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What is Catfishing Online: Signs & How to Tell

Cat fishing usually refers to obtaining information and images of others and using them to create a new self. In some cases a catfisher Steal a complete identity of another person’s face photo, date of birth, geographical place, etc. and pretend to be your own. The catfisher And use that ID to deceive other people to have a relationship with themselves and do business. online .

In some cases, target. a catfishing Attack. In such a case a catfisher You can establish an identity that you are attractive. catfishing It is something. Cats have been common since ancient times in online Because the bulletin board and dating site the catfisher They can hide part or everything in their identity without being asked questions. People often lie on certain aspects of their profile to invite the target. In order to make it look more attractive, I often use profile photos stolen from others.

The catfish This is often the case that falsifies occupations, places, conclusions and dislikes. Someone is only False of a part or relatively trivial element of your identity is called a kitten fishing.

Why is it called catfish?

The practice of catfishing online It has been around for a long time because it can be easily falsified on the Internet. There is a word. catfish In 2010, the documentary film “Catfish” was released and became popular, and in 2012, MTV started the TV series “Catfish”.

How Does Catfishing Relate to Cyberbullying?

IT repeats attempts to humiliate, humiliate, and harm. online It will be a resource. Therefore, cat fishing is a form in cyber space because the target is damaged as follows. the catfisher Mind a mind game that moves the other person’s heart.

In addition, catfishing It is often done to invite an artificial relationship and get information that the attacker can compete with the victims. If you get enough information to bother your target or lose your reputation, you will disclose confidential information.

It is common practice for net bullying to take advantage of the target of the target. To do so, it is often done to identify physical characteristics, personal history, or something that makes you feel depressed, fear, and sad. The catfisher And use it for the victim. Catnamas also tend to target those who feel lonely and those who are looking for a romantic relationship. online Or please come directly. If you abuse these vulnerabilities catfishing Is classified into a category called cyber space.

Why Do People Catfish?

People catfish For various reasons. Some are not accompanied by malicious intent, while others try to make direct harm to certain people. The main reasons are as follows. catfishing include:

  1. Insecurity : If a catfisher Sometimes you feel disgusted with your reality and try to create an identity that is closer to your desired. I often use photos of people who feel better than themselves. You may also be pretending to be a successful career and praised for the results. Catfish, which pretends to be attractive, may be trying to collect many “friends” and “attention.” online If you use it, I feel more popular.
  2. Hide your status. There are several reasons why people want to hide their identity. online If nobody knows you, it is easy to get rid of people on a bulletin board because there is no impact. Some people think it’s best to deceive your spouse or others, and to fake your status. There are also cases where you hide your status and shake your money from someone. It is for the following reasons that even if you notice fraud, you cannot tell the authorities who the intruders are. the catfisher ‘s false persona.
  3. Mental illness. If you have depression or chronic anxiety, you may choose to be involved in some cases. in catfishing By assuming other people’s identity, you get the confidence you need to get involved with others and experience what you think is more “normal.” online It has a more attractive, successful, or collective identity, and increases sel f-esteem each time you get involved with others. online .
  4. Revenge : Some catfishers Revenge to the spoofing opponent. Use the person’s name and face to create. an online Identity And their behavior online To make the person a bad guy or do illegal acts under the name of the target.
  5. In the experiment of sexual preference. part catfishers Some people practice to explore their sexual identity. Assuming sexual preferences that are interested. in online By using this identity with a different identity from yourself, you will be able to understand what this lifestyle is in full time.
  6. To harass the target. If some people try to stalker, harass, or harass online The target often blocks an attacker on one or more social media platforms. In such a case, the attacker use catfishing Continue pursuing. The victims are not aware of who they are interacting with. the catfisher You can also see target posts and photos even after being approved as friends and followers. This allows you to know when and who you are doing.

What many people have in common is, “Why? catfish Is not confident. When people are not satisfied with themselves personally, or when they feel that their true form is not enough to achieve a particular goal, they can get another “self” to get better and desirable results. I have something to assume.

In other cases, the catfisher They don’t have the confidence necessary to express themselves openly, but I feel that they can be the one who wants to be by pretending to be a false identity.

How To Tell If You’re Being Catfished: 7 Possible Signs

What does it mean to be catfished It may be difficult to know? catfished , particularly if the catfisher The profile is detailed and thorough. Provided, however, that this is not the case if it falls under any of the following seven. signs You may be a victim. a catfishing scam.

1. There are few friends and followers

Catnamas often have few friends or followers in their accounts. This is for some different reasons. First, an account is usually created for specific reasons. to catfish Specific goals may only Is used for that, and the actual social media account is used for more pure exchange. Therefore, you may not invest the time you need to enter yourself. catfishing You can share your account with friends and followers.

In many cases, in order to get a connection on social media, users need to do their own marketing, work on others, browse the post, and press likes. online You can follow the content and profile. This takes a lot of time a catfisher You may not have invested time or energy to increase the number of followers that make the account “real.”

Another reason is to reduce the possibility of being caught. The more friends and followers you have a catfisher The more you have, the more you ask about the identity, occupation, and location of that person. One question and answer can lead to Subergi, so it is reduced by limiting the number of contacts. the catfisher ’s risk.

You are also at increased risk of being detected if: the catfisher Accepting friend suggestions confirms the connections made by the social media site’s algorithms, so you have more friends. For example, if Facebook recommends someone as a friend, it might be because they live in your area or go to the same school as you. if a catfisher only If you change , someone who knows how suggestion algorithms work in general might be able to figure out that the person is not who they say they are. Therefore, the fewer friends a catfisher The more you have, the less likely you are to be found.

2. Reluctance to make phone calls/reluctance to make videophone calls

People who refuse to participate in video chats or phone calls may be hiding their true selves from being seen and their true voices from being heard. most of the time the catfisher Make excuses why you can’t talk or video chat.

For example, every time we agree on a time to contact each other, something comes up, or the other party says they have a lot of schedules. Other times, they pretend to be ashamed of their appearance because of a serious illness, such as cancer. Another excuse might be that you are traveling or visiting family. Regardless of the excuse, repeated refusal of visual or audio encounters may indicate that: catfished .

3. Leave your profile picture alone

Because a catfisher only can get so many fake profile pictures of someone whose appearance has been stolen that they may keep the same profile picture for years. For example, if a person is 45 but their profile picture looks more like her 35, they may be misrepresenting their identity.

A catfisher can take multiple shots. online Then, as the months and years pass, I take them out one by one. However, there is a possibility that the photographed photographs were taken at the same time, and it seems that they have not aged even after the passage of time.

4. Avoid meetings

face-to-face a catfisher Nightmares There is no more important way to compromise their false identities. A catfisher It’s easy to track down who lives near you if they refuse to meet, no matter how public the destination is.

If the catfisher Living far away may make it easier to repeat excuses. In this case, you can always suggest a video call if you feel suspicious. If your opponent is not open, you are very likely. catfished .

5. Their stories don’t make sense

To become a different persona, you have to lie to perfection. Easy for careless people catfisher slide theFor example, if someone who said they live in a certain area suddenly comes to your area, it’s possible that they’re trying to strengthen their connection with you through closer “closeness.”Such abrupt adjustments are easy to detect.

In other instances, the catfisher Even though you went to a certain high school or college, you may know nothing about the place or the college itself.

6. Demanding money

If your suspected catfisher He’s asking for money or gifts, your suspicions are probably correct. Even if you already have an emotional or business connection with the person, it’s best to decline the person’s request. As a general rule, never send money to someone whose identity you cannot verify.

7. Over the Top

If you’re in contact with someone you’ve never met, and they overstate how much they love you and want to do big things with you, they might:I can’t. be catfishing It’s you. They will feel that making a big gesture will earn their trust.

Why do people do Namapo?

How Fortinet Can Help

A proactive security approach is essential to address these threats. Deception technology is one of them. Deception technology is a technique for exposing malicious actors and their modus operandi.

can be difficult to avoid catfished First, though, there are many things you can do to avoid being scammed. Always be careful when talking to people online At least, don’t trust someone until they have your full trust. don’t give money to anyone online If you don’t know who you are

Don’t be afraid to ask questions even if you think you’re not interested. If you feel something is wrong, talk to someone you trust and ask them for their opinion. The distance between their hearts gives us a clearer perspective.


What does it mean to catfish someone?

Catfishing usually refers to obtaining information or images of other people and using them to create a new you.

if you get catfished ?

If you get catfished There is no end even if you cut with the catfisher on your social media accounts and report it. Also, if you have defrauded money or property, stop all payments you have made so far and contact the authorities.

Why do people catfish ?

People catfish Because you have low self-esteem or want to use fake IDs to gain someone’s trust and scam you. people too catfish Defamation of another person’s reputation or cyberbullying.

How can I identify the a catfisher ?

If they don’t want to meet you in person or via video or voice call, their profile picture rarely changes, they ask you for money, or they have few friends or followers, it could be: a catfisher .

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