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Top 6 Elite Matchmaking Services (A Cost Comparison)

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Top 6 Elite Matchmaking Services (A Cost Comparison)

Hiring a luxury matchmaking service Investment is necessary, but you can make a big profit.

A matching search that matches all the qualities required by the ideal partner, as well as professionals matchmaker We will guide you to all steps in the encounter process.

These two elements alone are substantially valuable.

Luxury matchmaking services

High-end matchmaking services It’s worth payin g-hire a person who suits you. I read. matchmaking service With such a review, you can make a decision with confidence.

Please see the success of the six elites matchmaking services There, we will compare important details such as costs, contracts and what you expect.

And at the end of the list, please continue to read the three important factors to consider before using a luxury dating. service !

Let’s start with.

Kelleher International

Keleha International is monopolized matchmaking service Is based in San Francisco. Has a partner office in 16 major cities in the United States. The bases are New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, etc.

As the name suggests, they are professional people. matchmakers Is also based in London, Toronto and Vancouver.

The history of the elite team led by the mother and daughter team of Jill Keleha and Amber Keleh a-an d-Ryu dates back to 1986.


The participation period is one to three years, and the level of the package depends on the field of search.

  • The local search starts at $ 30. 000 and covers one place. There is an option to pay $ 5. 000 each time you add a city.
  • Search in the United States starts at $ 45. 000.
  • International search starts from $ 150. 000 and has a width of over $ 300. 000. This elite protection package called CEO Club includes individual consultation with Jill or Amber.

The contract comes with up to 12 months “Time To Book”. So you can temporarily stop your own service If you meet someone you promise. You can stop repeated services until you use up the year of hold time.

Registration begins with prior telephone contact. After that, in fac e-t o-face or Skype session, your love goal and details service is discussed.

Millionaire’s Club

Elite matchmaker Patti Stanger

Millionaire matchmaker Patty Stenger has launched an elite. matchmaking service If you know her name in 2000, you may have watched her TV program on Bravo or WETV networks.

The Millioners Club is based in Los Angeles. But she works for an affiliated company matchmakers In US cities such as San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and DC.

Stanger’s dating service offers a wide range of services besides matchmaking You can also purchase romance consultation, dating coaching, image advice, and professional photos.


Customer candidates can be selected from several membership packages. The price is from $ 45. 000 on bronze package to $ 100. 000+for platinum package. If you work with Patty itself, you will add more $ 35. 000. She simply works with an average of 10 clients with an average of 10 clients.

Up to 5 people a year in each city, you can pay an extra price of $ 30. 000 as a “priority status”. In other words, you have the first opportunity to meet the best single in your area. This upgrade can be used on a firs t-come, firs t-served basis. served basis.

All packages include al l-yo u-ca n-date for 12 months and two months reservations that allow you to temporarily freeze your membership. This elite matchmaking service Will not respond to refund.

If you do not purchase a membership package, you can purchase a deluxe dating “mixer experience”. This will cost him $35, 000 (plus venue fees, food, alcohol, etc.). Meet her 25 singles on site at a venue in your city where he Stanger hosts cocktails, dinners, lunches and breakfasts.

Also, if you become a paid member, you can add the mixer experience for an additional fee.

Click here to learn more about luxury matchmaker Patti Stanger? Check out this review!

SEI Club

SEI Club luxury matchmaking

Like the Millionaire Club, the SEI Club (aka Signature Elegance International). services other than matchmaking We offer to build connections for you with leading figures in the fine arts and investment industries.

His New York-based SEI club also values that connection. matchmakers Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston Internationally, we have offices in Geneva, London and the Côte d’Azur.


Customers will be judged on an online application. You will be required to pay an “entry fee” of $495 upon passing.

The SEI Club has several membership packages, starting at around $12. 750, the most expensive being her Uber-Elite Million Dollar membership. This package has no restrictions on location, time, or number of visitors.

More expensive entry packages give you access to the elite racers pool in the SEI Club database, including CEOs, entrepreneurs and models.

You can freeze your membership at any time. This dating agency has a money guarantee if the number of races specified in the contract is not provided.

Serious Matchmaking

Janis Spindel elite matchmaking

If you love luxury matchmaking Janice Spindell’s service is one of the most recognized. She has been in the game since 1993 and is now partnered with her daughter Carly Spindell. They have established a reputation as the “go-go” of New York millionaires. matchmakers .


Accidents only cater to men. Women can pay a one-time fee for a chance to be enrolled in our membership database. If you pass the screening, you will be matched with male customers and invited to joint parties and events.

Annual dues start at $25. 000 when working with Carly Spindell and $50. 000 when working with Janis Spindell. In addition, there are plenty of high-end packages that allow you to work with both. These options range from $80. 000 to $1. 000. 000.

Also, the deal includes both a signing fee and a finders fee. The actual amount varies from customer to customer, but starts at $65, 000. The fee is the same for both, and the finder fee is only incurred if the shaft finds a partner and leads to a long-term relationship.

If you do not want to purchase a membership, m

She is the author of 8 Weeks To Everlasting, a book about how to spend the first few weeks of a relationship. She has also written articles for magazines such as Cosmo and made numerous television appearances.

Amy Laurent

Amy Laurent elite matchmaking

An elite matchmaker During the interview, her prospects discuss the criteria for a “good match”, their romantic goals, and whether or not she feels she’s in an elite relationship. matchmaking service It also introduces you to people you think you might want to meet. If you feel comfortable with each other, move on from there.



she started in 2009. OUR EXPERT TEAM

has the unique ability to match you from the world’s largest database of singles, giving you the matching support you need to boost your confidence and look your best.

Agencies often have fewer options and often sacrifice quality because the number of matching candidates is overwhelmingly small. At VIDA, quality is life. I am very picky about who I meet! service In fact, you can meet a special single that fulfills all your “wants”. Review completed profiles and photos and decide who will stay and who will leave. In other words, don’t waste your time on innocent matchmaking.

structure matchmaking service .

VIDA Select

VIDA Select elite matchmaking service

VIDA Select offers subscription packages to choose from depending on your level matchmaking Please choose the best one according to your needs. Customers can choose between Basic, Premium and Elite packages. Basic plans start at just $995 depending on how many months you use matchmakers Premium plans start at $1, 595/month. Elite options start at just $2395/month.

Most elite matchmaking Package prices are highly correlated with the number of hours you must dedicate each month to finding a match.

There is no multi-month contract, so you can check it with your own eyes before signing a contract.


Simply click here to book a confidential call to see if VIDA is the best option for you. of service The most high-end appointment the service Contract and payment required.

In short, due diligence is required before making long-term commitments.

However, even with the VIDA payment structure

Answering such questions can narrow down the desired fields and focus on dating.

This is in line with the needs of our customers.

4 Things To Consider Before Using A Luxury Matchmaking Service

#Part 2: Where will the matching candidate come from services This is one of the most important reviews, especially if you do not live in large cities such as San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. service For this reason, the “pairing” function is limited to singles in the internal database, and the compatibility is very limited because it works in two directions.

Let’s search to increase the probability of meeting someone who matches. matchmaker In this case, you can make a wider net

#3: How much does “date support” need? a matchmaker :

We are looking for those who are not confident in their dating skills, who want to change their “appearance” a little.

Is an additional offer. a matchmaking service Like coaching, image consulting and personal style consulting make very reasonable.

#Part 4: How much flexibility do you want matchmaker This is an important consideration if the contract is involved. If you are not paying month for yourself

Is to think about how long you want to date within the contact period. services For example, if you take a vacation several times throughout the year, or if you have a busy month at work, you want a “stop” function.

Or, if you meet a special person, what if you want to explore that relationship (or without shame) without being distracted by a new partner?

The contract sets the number of months of the “suspension” period. In other cases, you need to predict in advance how much time you need and negotiate with the contract. matchmaker Thinking about the degree of freedom at what time you need to determine what is needed.

Is the perfect option for you a matchmaking service All product names and company names are Trademarks ™ or CONSTANDED® for each owner. These use do not mean any partnership or recommendation by them.

Reasons to choose Vida Select

Since 2009, thousands of customers have discovered true love with the fresh and modern approaches of Videlect. a matchmaking service -The matchmaking and lon g-term contract were finally driven by the window. This is not your grandmother services Instead of collaborating with

Vidacelect uses the list of small partner candidates

The group will participate in the world’s largest database of available single. We will quickly find the opponent who meets all your conditions and experience the true chemistry. Are you ready for the next success story? Click the button below now and book a free counseling. service Matchmaking Keleha Elite

Millionaire Club costs matchmaking service ?

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Some matchmaking services

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