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Why K-pop Idols Kang Daniel & TWICE s Jihyo Are Allowed To Date

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Why K-pop Idols Kang Daniel & TWICE’s Jihyo Are Allowed To Date


K-pop idols I usually refrain from dating in public. In the industry, the label often incorporates a dated and no n-specified clause in the contract. and idols Is projected as an ideal boyfriend and girlfriend. Idol’s coming out can be a major scandal in Korea and can have a negative impact. an idol ’s career.

When Korean telecommunications company DISPATCH announced the news that Group TWICE’s Kang Daniel and Jihyyo are dating, fans predicted: the idols Deny rumors with tags. Instead, the two agencies issued a statement acknowledged. the idols I am dating. So why is Jihiyo and Kang Daniel exceptional? to idols Is that to keep them private?

Jihyo does not have a dating ban anymore

Jihiyo is the leader of the K-POP group “TWICE”, which JYP Entertainment manages. When his relationship with Kang Daniel was raised, JYP Entertainment published a statement with Kan record company “Konnect Entertainment”. The statement has been confirmed as follows.”Currently, we are interested in each other.”

TWICE debuted in 2015, and nine people are Johyo, Nayoung, Dahyun, Chae Young, John Young, Momo, Sana, Mina, and Tuyu. In JYP Entertainment, a date prohibition order an idol For the first three years, TWICE debuted in 2015, and dating was lifted in 2018. He has many fans in Korea, and recently a dome tour in Japan for the first time as a K-POP girl group. Some fans may be upset by dating, but TWICE has gained enough support, so Jihiyo’s dating reports will not decrease the popularity of the group.

Kang Daniel no longer belongs to a K-pop group

Kang Daniel originally belonged to the K-POP group “Wanna One”, but the group broke up early 2019. When he tried to quit the record company, Yasu faced the court struggle many times. In the end, Mr. Kang established his office, Connect Entertainment, and became independent of a large label and became able to create more free creative activities.

After the news of the referral was released, Kang posted a message on his fan cafe site and reassured his fans. I have been grateful for being near me for the past year and apologized for not conveying the facts of dating sooner.

“First of all I was really sorry to see the sudden news this morning, “I’m really sorry.” “I’m full of gratitude from fans. increase.”

What does this mean for other K-pop idols ?

So far, the response to Gihiyo and Kang Daniel is almost positive. A hot message from the performers fans calling for support to other fans is flooding Twitter. Fans of other K-POP groups, such as BTS and Blackpink, have begun to worry about it idols Sometimes I posted a date news.

Blackpink is managed by YG Entertainment, and the office has more strict rules and dating. Although BTS has no ban on dating, it is a group that has gained international fame, and if members dating, it will be a big news. BTS is a mainstream, so it can be said that even if the members come out, the sales will not drop significantly, but will you try to make use of this opportunity?

The situation surrounding the relationship between Jihiyo and Kang Daniel is different from others idols However, looking at the reactions of fans and affiliated offices, I think overtime may be more acceptable by K-POP. idols dating.

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