Who Is John Cena s Wife? All About Shay Shariatzadeh - dating new york city

Who Is John Cena s Wife? All About Shay Shariatzadeh

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Who Is John Cena’s Wife? All About Shay Shariatzadeh

John Cena married Shay Shariatzadeh at an attorney’s office in Tampa, Florida, in 2020 before holding a wedding celebration in Vancouver, Canada, in 2022

August 14, 2022 06:36 Updated

John Sina’s wife has succeeded as WWE’s star himself.

According to a marriage certificate obtained by People, actors and professional wrestlers married a lover Shariaria Tsudade at a law firm in Tampa, Florida on October 12, 2020.

The two had a romantic relationship since March 2019, met at the shooting site of Sena’s 2019 movie “Playing with Fire”, and was filmed in Canada, the hometown of Shariat Daddy.

About two years after the wedding, they held a second wedding reception in Vancouver, Canada.

Well, who is John Sina’s new partner? They continue to do relatively modest romance, but there is everything to know here. about Relationship between Sharier Zuda and wrestling champions.

She was born in Iran

The marriage certificate states that Shariat Daddy lives in Vancouver but was born in Iran.

She’s an engineer

Shashariat Daza and Johnsina

Sharia Dad was working as a product manager at Sonatype for corporate software companies that joined the company in December 2019.

According to Linkedin’s profile, he had previously studied thermal cameras and video intercom systems with Motorola Solutions.

Shariat Daddy, who studied at the University of British Colombia from 2008 to 2013, has a degree of electrical and electronic engineering.

She was interested in this job when she was interested in the project she brought back as a student in the Faculty of Engineering when she was young.

“I’ve always liked mathematics and physics,” telling Motorola Solution’s subsidiary, Abidilon in March 2019.”My brother was studying engineering at school, but I remember having come home with a project one day.

According to Linkedin, Shariatzadeh has worked as a salesperson at Guess and La Vie En Rose, in addition to engineers.

She’s inspired by her mother

It is not the only brother who thinks Sharriat Zade as an influential family. Mother working as a surgeon has a positive effect on Shariat Daddy.

“The strongest and most har d-working woman I know is my mother.” She is an international female day program in Avigilon, “The biggest lesson she taught me is for her sel f-reliance and desired life. It is to fight. “

Shariat Dad added:”She sacrificed everything to Canada to give us a better future, despite being at the peak of career, so I struggled to be the best., I’m kind and never give up. “

She’s not active on social media

Shay Shariazzdade and John Sina, who appeared on May 19, 2022 in London's restaurant

Shariat’s Dedesde is relatively modest and not aggressive in social media, but it consists of how private the couple are.

“He’s a romantist,” says the person concerned about Immediately after the two were married, Price told PEOPLE.”It’s not a surprise (private ceremony), but he just wanted to avoid spotlights.”

She met Cena at a restaurant

Shame Shariatzade and John Sina attended the premiere of the Warner Brothers movie

Price noticed Shariat Daddy when he went to a restaurant in Vancouver to dinner with a friend.

“And I remembered that Price was playing with Kiga n-Michael Key to Sina.

They made their red carpet debut in 2019

John Sina and Shari Shariatza attended the paramount Pictures event.

In October 2019, they attended a red carpet for the first time at the premiere of “Price Playing with Fire”, which she met when she met Shariat Daddy.

Actress with a dark blue suit, a white butto n-down, a red tie tightened, and a Shariat Daddy daze with silver and black dresses.

“It’s a great day for the movie preview, and I got a beautiful date,” Senna tells Entertainment Tonight on a red carpet. about That is, no matter what project you have in the future, you will always have a special meaning by shooting special projects and meeting special people.””

She’s the first woman Cena was linked to since Nikki Bella

Price and former fiancee Nicky Bella resolved the engagement a few weeks before Destination Wedding in April 2018.

“This decision was difficult, but we continue to have great love and respect for each other,” he said on Bella’s Twitter. They have been dating for six years.

After the catastrophe, Bella began to date Dancing with Stars professional, Altem Chigvinzev. The price was not tied to a romance partner until the dinner date was witnessed walking on the Vancouver arm with Shariat Dad.

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