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Who Is Alexandra Daddario s Husband? Everything About Andrew Form

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Who Is Alexandra Daddario’s Husband? Everything To Know About Andrew Form, His Net Worth, And Famous Works

By Jamie Spanfeller Release date: June 30, 2022

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Alexandra Dadario has found a special person! Alexandra may know in the “Why Women Kill”, “Halls”, or the “PERCY JACKSON & AMP” series? In Olympians, he brought his life to the Hanjin Anabeth Chase.

It has been famous as an actress since the big break in 2010 for She finds herself in Hollywood, and now she finds her soul, which is well known in the entertainment industry.

An actress who fell into a passionate love with the producer Andrew Form. They meet at 2020 pandemic and have been claiming since then.

Hakuren’s star and producer of “Friday 13th” have a formal marriage this weekend in New Orleans. An event that is surrounded by family and friends and draws in a picture.

Here is everything you need to know about Alexandra’s new husband , Andrew Form.

Andrew is a famous film producer.

Known as a film producer, he is also a c o-founder of the American production company named Platinum Dues. His representative projects include “A Quiet Place”, “Clean”, and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.Imzube.

Looking at this career, it is clear that Andrew likes horror.

Andrew, who started as a Jerry Brackhamer’s production assistant, gained fame and success..Is reported.

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What is Andrew’s net worth?

Restractify reported that Andrew had a $ 30 million net asset thanks to his long career in Hollywood and success.

Alexandra and Andrew said ‘I do’ in New Orleans.

A handsome couple who advocates the words of oath in the New Orleans maintenance room in mi d-JunefashionAnd wowphotographIs wonderful.

Originally, I wanted to get married in Italy because I wanted to drink Italian wine. for It has been three consecutive days. “However, after spending time in New Orleans for It is a city full of music and life. “

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Alexandra was planning a wedding ceremony while helping a little in the shooting site and a bed after shooting, but she absolutely succeeded.

Alexandra and Andrew got engaged in August 2021.

The two officially engaged in August last year. However, according to Vogue Magazine, Alexandra agreed to marry after drinking too much on a night in April of the same year.

Andrew finally asked a question while they were staying in Greece. He took me to Four Seasons and was able to stay on the seaside, “Alexandra tells Vogue. He was proposed and walked around the waterside while drinking Pinya Colada. about This simple proposal story is very heartwarming.

The two confirmed their engagement in December and reachedManShare magazines and AlexInstagramIt proved that they were completely and completely loved.

“International flight attendants like to punish and separate us because we are a teenager. Why are they all so different?” Alex asked the followers.。 about Andrews in Ed Sheeran’s poems and songs, you are the greatest and most wonderful love in my life. “

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Alex and Andrew have been going strong since 2021.

In July 2021, they first appeared on a red carpet at the premiere screening of “White Lotus”. But in short, these love birds were basically inseparable. for the past two years.

The couple met on the street during the peak of the pandemic in 2020.

Andrew was connected in New York, and Alexandra enjoyed a walk in downtown for quarantine. The two passed each other and immediately felt the edge. Vogue reports that it was a completely accidental encounter.

The moment he turned around, “Look at it,” he said, “Hello.”I laughed and said “high” and laughed together. ” about Alex looks back in an interview with VOGUE, saying that he’s usually a lot of people and that he will take me to dinner, even though we have only two.

A few weeks later, they ate at the Gringe Hotel and Andrew was one of the three guests. They sitting near the fire and loving each other (still the same since that IG).”I brought my dog, but sometimes I got lost in the kitchen and we didn’t notice.”Someone hugged her and said.”Is this your dog?” Alex said.

It feels like the ultimate meat cute. In addition, it is very impressive that you can feel love just by looking at it.Instagram.

They have a 17-year age difference.

The 3 6-yea r-old actress and the 5 3-yea r-old producer seemed to have found a common topic, despite the considerable age difference.

In September, PEOPLE reported that they had purchased a $ 7. 3 million mansion in Los Angeles in Los Angeles and officially married in June. At first glance, it’s pretty amazing.

They are one of the cutest couples on Instagram.

Alex released a photo on Valentine’s Day.This sweet kiss.And it’s a wonderful photo just before you die. for ring!

A couple conducts various adventures. In early June, they went for an asteroid exploration.According to Alex’s IG.Nothing is as romantic than the starry sky you spend with your loved ones.

And they don’t seem to be able to release their hands. please lookThis cute photo.

It is the best pleasure to have your partner come to pick you up.Wine, cold dinner, celebrity gossip?! What other girls can do? ask for ?

Andrew was previously married.

The producer was married to the familiar Jordana Brewster in the movie “Wild Speed” series. The two were divorced in 2021 after 13 years of accompanying them.ManI said.

Jordana and Andrew met at the shooting site of the devil’s sacrifice, one of Andrew’s works, and married within a year.

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The former train has two sons, Julian and Rowan.Amo MamaIs reported.

Congratulations to your newlyweds. You are really cute. A couple conducts various adventures. In early June, I went for an asteroid exploration.

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