix Sands in December 1996, and Jackson was traded in New Jersey Nets in February 1997.

The Truth Is Revealed

Braxton pointed out that he did not Kiss and Terror, and did not disclose this part of love, but both Jackson and Kid have publicly denied that Braxston interfered with the two basketball. ing.

According to the records, there is no evidence that Toni was dating her two men, none of them were behind their actions.

Toni Braxton and Shemar Moore (November 1994 — May 1995)

Shemer Moore seems to have become a Toni Brakston boyfriend after meeting Miami for Toni’s music video “How Many Ways”.

The two quickly developed into dating, and Moore said that he was a “wild trip” about dating with the singer.

Toni Braxton and Bryant Reid (May 1993 — August 1994)

Bryant Reed cooperated in the formation of Braxston’s composition and production team in the early 1990s. The two began dating, but Braxton broke up one year and three months after unknown.

Toni Braxton and Frankie Beverly (1993)

The two encounters are unknown, but in fact Braxston and Franky Beverly have been a bit of a relationship, and in 1993 they appeared together on the Holiday. The relationship between them has not lasted for a long time, and no one has talked about each other since the relationship was over.

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