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Vamps – Dating mit Biss – auf Kinofilmwelt

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Vamps – Dating mit Biss

Movie: Vamps - Dating with a bite

It’s really hard to tell that Goody is nearly 200 years older than her. In modern-day New York, he still ignores a young woman in her thirties – because that year she was once bitten by the powerful vampire mistress Kicero, and she died herself. She also found the perfect friend in Stacey, who had just become a vampire at the end of the last century. Both have immortality issues. Especially when it comes to relationships. Stacey falls in love with a descendant of the infamous vampire killer Van Helsing, and Goody reunites with her 1960s lover, who never revealed her true identity. Isn’t it better to be a normal person once in a while? However, reconversion can only be done by killing the vampire that bit him, so it is inevitable that he will soon return to his real age.

Amy Heckerling’s vampire comedy has a lot of scenes that look like excerpts from sketch shows, but what’s really interesting are the numerous references. For example, in the interview, a mini-sized tablet that can no longer be used to make a phone call comes out casually, and Goody reveals that he actually got his knowledge from TV. Finally, social criticism comes into play as Goody breaks his obsession with youth. But in the end, despite familiar actors like Sigourney Weaver and Malcolm McDowell in supporting roles, the film remains mostly stupid and bloodless. It’s a shame that the actual plot of “Vamp” has become unimaginative, centered around sloppy side issues.

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