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Trans Dating / Transgender Dating

Butterfly transformation transgender A date to make members judge the functions of sites and apps. Our mission is to connect singles that seek serious encounters. Butterfly is for transgender Regardless of gender or sexuality, we welcome those who are positive for dating. transgender I’m a person. I would like you to read this page every corner and understand the butterfly deeply.

The best trans dating app?

You can automatically make up to 9 photos and create a beautiful profile in a few minutes. Clarify your interests and people you want to meet, and immediately search for people.

Also, all search results are filtered according to your preference and the other person’s taste, so you can get the optimal search results.

You can send “flutter” with one tap to the person you want to connect and connect to the conversation immediately.

2way search

Members have known that they do not want a message from those who do not meet their gender conditions. Most apps provide search tools with filters, but in addition to this, in addition to this, they look at all results and compare them again. This tw o-way search means that you can only meet and communicate with a compatible partner.

Mult i-level gender

Technically, it is necessary to group people in gender explanation to provide search tools. However, since this is very limited, members allow members to overwrite the gender description displayed in their profile. Users can select not only the default photo images, but also any gender and gender symbols.

Butterfly has a top marketing privacy. The profile is only the name, the GPS position information is accessed before being saved in the database, asking about the age, not the date of birth, the photos are optional, and the old message and account are automatically deleted.

Security / Unauthorized use

Our private chat system detects transphobixer such as Shemale, Ladyboy, and Shehe. After deleting, you replace it with a tolerated term and warn you that it was unpleasant. Members have a simple report / block button that stops all communication with the person who has judged abuse.

Community driven

If you send a comment, you will see that the founder of the butterfly will read it, so it will take you seriously. I’m glad if you tell me what you like, and I’m even more happy if you tell me what you dislike!Apps and sites that respond faster as Butterfl would not be so.

Open from the start

Butterfly allows users to use the following gender options: transgender ANDROME, Androgen, Bigender, FTM, Gender Fluid, Gender Incompatible, Gender Questionable, Gender Variant, Gender, Transgender, Transsexual Person, MTF, Pangend, Two Minds.


Many transgender Combined with sexuality below. transgender Straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, asexual, frustrated, graypartial, pansexual, queer, private.

Media coverage

Butterfly is designed from the ground up as a transsite date and implementation, not an afterthought. This is also important from a deep technical point of view that leaves out all the details, but it includes: transgender A member of the Liquid profile can change gender and sexuality at any time, using her one account via the Anyones transition.

Comprehensive gender options

Anonymous preference does not require you to share your identity if you are not ready to do so. The only personal information required is the email address, and it is also possible to set a new address only for a partner who is not directly related to you.

No Social Media Registration Butterfly does not enforce registration through personal social media accounts.

If you like how the butterfly works, join us today. Don’t forget to make suggestions for improvements if there is something you think should be done better. It is the members who complete the butterfly. For a full Butterfly review, see our comprehensive write-up on dating news, not just dating tips.

Butterfly Trans Dating

Transgender first dating

Become a valued member of Butterfly

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