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What Is Female Led Relationship (FLR) & Why Do Men Seek It?

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What Does Female Led Relationship (FLR) Mean And How Does It Work?

FLR is clear from its name, but has some aspects that are not known to many people.

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What is a female relationship (FLR) and what kind of mechanism?

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A female -led relationship Or FLR, as the name suggests. a relationship When a woman is in a dominant position to enjoy authority to her partner, and a man is regarded as an obedient partner. Women make all or most decisions related to. the relationship She exercises more authority to her husband and cow. the relationship Push out to the front. While the conventional romance is dominant, or both are treated equally, FLR determines everything. On the other hand relationship There are many advantages, but nothing can be obtained without discipline. This article will deliver everything you need to know about them. relationships . Read on.

Types Of Female-led Relationships

FLR is classified by four levels of strength.

1. Low-level female control

Lo w-level control

With this type of FLR, women have low authority, and all decisions are made by men and women. Men allow their partners to lead in certain situations, and sometimes they require male permission to make decisions.

2. Moderate-level female control

At this FLR level, the female You may have enjoyed being a leader for a while and have a consciousness to govern people. Useful to enhance confidence and morale the relationship Men often enjoy women’s dominant attitude. At this level, women usually make everyday decisions, but there is also a border line as to where to do it.

3. Defined control

In this type of female -led relationship As such, most women decide and play the role of men. The area she can control is defined so that the boundary setting can be ensured.

4. Extreme control

Here, there are extreme control by women and subordinate by men. this relationship For women who want to get the ultimate power the relationship .

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